Sunday, May 31, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

I love strawberries, here in the South, it is a spring must, especially when you live close
to a family operated strawberry patch, (1 mile). In Maine, where i am from, it is a summer
delight..either way it is a delicious reward, after an afternoon of back breaking picking.
When you were little and helped pick, there weren't many in your is fun to take your
kids for the first time...messy, but fun!

When i make the biscuits for our shortcake, it brings back a flood of family memories. I use
to sit on a stool, age 3 and watch and wait for my turn to cut one of the heavenly, plump blobs.

When i was older and asked for the recipe, well, there wasn't one...HUH?! I had to again
stand by and watch, with patience, pen n' paper in hand, trying to guesstimate, the amount of
baking powder, how much shortening, milk, salt...etc, My Mom used.

When i was first married, i actually decorated my kitchen with strawberry motif. I had the huge
strawberry cookie jar...(everyone was using blue, every home i went to..i loved blue, but had
to be different).

Now, if i want blue, i have blue.....but my way! I still love strawberries, but i try to be creative
using a strawberry pot for petunias, instead of berries. I like to use things in a new way!

So Strawberry Fields Forever, for about being true to you, even if everyone has blue,
have blue, just YOUR way!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


The inability to open up to HOPE is what blocks trust and blocked trust is the reason for
blighted dreams~ Elizabeth Gilbert

P.S. I took care of the bugs on the tiny tomato.


I think of my garden as a metaphor for life...somethings do well, some don't. Like life we have
to fight weeds, weather, lack of water, too much sun, disease, etc.

When i see the seedlings i have started from seed, start to produce, it is like HOPE. Hope
this little cuccumber makes it, hope that bugs won't eat, hope that an animal won't steal it,
hope disease won't appear.

HOPE could be an acronym for Hanging Onto Positive Expectations; Everywhere today,
acronyms are becoming our new language, thru texting, emailing, this vocabulary is becoming
part of our everyday dialogue.

so, I HOPE, when you hear something that you aren't aware of...that you will try to be open to
the change in your daily lives.

IMO AFAIK IOW, we will grow(learn) as this develops......

Friday, May 29, 2009


Isn't she cute, doing the fly by...she
has had to deal with, a lot of annoyance today,
honey bees, cardinals, male
and female, trying to have a turn..but
she doesn't give up...there have even
been aerial stunts and a lot of territorial dive bombing, quite the
Air show, this morning!

I just made more sugar water, since
it is sooo hot here, 93 on the heat
index with the humidity, on the
therometer it is 87.

I feel like her, i'm constantly craving
something, for me, it is
"ME" time....seems like life can always sidetrack us. Females always put themselves at the
bottom of the list..i think to be better, happier we need to be on the top of the list, so we don't
get angry and end up having an err show, i know to forgive is divine! I wonder how the animal
world does it........?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

SerendipiTea, IngenuiTea, HospitaliTea

I love TEA, iced or hot, morning, noon or night...I love (coffee,
too) but i drink more tea. Many countries all over the world
drink tea, it is ceremonial, takes breaks at mid day, there is
high tea, every culture has a special connection to this beverage.

In 1773, there was a major tea party, in the Boston
Harbor, this event, sparked a revolution and Independence
to become our own, country.

There are four main types of tea: black, green, white and oolong. Tea has many health
benefits: it helps our immune systems, it can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, it can
help make your smile brighter by reducing plaque and some studies say, it can help with weight loss.

I think there is a tea for everyone....herbal, decaf, the classics, the creative types...growing your
own herbs and making your own blend.

You can travel with a cup of tea, England, Ireland, India, Japan, China...etc

"If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are heated, tea will cool you. If you are depressed,
it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you" ~William Ewart Gladstone
This last one, you can consult your tea leaves .....hopefully, you will receive, TEArrific news!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

For the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

What did you do for the holiday? I think of parades, picnics, BBQ, camping, swimming if you live in a warmer climate. I also think of the year, i lived near NAS(Naval Air Station) Pensacola,FL, my son, was 9 then, he was a cub scout. We placed flags on the head stones in the cemementary was moving and profound.
How many people, men and women, have sacrificed, so much for our country!

I am a military spouse, i have not felt the trama of war, my spouse has been in some areas,
which were very uncomfortable....but i know, people who have been. I think of the 30th as
the official day, there are little things one can do ...a letter, a card, a care pkg...a thank you note..
small touches, make a huge impact.
Here is one place you can contact to do small acts of kindness, i know, our economy isn't in the
best place right now, but even if your child drew a flag and it was mailed with a note, think,how much you could brighten someones day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are your Dogs tired?

In this case, both are...our beagle, Buster and my
daughter's feet. They went for a long hike and this is
the end result. Hope your weekend is going well...ours
is odd, between humid weather, indoor painting battles
i feel like i've been on an episode of HGTV and my
daughter's project to build a model of the Great Wall
of China. AUGH!

She had a partner, that didn't participate...
remember those days in school, when you
were paired up with someone, who just didn't care.
This is middle school's way to train you that this happens
from here on out... You will get paired up with people
thru out your life, that just don't give a HOOT! You
are left holding the bag...while they do whatever..usually
as little as possible. Hopefully it won't be a dog and pony show. Wish i could be a fly on the wall, when this
project is presented.

What is is with the dog tired? sick as
a dog? It's a dog's life, work like a dog, in the dog house,
dog day's of summer, every dog has his day.....

Well, i won't have to water the garden, it is raining cats
and dogs. I guess my daughter is taking a cat nap....
i know cat got your tongue.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I grew up in the 60's...My Mom was practicing recycling, even before they named it that.
We always saved every glass jar, used tea towels like paper towel for veggies, re used
ribbon...her name to fame, was re using last year's Christmas cards to make unique tags to
go on our gifts. She would taylor them to the recipient; everyone in the family, the following year...borrowed her idea. I am sure many people in this Era, were thrifty and
practical. I think Green, started in the 60's and we are fine tuning it to day!

My friend, Ingrid....really practices this statement; She does Eco friendly crafts. Her unique
items are fun to use and make a statement of today's awareness. This woman, takes coffee bags, candy wrappers, tin cans....and makes magic. She has a room at her home that looks
like a boutique, lots of purses made out of odd n' ends, soda/iced tea cans made into earrings,
she crochets soda tabs, I wish you could see ...oh, you can, she has a virtual store on ETSY,
the crafter's Ebay.

Re think the next time you recycle...could i reuse this.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hoping that our color choice will be peaceful;
be calming to our home. I will be tolerant
and be open to change to keep the PEACE!
as long as there is no RED! I like red, just
not sure about the walls!

Crayola 96 colors

Remember the huge box of Crayola crayons...i use to love mine, it was a tool to coordinate
fashions, the dreams of a room with periwinkle blue or maybe wisteria or tickle me pink(think
Barbie pink +age of when you received your first box) Times have changed, hence the names mauvelous, inchworm green, laser lemon.

My husband has been out to sea, 7 months of steel gray, i know he saw sky blue and blanc, til
they saw land(tumbleweed and forest green), so for Memorial Day weekend, he wants to paint
our foyer, dining room and our hallway. We usually like muted tones, but i fear there are sooo
many choices, brights, misted, shaded, neutrals and whites. Color really impacts are daily
view....our mood, our energy, our calmness, our appetite....etc.

I will let you know, how the story all turns out, right now, i feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of
Oz...starts out in black in white, tornado gray and where will the house land, what color will
Oz be? Will the munchkins like it? Toto, too....(my beagle, Buster) I know, there's no place
like Home! I'm tapping my ruby red heels, in the lst copy of the book, the heels were silver(gray). No, he won't pick red....he won't pick red, he won't pick red!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love this time of year, gardening places become like book stores, in the winter months.
Then spring arrives and every store
i go into...i am searching for the gardening section.

I find growth, hard, i resist it...i don't know why?
I could blame my horoscope..zodiac sign is, Taurus,
i'm known for being stubborn and hate change..
but i think it is just me. I planted these a few
weeks ago, i enjoy seeing the seeds burst into
seedlings. I wish my growth was more joyful...
I can see some growth is...watching your children
grow, learning a new skill...but my seeds are now planted internally. I gained lbs over the holiday, worked hard to get it off, but found no joy. My thyroid level changed, i became hypo(slow, lethargic, depressed) The Dr said, my level was fine, but found out later, it was not,
even the lab results had 4 ?'s after it....why wasn't it reordered? So, i am starting over...
replanting my hopes...hoping I can shrink some, before going home this summer. Home is in
New England. Being a Navy spouse, i get transplanted a lot....I have moved 17 x's in 24 yrs.
So, i'm replanting my seeds today, with aspirations, that even if i don't bloom as big as bright
as i would like, think peony, that at least i will not remain tight in the bud and i will be open to
the sun's warm rays, to drinking more water and when the wind blows to hard and causes
resistance i will be strong and adjust to whatever my environment is. I will perserve!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, i have wanted to be part of Blogland for sooo long; decided to jump in and
JUST DO IT! I will be dabbling in photos tomorrow, see if i can't post something
eye popping. I have admired soo many blogs, i am in awe of all the talent i have
at random found....all the people i have read/seen published due to taking a leap
of faith!

I am excited to be part of this incredible group!

This is a photo card of my grandparent; he was a famous drummer/basketball
champion...She has the flapper style going; housewife want to be nurse...
I am told i look like some photos, yes other no. I made this for my Aunt , she supplied the i wanted to give her something unique to her.