Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good enough to eat

This is the sequel to the book/movie "Chocolat" by
Joanne Harris. She has written several books, tying in food. I loved the book, "Chocolat" now I'm enjoying this book. WARNING: One must have chocolate in the house, i don't know yet...but i suspect, this book will
be delicious and make you crave something suspect.

It is written in a unique style, you are given 3 view pts and they alternate, Vivan her daughter and a new mysterious woman.

Even if chocolate isn't your thang; I think it still
will be a sweet story, blurring magic, intrigue and the allure of chocolate...what is not to love?!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Something Old, something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

My brother and his fiance are getting married next month! I am not able to be part of a bridal shower, so i
decided to send her a little somethings. It is tradition,
for the bride's family to provide the something old, a
family heirloom, usually jewelry. So, i decided to do something Bold, you can use your imagination. Something New, well....something that i thought she might like to wear for her wedding, Something Borrowed, anyone that knows me well, knows i have a secondhand
bookstore in my home; I have lots of new books as, i thought i'd pass something on. Something Blue,
well, they are going on vacation, though i did read, the bride to be should wear something blue when she marries, a ribbon attached to her garter or pinned inside her dress for luck. I don't know if i believe in this folklore, but it is fun to think of items to fact i love
all the unique ways one can give a gift...check out this book, if you need some ideas, it is a great jumping off point to make gift giving fun and not always expensive, gifts from the heart, too.
Click on the author and see her other books there is another one, about making gift giving
memorable. You can also google ideas,
it is best to give gifts that you think the recipient, would enjoy.
Have fun with it...i used doilies and
scarves to wrap up my can use tea towels, newspapers, paint or stamp a design on them. The new thing to do is to reuse your cereal boxes, reverse them, paint and punch holes add your own handles, old cards, anything goes!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Deckway

I was watching "Project Runway" last night on Lifetime.
It was fascinating to see all the designers different styles and their backgrounds. I went outside this morning and
low n' behold..nature spun her own design.

This spider up close has the resemblance of a yellow swallowtail butterfly, and she is doing her own design, her signature trademark is a zig zag in her web...WOW,
I thought! if you read this link in
Europe, this is the Wow spider, known for the dense orb web with a zig zag. They are called wheel spinning spiders if you google them, designers in nature!
mmmh, i plan on watching the movie, "The Soloist" tonight, wonder what sign i will see after that... ;~D

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket

I don't know if it is a certain $ amount or the bulk of items you buy, but today, i was given this basket to take my items home. Most of the time it is a box .....anyway, i was thrilled.

Some staples were bought, peppers and sweet, hot pepper relish and onions, the other items were too gorgeous to pass up.

The peaches were huge.....the blackberries were like jewels. It was
super busy, the melons were the
stars of the show, but they were sitting in the is 92, here and i didn't want to risk buying a melon thanks.

I love cooking and eating seasonal produce, the price is right, the quality is better and let's not forget the taste.

Try to go while the going is won't be long and it will be Fall and
we can enjoy that season's fare.
Pumpkins, squash and apples oh, my!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Step Inside the Box

Remember that expression, "Think
outside the box"...i think we need to
step inside the box..the big box stores and use ordinary supplies to create
extraordinary crafts. We can also
step into our box of recycled items
and rethink, reuse, reduce...

There is a new magazine out by click to see what is should see a page on the left column, end of page you will see GreenCraft magazine. It is about repurposing what you have. There are t-shirts cut into scraps and knitted into a scarf,
, there is cereal boxes, painted and turned into
gift type bags(boxes) plastic bag aprons, purses,magazines turned into bowls, purses and vases.
Making garlands out of newspapers, coffee filters, plastic bottles are used, dryer sheets, etc.

It is taking the items in your recycle bin and mixing them up with new fresh green ideas.
Amazing how Green, refreshes, the creative juices. Check it can also glance at green
inspiration at your favorite bookstore.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Surprise in the Garden

This is an Italian summer squash, called Trombetta di
Albenga, this is suppose to have a taste like an artichoke
when cooked..stir fried. The graceful fruit is long and
lime green and has heart shaped leaves...suppose to be
harvested when a bit thicker like a cucumber.

I bought the seeds here:

I will let you know, if it is worth the space in the garden, but for now, i'm enjoying the new is alien
like in nature and fun to see grow.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Green tomato pickles

Tart and sweet made with brown sugar, these are a fav and not commonly know in the south.
I am shocked to see, how many people go "huh?"....okay, but isn't this the land of Fried Green
tomatoes and tomato pudding....i have heard of it, but not tried it...also tomato pie and i'm
not talking is a layered tomatoes, onion and basil, topped with mayo, cheese, and chives.
I have heard of tomato jam, tomato pie... I did taste the tomato jam when i was a kid...thought it was strange...tasted like raspberries looked like tomatoes....odd, but interesting.

Isn't fun to tweak the traditional....add your own twist...experiment on the "norm".

Seems like the culinary shy about using this unique is a recipe, from a
brave Food Network Chef, Paula Deen..i haven't made this one, if you do please leave a comment.