Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It is almost the bewitching hour and then we set our clocks (fall back) huh...never on Halloween...
oh, well, it will be a longer Halloween and who doesn't love that!

We went to Howl O' Scream yesterday at Busch Gardens...Bitten and the Hunted were the best
maze/haunted house wise. The costumes and attention to detail....really good. My daughter had a werewolf following her from behind and a ghost jumped thru the fog infront of her, lots of screams and good fun!

Here are some pictures of my yard and the neighbors..they went all out....fog machines, grave yards...Hope your holiday was wonderful!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look what my Sweet n' Sinister partner sent me

Here are some of the wonderful items i received from my
new friend, Marlene, in the Sweet n' Sinister swap. She sent more fab things, old buttons, glitter, a crow, he now sits on a pumpkin, looks so beguiling on my coffee table. She sent a nest she detailed and added a huge egg and a wonderful door hanger,
the dish with all the goodies is from Anthropologie. Also a feathered wreath with eyes. I will snap a pic of the crow and his new nest.
It was a great swap, hosted by Kari(Artsy Mama), it was fun to be part of it; so much talent, amazing!!!

Thanks Marlene, for making Halloween so sweet n' sinister!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recycled Vintage

These Bingo cards, were my Dads; from the 1940's....i decided to make some unique decorations.

A Severe cold virus has detoured our Halloween decorating, but
we still have some, items to put up and outside.

We are going to try to make a famous scarecrow, the debate still ensues. I want to make Dexter, from Showtime, time will tell.

Well, now to make the house, smell warm n' inviting...i think i
am going to make these, Starbuck's pumpkin scones

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Thank you to our wonderful HOST

What kind of tea, would you like? I'll brew you up a special blend.....
my blend has belladonna in it, just a touch, calms the nerves.....

Cheers to Vanessa for hosting a wonderful Halloween Blog party!!!
We had soo much fun, trying to do the gyspy green party. We used flowers and shells
and other earthly treasures. I can't wait to finish going thru all the blogs that participate in this
bootiful event!

Would you like to know your future? Thanks for stopping by, come again!
~Ellen(aka Ella)

Please see other post to see my party.....

Fortunate Visit

Eye knew you would come by..........he can see the future

Madame Ella had a visitor tonight, it is almost the bewitching hour, when her doorbell
rang. A woman, wanted her tea leaves and tarot cards read. A deck of tarot was found in Milan,
Italy in the 1400s, but most decks were of French design. Eights symbolize good luck, twos are
decisions. Lady Ga Ga had heard about me and came by; I was thrilled to see this artist. Her
tea leaves, symbolized a hat, meaning improvement a new job. She nodded, a movie perhaps
was in the works.

Next we did a small fortune set to share with you; she asked a question, we later did the long
form of the past n' the future. She found the reading fascinating, and so did I.
She has over come a cunning relationship with a greedy man, she has worked hard for her
fame and she is going to travel, i know but the 8 of wands, says that. She has a young
man, counting on her. The Lovers card appeared and looked like a great relationship was to come and the World is her outcome to her question. This card brings victory and all good things with it. The world is her oyster! She shuffled; i read.
We were going to do a jewel reading, but she decided to have more tea .
I tried to get her to have an extract of eye of newt, she didn't seem interested, even thought i told her it would help develop her psychic ability.

Lady Ga Ga left satisfied that the future was wonderful with one mystical element. She said,
she'd be back. I told her, anytime and to keep her eyes open, there is a dark man from the past
that will appear soon. She assured me....she would.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ReThink, ReCycle

I made this out of a whisk from Dollar Tree using my daughter's n' mine favorite reading book.
She is 13 now, and I have 2 copies. I used the one i found at a yard sale. I bent the whisk
beaters back and cut petals out of the pages, and glued them can wrap the base with ribbons or leave plain. The middle is a piece of wallpaper and an old earring or i used a tiny framed pic of my daughter.
I was sorting thorough some of my cookie cutters and found several that i knew were old. My
mother had passed them down to me, along with some clear red ones. I am suppose to be unpacking and moving in, ......the creative urge struck and i stopped. I gathered the cookie cutters and found some fishing line. I was sort of moved in...i had the dishes, towels unpacked,
the basic, it was the last 10 boxes, of where am i going to put this, type of stuff. I found a potato masher and thought that would make a great base(yes, i had to go buy another one :D ) then
the mini whisk and the metal teaspoons..i knew i had to combine them all. I loved how it turned out, making something out of what i had, but now, a new creation.
I grew up in a Green home, but didn't realize it at the time. I know when i go home, Mom still has tons of glass jars down in the cellar, for making jam or pickles. She saves all her berry baskets, because they might come in handy and uses tea towels, instead of paper towel to wash n' wipe her produce. There is
a whole lot more........all good ideas, i might add. Be thoughtful when you go thru your stuff,
donate or pass along to a friend, or try to give it a Rebirth into something new.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sweet n' Sinister

I used a photo of Cleo de Merode, and added images behind in a floating frame. It really pops if light is behind really looks spooky, vampire type.

Time to decorate the house for it; i don't
think the kids have my holiday gene...maybe it will grow, but for now...i seem to be the one, who is more excited about ghouls and zombies.

Hope this season, finds you taking the time to enjoy the
changes. I love the mood it evokes, a slower pace, the seasonal fruit/veggies, the leaves change color the cooler mornings n' evenings. Let's not forget the chocolate
and pumpkin treats, this month. Pumpkin bread is baking the way the house, smells.

I signed on for a Halloween swap, Sweet n' Sinister,
Kari from has another
blog called A Year of Color, you can check out her
site..she has some gorgeous photos up.

Enjoy..the pace, before long, we'll all be running around, getting ready for the end of the year holidays! I saw a preview of this, the other day at
Garden, neon pink and lime Christmas trees....yikes. Orange for Halloween would be fun, but Christmas, now that to me, is scary!