Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

I  let my inner teenager out last night; my schedule is thrown off today!  My daughter and I have read, watched the Twilight saga unfold.  We had discussed going to Eclipse, the 3rd installment.  She was asked by a few friends to go; I felt torn... This is something we share, she can ask friends to go with us, but I didn't want to be excluded.  I am rarely selfish, I usually go with the flow, but this time, I didn't.   I took her to the first movie, bought her the books, T-shirt, bracelets, etc.

   I told her she could take friends with us; In a couple of years, I will be like the toy she use to enjoy and tossed aside. (No, I haven't seen Toy Story 3, yet)  These moments to share, will be less frequent.  Friends become family at this age and more so, through the teen years.    I will be phased out like the moon cycles, there will be moments of needing me, like the Full Moon needs the sun to illuminate, but I will be waxed and  quartered, it will be a new cycle.   I am the sun, she is the moon..I will be constantly be there when needed, as she goes through these cycles of growth.   There will be shadows of me, through out her life.  When the opportunity arises, like an eclipse, it needs to be shared.   In life, it is the constant that we grow, change and redefine our place.     

She said, she wanted to go with me, but I could feel the gravitational pull of her friends. " Fine, go with your friends", I said. Something shifted, she decided to go with me.  I went online and bought tickets for the 12:15am show, Yes, I was in a line of 200 people in the wee hours of the morning.   We arrived at 10:20pm  stunned at the long lines.

The crowd cheering Team Edward, Team Jacob; someone had a dog it was part wolf, near the theater. It
was quite entertaining.  Some Moms had their daughters, dressed in Team Jacob shirts,  every 20 min, they would  line up in front of the crowd and do a cheer, "Real Men don't sparkle, they have abs"...everyone was laughing and boisterous.  We started talking to the young women in front of us and ended up sitting with each other. We had great balcony seats; They opened 5 theaters for the crowd.    No one was dressed up like vampires, we really figured someone would be.   Everyone was giddy and excited; People laughed, oohed and aaahhhed, during the movie, cheering and clapping at times.   Everyone left on a happy note; we live 45min from the theater.    We arrived home at 3:20 am.  Was it worth it?   Oh, yeah....her friend just called, I can hear them discussing it.  Her friends just left the theater.   She just told me  "I had more fun with you"....    I wanted her to see the hype and be part of something unique, memorable.   This reminds me of lining up for
"Star Wars", when it was released, the long lines and anticipation.  It is something I will never forget; this was my goal, a memory that will stand out.  We shared an Eclipse together, not just the movie, but a rare moment in time, that won't be long forgotten.    Eclipses are rare and worth staying up for....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Warning this is dark...

Has anyone  said something to you, that took your breath away, cut deep  into your soul and tore your will into shreds.  Words so cruel,  your insides feel revealed, like raw meat and your breath is being sucked out of your lungs.  You can't breath, the bile is choking you. You try to speak, you can not, a shark ripping your flesh  would be less painful.  You wonder now, how you are going to cope.   You stance, the axis of your being is off.  Everything has lost it's color.  It is a tilted universe of what was and what is.  You walk the earth, in a zombie state.  You function, but your life's energy is sucked out...gone.  Gone where?!   Will I find it again, the real me....when all I want to do is stay in bed and escape in my dreams, the colorful, vibrant ones that my soul paints.   Perhaps, if i try to create, to draw, paint, sing, play music, write...  The real me, will be revealed again, she will appear.   Art has saved me; Can it save me again?! 

(me testing my writing wings)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Self Nurturing

                                     "True life is lived when tiny changes occur."~ Leo Tolstoy 

Do you find this difficult to do, nurture yourself?  I do~    Sarah Ban Breathnach says, "......when it comes to self-nurturing ..., if we were kind to ourselves, our creativity might began, like a plant moving toward the light. Of course, this would mean we'd want to makes some changes in our lives, ....  We may be in a rut, but at least our own familiar grooves are comforting."   She suggest we make a list of 10 nice things we can do for ourselves.  She toys with the idea that self nurturing leads to self respect.

I think of the book, "Secret Garden" by Francis Burnett,  how we all have a place or a goal we dream of in the darkness.  If we brought it to light, shared it, nurtured it, would it grow?! The key to our gardens is to find time, make time, allow it to happen.   If we picked an idea that kept whispering, at us to listen; Youknow that nagging one in your scattered thoughts, would it change our lives?!

Maybe we need to tend our souls like our gardens, weed out the emotions that hold us back, enrich our souls with good thoughts, kindly acts, and allow self nurturing moments.   We tend a garden, with hope, we feed it, we water it, pull out weeds.  We know it takes time and patience so our garden will prosper; We need to realize this in our soul's work, as well. 

"Let an unfettered imagination sow the seeds of possibility in the rich soil of your soul"~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Whatever kind of garden you plant, let it be your escape, a place where you can tend to your soul and perhaps a dream can flourish.   

Friday, June 25, 2010

Swimming Lesson

When I was fifteen, I had an opportunity to teach swimming lessons.  It was a 3 week program, through our town's Recreation Department.   School buses transported us to the city,closest to us.   I was told, it was a volunteer program.  We could have time to swim, after teaching the program.  I loved swimming...  This city had an outdoor pool at their park and indoor high school pool for their swim team.  My high school didn't have either.  I was thrilled, but really had no clue what I signed up for.   I remember the first day, vividly.  Children ages 4  and up.   We were giving a brief class on how to instruct, what to do, what not to do.   Remember this is suppose to be fun, safety first, etc.  A blur of hot pink, lime green, neon orange and blue stripes approached, lots of loud laughter  the smell of chlorine and humidity filled the air.  I had 5 children, a brother n' sister, ages 7 and 4, a tall girl, about 10, a lively jumping bean boy, 9 and a older child, that assured me, she could swim, but wanted to learn to float.   The parents had signed them up and listed their swimming skills or lack of.    I was kicked, pinched and poked the first day, was it really worth, the 20-30 of free time to swim?  I wondered what had I done; I continued on and grew to love the lessons and the kids.

  I was given a clipboard, it listed what each child had to learn to advance to the next level.  I had a hovering Dad, he was the father to the brother n' sister.   The boy was anxious and loved the water.  The girl, didn't want to do anything, but sit on the side of the pool and kick.   Every day, one of the assistants to the Rec. Director,would give me the look.  Later on, I was told, you have to get her in the water.   I knew this, but I also had talked to the Dad.  I had tried...   He was a widower, the children missed their Mother and his little girl, had not always been this shy.    I decided for the only way for this to work was for her to see how much fun it was.  See, what she was missing.  I would have the kids be a group, for 10min.  We would practice kicking and splashing, seated on the edge of the pool, before their solo lessons.   I had those willing to get in the pool hang on and practice kicking under the water, like mermaids and fish.    I showed them what to do, if they had water in their eyes, etc.   Every day, one of the other instructors would come by and try to take her, thinking maybe it was me.  Every day, she said, "No".   Day 5, I asked her if she was ready to have fun, be like a mermaid and she hugged me and we went in the pool.  There wasn't any kicking.  Just her and I, gliding in the water, bouncing her up and down, having fun.   Later, I was given a lot of kudos, for my efforts.   I didn't push or grab her; she felt comfortable with me.   She was swimming, by the end of the lessons.   It amazes me,  how some of us need a shove, a push and others, don't thrive in this time of environment.   We need encouragement, a bit of time to breath and decide, when it is time for us to begin.    Perhaps, some of us need a bit of both....  I think I come from the both camp, but , prefer not to be shoved.  I tend to do better with kind gestures.

I recently opened an Etsy store, I am treading in unfamiliar waters; I needed to get in the pool.  I had sat pool side, to long.  I was fearful, but also filled with joy that I finally began...    What methods work for you, when it comes to jumping in and taking the plunge?!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pesto Chicken Tortellini Salad

What do you make for dinner, when the forecast is for 99 degrees with the heat index of 107.  We are suppose to break records today, at 8am it is 81.    Phew, I am not bbqing or turning my oven on, today!   This is one of my daughter's favs;  We have caught her eating it for breakfast, etc.    I always double up on the veggies(the sneaky healthy me), but in reality, there is another side.  The evil, dark chocolate kind, really any chocolate will do.   I know chocolate isn't evil, but it is a problem food for me.

When I bake chicken, I cook extra, so I can make this salad.   I precook the frozen tortellini, as directions on package, state and chill.  You can add whatever veggies you like, I like to mix it up.  Sometimes there is more color, than others.  I like to dice everything small. 

Cook your tortellini and chill...  I don't like this salad hot~

You can play with the dressing.  I sometimes use bottled or you can make your own, or leave it plain and let everyone add their own favorite.  I just took a basic vinaigrette recipe and mixed in 3 tbsp of a store bought pesto and some cracked black pepper.  I reduced the oil part, by 3 tbsp, since I'm adding in the pesto. I also add a little bit of sweetness to my dressing.  You can use sugar, splenda or stevia, whatever you like, works.
I add about a tbsp.  You can mix it in gradually and then taste to see, if you need more or less~

I like color, wish I had a yellow bell pepper, used what I had on hand.  Those tiny grape tomatoes are always
cute. If making for a group, you can just put the salad dressing on tortellini to marinate and let them add their veggies, chicken or cheese.  There are a lot of variations.

Now, off to Farmer's Market to get a watermelon.... If you try it, let me know, just pick what you like, you can't go wrong~  Enjoy!  ( I don't want chocolate, I don't...)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dirty Dozen

My love affair with cinema, probably started in the womb.  My parents met at the Colonial Theatre, back in 1955-56.  This theatre actually opened the day the Titanic set sail, April 10th, 1912.   My father was a projectionist there, I believe this passion started when he was 15.   My Mom later worked the Concession stand they met and fell in love.   Movies are a form of entertainment, that create many emotions, they makes us laugh, cry, shock, inspire us, makes us feel things.   I love how when we go, we either escape our reality or learn something.   I was smitten as a child, but my real love affair, started at age 12.   Our theatre, on Monday nights, had an event called Buck night, later when I ended up working there as the Ticket girl, it was Bargain Night.  It is a huge deal to go Monday night for $1 and meet your friends, see who was there, who was with whom, but mainly to enjoy the movie.   The 7pm and 9pm shows, were always "SOLD OUT" , when it was a new release.  I was raised around stars, by day my Dad and Grandfather ran an oil and gas business, the Texaco, their motto was "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star".   A few times a week, my Dad was the projectionist at this local theater, showing the stars on the silver screen.

I remember, the summer of the movie, "Smokey and The Bandit", it was 1977, I was 16 yrs old.  I hadn't been working very long at the theatre.  I received this phone call, between shows, it was an elderly woman. She wanted to know what time the next show was.  Then she asked me, if Burt Reynolds, was in the movie, how much the fee was and giggling, was Burt Reynolds in the nude.   My radar went up; I knew this wasn't an old woman, but I wasn't quite sure.   It sounded like an old I said, "Dad, that isn't funny!"..silence...Oh, God, I am in trouble, I'm going to be fired.   Then I hear my Dad laughing "How did you know, it was me?"   I told him I didn't....just elderly women, don't usually ask those kind of questions. (do they?)

Oh, for sure curtain lights, this is it to hit the heights and oh, what heights we'll hit on with the show this is it...
do you have your popcorn, drink and candy...let's begin:

These are in no particular order:

"It's a Wonderful Life":  It took me a few years, to see the whole movie.  I would always catch random bits and pieces.  One year, Christmas Eve, I finally saw the whole movie, from start to finish.  I loved it; I love how it's message is as clear a bell.   We all have a purpose and can have a profound affect on each other.  We all contribute to the human kind in various shapes and forms.  Life is a precious gift~

"The Wizard of Oz"-I watch this movie, every year. I have a childhood book, there are silver slippers in my copy.  I think it was later sold and rewritten for film.   The magic of what if and how we always think greener on the other side of the fence.  We don't need ruby red slippers or silver to remind us" there's no place like home". 
 "Forest Gump- Yes, life is like a box of chocolates, it can be nutty, sticky and sweet.  Compassion and kindness go a long way in the scope of living and finding our way in the world.  An epic film about a simple man~
Tom Hanks was brilliant in this film.

 "Contact"-I saw this movie in Pensacola, FL.  If memory serves me this is the setting about a girl named Ellie, my nickname and her father dies of a heart attack.  I am hooked, this happened to me.  NO, I didn't travel to another space n' dimension, darn it, but I did get carried away by the story.  This was a novel by Carl Sagan.
It blurs the lines between religion, space and the unknown.  It was well acted and it left you wanting more.
I loved it~

"Fried Green Tomatoes"-I remember hearing this was a book, written by Fannie Flagg.  She was known in game shown world and a witty red head.  I was amazed at the story and her work.
It is a story of women, life love friendships.  A woman having a midlife crisis, a woman dying ...their stories all
come together, through obstacles and encouragement.  It is a Chick-Flick, but many loved this unique, southern included!

"Silver Streak"-A movie of suspense, comedy and love.  Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor are two wild and crazy guys.  This pairing later went on to more comedic adventure films.   They are hilarious; I can laugh, when they just twitch.   Great combo of all types of genre, played out on a real train.   It has a spy element and lots of slapstick humor.   A fav~                    

 "Crimson Tide"-a tension packed film aboard a Navy submarine. This suspenseful film, makes me want to bite my nails.  You can feel the rage and worry on how matters of national security will be handled.  The Commander and the Executive Officer clash over protocol, how far will we go, when we think we are right!
Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman give a stand up performance.   I wanted to smack one of them...guess which one.

"Frequency"- blurred the lines of when past meets present and changes the future events.  An electrical storm and CB/Ham radios are the set up for this strange scenario.  I loved the wishful side of what if....
Time travel and suspense and altering the course of lives.  Great story~

"Phantom Of The Opera"-I saw a glimpse of Lon Chaney when I was 9yrs old.  This image still haunted me and left me intrigued.  A disfigured man living under an opera house...  I love the blend of a tortured soul, filled with torment, yet his heart is filled with joy, by the beautiful voice of Christine, a performer.  His angel of music opens his raw, tortured soul and gives us hope. He shows signs of humanity.  It is a odd triangle of love and disgust.  The music is haunting and poetic~ 
"Titanic"-The human interest story, brought to life in a huge way! It showed us the touch stone of our hearts and how love can be timeless, through oceans of time(oops another movie..vampire one)lol.  Amazing actors,
science and technology bring this heart wrenching story to life.  The social aspects of crossing the boundaries of status, in love, with grandious scenes taunting us with the harsh reality of what is to come.   Major Blockbuster~

"Shawshank Redemption"-Some say this was the greatest movie, not to win an Oscar.  I loved the reversal of good guys being bad and bad guys being good.  How morals and hope made a friendship come to life and how shocked I was when I found out this was a Stephen King film.  The horror was there, but on many different levels.  

"The Notebook"-a love story, from young to old.  There story is of struggles and boundaries, later on illness makes an appearance.  I loved how the fight for what we want and how we remain steadfast to those who matter in our world, no matter what.     A real tearjerker~

Phew, this was hard; I know there are a few I have forgotten, but this was what came to mind, when I started playing with the idea~

Alex has a linky list of those who shared their "Dirty Dozen" 12 favorite movies, check them out~


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Here is my dad, back in the doesn't say, but I think he was in his teens here.    He was a character. When he wasn't being a joker, he was running movies, playing guitar or working at the Texaco.
He put the fun in family; my Mom was the sensible one.  He was the crazy one, let's go do this or that....
If life was dull, which wasn't often, he would BBQ in February, belly dance at my preteen sleep overs,embarrassing  the daylights out of me, or he would play his music real loud and threaten to blow up my favorite radio station..he was joking.  He loved to have a house full of people. He would show up at midnight, calling my Mom before he was out of work, telling her to have a few friends over and bring home a pizza, the size of a wagon wheel.   He would call himself "Jack of All Trades and Master of None!"  It wasn't true, he could sell ice to Eskimo.  I remember his first motorcycle, it was a BSA; His last bike was the Honda Goldwing 1,000...beautiful bike.   I remember he was the one who could tell the jokes, lots of wit, but everyone once in awhile my Mom would get one in on him.  They had company, and the bike came up.   I can hear him say," it is a BSA."   One friend said, "What does that stand for?"  My Mom pipes in real loud,  "I know, bull shit artist".    She could snap him to, every once in awhile ;-D.   My Dad's birthday was yesterday, some years, his birthday would fall on Father's Day(sometimes mine falls on Mother's Day).   It was extra special when it did.  My Mom n' brother are both born in September; It was fun, when had this in common.

He had a passion for living, people, cars, movies, music and photography.(and motorcycles and boating, etc)

                                       Here is the projector he learned to run at the Colonial Theatre~
 The theatre where my parents met back in 1955-56.  

My Dad is driving; He honestly, made my Mom take her shoes off, when he bought his red n' white Chevy Bellaire.  He was a perfectionist, it was spotless...  So, where his motorcycles.  Thanks Dad for all the wonderful memories of the lake, boating, the theatre, the late nights of silliness and being YOU!  He died in
1980, at 45.

Today, my kids are honoring their Dad;this is how his day began, fishing at 5am.  He listened to me and used the bait I suggested, Senko black n' blue ones.  I told him to get them, last time he went to Bass Pro.  I am not great at fishing, but I know what color to get.  He called me from his cell phone in Texas, he was on Lake Fork, to tell me the color I chose light blue, was working real well.  They weren't catching anything and then he remembered what I said.  He said, these really work; you were right.
I told him orange, recently... He doesn't have orange ones, yet.     His friends call me and ask me what colors to use.  Now, you think I'm a BSA~   ;-D

I didn't take this pic, He went out with some friends, this morning; I am still fighting a cold.  This was emailed to me(I take better pics).   tee,hee

Happy Father's Day Don, we will let you be a lounge lizard, you can have full control of the remote, I'll make your favorite dinner, the day is yours~XOX

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guess, 6 facts; 1 lie...

I have some awards to share; still under the weather, but thought I'd poke my head out, for a bit and share these:
B. Miller passed on to me the Creative Writing(Liar) Award...what a honor, I am thrilled, but I know I need a lot of work.   The catch is, I have to list 7 things about myself; six truths and one lie...see if you can figure it out.

I worked in a hotel in Anchorage, Alaska.  Famous people frequented, often, The Smothers Brothers, David Copperfield, and other entertainers.   When the bell hop took, David Copperfield, to his room, he disappeared right before his eyes.  He said, he was the devil!

The first time I flew was on Friday the 13th, to London, England, it was a long journey from Maine.  There was no fog the whole time I was there, it was hot and  in the 70's.  We were told to pack for weather like spring in New England, it wasn't like that, at all.

My Dad learned to play the guitar listening, by ear.   He was always a picking an' a grinning.  I learned later to play, by ear, when my Dad didn't have time to teach me.  My Dad's friends nicknamed me spider, it was the way I strummed the strings.

I was dared to try out for Miss Bay Festival.  We had to go to a formal tea, with a bunch of stuffy socialites.   I hated every minute of it, except for the free chicken dinner and the parade I was in.  I rode in a fancy convertible, with the top down.   I didn't win; I was relieved, when it was over, not my style. 

I once dated a mortician; our first date, nice dinner,with mutual friends.  Second date, he took me to a funeral  home,discussing business, while a dead body was in an open casket, huh?!   That was our last date...creepy. 

In 1999, the film "Message In A Bottle" was filmed in Bath, ME.  My husband was stationed in Brunswick, Me.    They were building the ship, at Bath Iron Works, that would be commissioned to head to Honolulu, HI. I ran into Kevin Costner, while in Bath. He was coming out of the museum. He was kind and very, good looking!  The odd thing was I was reading the book, at the time. 

One Halloween, Hubby n' I went to a costume party.   I dressed up as man, no one knew me, til my husband walked in and kissed me...he was drinking and blew my cover.  He is easy to find in a crowd, auburn hair, almost 6'4.  

Swimmer, I will be posting the award you gave me tomorrow; I need to list 7 random facts about me~

*Yes, I live near the Dismal Swamp; so there are a lot of turtles in our yard.  Isn't this one adorable.  My
daughter found him/her.  I had to take pic; I do believe this one was newly hatched~

Thank you B. Miller, for this fun award~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food Network and a Sweet turned Savory recipe

Okay, this is not my idea, but I loved it so much, I thought I would do my take on it.   Aria Kagan one of the finalist for the next Food Network Star is the creator of  this dish.   When you think of summer you think beach, carnivals and ice cream, okay, I know long walks, sand castles, etc.   When you were a kid, did your Dad try to talk you out of getting this ice cream confection, you can't finish it...the banana split.    Food network had a challenge, Sweet to Savory Carnival Food, which featured Zoltar, the creepy fortune teller. He gave up slips of paper with carnival sweets instead of fortunes.  Finalist  had to incorporate their sweet into a savory dish.  I felt bad for the cotton candy lady, that one was tough.

 Yesterday, as I'm loading up my basket, at the Farmer's Market. I think why not, make this, ;-D  I didn't say, I'd use everything in my basket.   I make meatballs, larger than the norm, then I made my family's red gravy sauce,  Aria used garlic bread, 2 thin slices for her banana part; I used summer squash and zucchini.  I think my family would of preferred the garlic time.  There are so many ways you could make this.   On the first meat ball, I put some sauce, then pizza cheese, sprinkle of oregano and garnished with a cherry tomato, 2nd meat ball I did a ricotta type sauce, think lasagna type meatball, I added a few herbs, with a couple tablespoons of milk and mixed in the blender.  I garnished with fresh basil and a cherry tomato...okay  it was a grape tomato, sliced in half.  The last meat ball was the traditional sauce, with Parmesan.  I wish I had fresh cheese, but I used what I had.  I steamed my summer squash, I loved that it was yellow and had that banana look.  I cut in quarters, steamed in water and then drained and used for my Savory Split. YOU could vary this in so many ways, use ground turkey or soy for your meat balls.  You could make different sauces on each meat ball.   Next time I will use garlic bread, I did have some dinner rolls that I heated up and  everyone was thankful.   I will say, it was a hit, at my house,  over all the pizza combo was the fav; me I liked the lasagna version.  Make it your own; whatever floats your boat!

 Here is my version of the Savory Split:

Most of the carnivals, fairs I went to had agricultural type events.  I thought I would share and pass on a few awards:

Thank you to Alex, for this award; Alex is a sci-fi writer, soon to be published this fall.  He also has a fun movie challenge coming out. Stop by and say "Hi" and sign up, it will be fun~   This one means a lot Alex,
I am on a journey and I want to thank you and everyone that follows me, your support means more than you know!     I didn't know when I first received an award, the unwritten rule is to pass them on:  ;-D  I know better, now:

First  nod to Bud of Being Transformed; He is on a journey of change.  We can all relate to change being difficult sometimes, I know I can.     I would also like to pass this award to  Will of Fatherhood&;othercommon terrors.  Will is a new dad,  a journey that most of us can relate to the trials of parenthood. Will has a lot of interesting subjects and a great sense of humor.
 Julie of Being Ruby, is dealing with a few trials and tribulations; she could use some well wishes

Rayna of Coffee Rings Eveywhere gave me the Sugar Doll award:  Thank you Rayna for thinking of me~

 Now to pass this award to a few dolls:   Tough one, I think there are a lot of dolls out in here in blog land~
I will pass this on to Kolleen of Heartwingsisters, a new blogging friend; she has an openness about her that is appealing, kindhearted and sister like~
Another Sugar doll, is Yvonne of Welcome to My World of Poetry Yvonne has a gift for weaving words and creating magic.
Swimmer of Books,Writing and More ; She has an interesting blog, lots of interests and has a lot of heart.   Check these wonderful gals out!

I have a few awards to bestow tomorrow, somehow I ended up with a cold and a fever.  I hate colds in the summer humidity, they really drain you, so I am bent on hiding indoors for the rest of the week...In my dreams!   Sweet dreams by the way, is late~


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Honey of a Day

I was up most of the night with a sinus headache; but by morning, when my hubby kissed me good bye, all was well!   He left at 4:30am; I had hoped to get up, but couldn't move, as I heard a torrential downpour, begin.    I woke up again, thought I was dreaming, a man in uniform walked past me.  It was 8am and it was my husband, back from his command.  He is done today, starts at a new command tomorrow.   I didn't expect him home so soon, but he had said, his farewells and received his handshakes, awards and left.    We then celebrated and went and grabbed celebratory coffee and went to the Farmer's market.  I was going to take my camera, but it was still raining.   I took these pics, when I returned home.  Next time, I will take my camera;  She sells herbs, plants, sometimes trees, and lots of produce at this small stand.  Today, she gave me a basket, usually she will give me a random gift to try, last year a seedless, yellow watermelon.
She is a gem; I need to give her a gift, next time I visit!  Maybe some bread; She also sells amazing jams, jellies and pickles.

I saw the honey and had to buy it, I don't eat it very often, but it looked so yummy~

Look at these jewels, aren't these black berries, pretty!   I bought stuff for a stir fry and guacamole.  Also a few items for an experiment, which I will post about tomorrow~   It involves the Food Network and a summer dessert, that I am going to turn savory.   

After the rain, we had a guest visit us.  I took it as a sign to slow down and appreciate the rare time, with my family,even our son had today off.     This is the biggest turtle so far this year. My son said, when he was little, he wanted a turtle and a house with a green door.  We have many turtles in our yard and our door is green!

There is magic in those slow,down days that are rare and sweet like the honey~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Historical Home

 Nell Cropsey had moved with her family in 1898, from New York to a booming riverside town, Elizabeth City, NC.  She met the sheriff's son, Jim Wilcox.  They dated for 3 yrs; she thought it was time for a proposal.  She started flirting with other suitors to make Jim jealous; She was last seen alive, on Nov. 21st, 1901 on the family home's porch talking to him.
 *photos courtesy of the Museum of the Albemarle

 Jim Wilcox, son of the county sheriff; convicted of murder. He later was released, but committed suicide.  He told a reporter the whole story, the reporter also died in an accident and the story was never found.  Jim was 5 yrs older, then Nell.
There was also a psychic involved, that said, Jim was guilty.    There was no physical evidence that tied Jim to the murder. There was only talk and speculation.     

  Nell Cropsey, real name, Ella vanished from her home and was found 37 days later murdered near the Pasquotank  River, across from the family home.   She was nineteen and in love...  Nell's beau, Jim Wilcox was accused of the crime. He was the last one to see her alive. Every October, the Cropsey home, "Seven Pines", is part of the Ghost Walk in this city.  I have never been, perhaps this year...
 Here is the Cropsey home today;  Isn't it gorgeous

If you click, you will see the year of the home and the name, "Seven Pines"  Nell was suppose to leave November 23rd, to go back to New York and have Thanksgiving with her cousins.  

The night she disappeared a dent was in the screen door and it was off it's hinges.   The search began at
midnight.  Nell's sister, Ollie had a suitor, Roy stop by and Jim had wanted to speak to Nell. They went out on the porch.  Ollie knew they needed to settle things.   She didwonder what was taking so long.  She opened the door and noticed the screen was swinging off the hinges   Her father was still up and then there was a disturbance, they thought someone was stealing one of their pigs.   She told her father, Nell wasn't home and the search began...
Here you can view some of the interior of the home...I didn't see a For Sale sign...but I wouldn't put one out either.  This is the home of the biggest unsolved mystery in this area.   You can read about it in this book,
"The Mystery Of Beautiful Nell Cropsey"    Her real name was Ella Maud Cropsey; It is rumored that her and her mother's ghost have been sighted, on the porch.   I will let you know if I see anything....on this hot, June day...nothing appeared.  I, only feared  the owner chasing me away...

This is the view across from the home, now, this is the Pasquotank River.   Her body, was later found here...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mish Mash

                 I thought I'd show you some unique touches we put in my daughter's room.

 We made our own earring tree; we made a vase(yes, the movie theatre background comes out again)

Yes, had a roll of tickets and thought it would be fun to make a tribute vase...daughter loved it and
grabbed it for her room!

A shoe bag, we found took up to much space in the closet; Instead, she organized her jewelry by color.

Jim Hendrix needed some piazza; so we took inexpensive black plastic bracelets, with added musical charms to jazz, Jimmy up...   We think Jimmy would be pleased~

My daughter graduated from 8th grade, yesterday!  She received an award for AB Honor roll, for the whole year. I think there were 13 students out of 170 students.  We are proud!

I won the necklace she is wearing; It was made by Becky Shander.  Becky used driftwood from a beach in Maine.
It was featured in Somerset Life.
Becky made some jewelry for her daughter from treasures they found together at the beach;  A Mother’s love is as deep as an ocean was her theme.   A wonderful sentiment~

Becky also included a kit to make another necklace; I am going to make Angela the other one.  I wasn't sure if she wanted one, til she ran in my room, looking for jewelry and decided on this necklace.  We talked how it represented home for us. She is out of school; so next week, we will make it together.  It will be memorable and unique~  I am thrilled I won it!
It was nice to have Angela wear a piece of Maine!    She has been fortunate, we have only moved with her
from Florida to Maine, then to Hawaii, back to Maine,then  hubby received orders to Virginia, then to our home, now in North Carolina. She only had to go to two schools. 

She calls Maine, home, where her grammie lives!

*This pic is the small, coastal town I grew up in.  It is quaint and 45min from Stephen King's home!

I am behind I received some gracious, fun awards and I need to pass them on.

I want to thanks Yvonne, for the Sisterhood Award....Thank you so much!   I don't have a to be allowed in the group!

I'd like to pass this award to:  (8's keep showing up, lately):
All of these gals have something special, how fun to have so many sisters ;-D!

Tomorrow I will be listing the rest of the awards: From Alex, Rayna and B. Miller-I have done something like this before, so this will be a great challenge!  I accept...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, Hummingbird

I love watching hummingbirds, dart and weave among the flowers.   Their dance is unique; They dive bomb each other.  It is fun to watch them at play.    (I did put out new food, for them) It is humid where I live and I have to change the feeder frequently.    I love the look of this pic, it was a quick shot and I thought it was
amazing to see how they look, that close up!   It was a lucky snap~

see their little tiny feet!    Aren't they sweet....

Haven't you noticed the days
somehow keep getting longer
And the spirit-voices whisper in
us all
Haven't you noticed the rays
The "Spirit Sun" is stronger
And a "New Day" is dawning for
us all.

Hummingbird don't fly away,
fly away
Hummingbird don't fly away,
fly away
Alas here comes the "Gardener"
He's come to till the flowers
The draught of understanding,
wisdom, peace and love is ours.

      lyrics to the song "Oh, Hummingbird" by Seals n' Crofts

It is the only bird that can fly backwards; when I lived in Hawaii, I found out hummingbirds aren't on the islands.  So sad, all those gorgeous flowers~

Interesting facts:  They don't have a sense of smell...HUH?!  
They have the largest brain of all birds...
2nd largest bird family ...
more interesting facts at this site!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Art Date

I frequent this city to do most of my errands, shopping, garden and home improvement supplies and my
favorite watering hole(Muddy Water's Coffee).  Hubby n' I like to go early either Saturday or Sunday to get our favs and head to our favorite home improvement store and work on knocking off our wish list.  I am lucky, I am married to a handy man!  He never hesitates and dives right into a project with 90% success; he really amazes me!    This is inside Muddy's; someone was sitting in my plush, blue chair, so I didn't get a pic, maybe next time. Don had a mocha frappe, I had a sugar free liquid brownie frappe; my daughter had a caramello one, regular.
Here is my daughter, we sat outside and then strolled around town to snap a few interesting pics! 

Here are some of the older building downtown; I love this aged blue one, it was  founded in 1887.

                  This gate leads into the historical walk of the city;
Some of the yards are marked, some aren't. The city has a
 Ghost Walk, every year in October.  I hope to go this year;seems like every year, we try to go, someone ends up


I love this old door with the patina letters, must of been part of a post office long ago?!       It is on a door...

See the brick road, what wonder adventures were had, here?!  Who walked these streets...

Look at this old beauty....time worn with so many stories to tell...

This is part of  an old jail; I love the old stars...this
is kind of creepy!

It is used today as an office building, all the windows and the doors have wrought iron bars on them!
It was built in 1910 and restored in 1986.

A lot of the buildings, downtown have a
Greek influence.

I love this vintage gate...look at the patina

I love these Coneflowers; they have a natural tilt towards the sun!  Another name is Echinacea; It is a medicinal herb.

I love the age of this statue; no clue how old, but I know it is near a sign, that states 1828.

Hummingbirds love these little gems~

A southern favorite, the Magnolia                               

I hope to find out more history of this area;  An adventure I hope to share with my daughter, over summer vacation.