Saturday, August 28, 2010

Penobscot Bay

I thought I would give it another attempt...Poets United has a Think Tank on Thursday, the prompt this week is water.

You comfort me
Your white caps, sandy hair, treasures
always changing
I long to be near you,
the ebb n' flow in my heart,
You linger in my thoughts,
splashing, wading memories of seasons past
drift through my filter of time
You taught me respect and patience
calming me, keeping me safe,
Salty air mingles with the wind as you
caress my soul with foamy kisses
I go to you, to observe, reflect, feel your lull.
Sometimes your mood is abrupt, crashing in on me,
reminder of your strength, your inner passion.
Home is being near you,
Listening to your rhythm pound within my heart
I grew up with you; you are part of me
You are my life preserver,
You have tossed me, caressed me, hurt me,
You are my childhood sweetheart, Your beauty lures me in
Many fear and love you;
Your soul's depth is unknown.

This is where I grew up, Penobscot Bay.   We moved near here, when I was 5 yrs old; I was 6 when I learned to swim.  There weren't many days, growing up that I wasn't at the warf.   As time passed, I was old enough to go alone. I'd walk or ride my bike down and search for treasures, sand dollars and faded sea glass.  Treasures, worn smooth and bleached by the sun.  I flew kites near the bay, roller skated, saw the fireworks, met friends, hung out.   I saw my husband at the shore, he was fishing off the warf.  Years later we met and he said, I use to always see you there.

I did have a rogue wave hit the warf one January and soaked me.  My Mom lives close by. I was fine~ It was during a Nor Easter.  I loved to go watch the storms when the water's mood shifted and turned dark gray.

When I was sad it was a refugee a way to escape.   I have been in boats tossed about out there, swam,
seen the fireworks, and watched the lobster boat races, etc.  When I return to Maine, I have to go there first.  I have to run to the edge of the warf.  If I haven't been there, I am not quite home, yet.   It will always be Home in my heart!    Memories held precious like time in a bottle~

Friday, August 27, 2010

Poets United

I discovered,  Poets United,  from Sherry; You don't even have to join to participate.  I decided to see what the subject for the poem of the week was.  PAIN...something I know all to well, about.  I am dealing with some back pain issues.

Rooted like a weed,
Growth shortened, length unknown
Planted with fear,
Thorns scratch at my soul,
Throbbing tangled emotions lie deep
Naked, like a frayed power cord
Raw, exposed
Staked with screws, pinned together
Twisted, torture remains,
Weed sinking the bloom, entangled
Vine strips life
Root bound home
choked dreams fused with mystery
What will grow now?

I can honestly say, my pain has lead me to beauty.  It forced me to find new paths.  I started blogging, I made wonderful new friends,  I started crafting, writing, and taking more photos.  Perhaps, I  am becoming who I was meant to be.  Time will tell...  What will grow....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My New workout

I decided after watering my plants, container garden and window boxes I would grab the camera.  I have been seeing a lot more butterflies, enjoying the cooler air.  What was I thinking?  It isn't cool now, it is 86 with humidity and feels like 93.  It still is nicer than it has been.   I decided to try to snap a few pics of my back yard.
 This was earlier in the morning...a tease on my french door, I quickly opened it and snapped this, before he
lazily, floated away.

 I had just watered over near the gardenia, when I spied a hairy mushroom?  I know cactus can have hair, but mushrooms?!  It might be this myclellium.

One rose left climbing on my trellis.  My Mother's birthday is the last day of summer, so we call her the last rose of summer. I found a poem, by this name, it is sad, though.  I usually send her something with a rose on it, buy her one or make something to reflect her day.

 See the fall colors, only one red leaf on my unique~

 I haven't forgotten, my workout....I am getting there.

I know a bit blurry, this beauty was busy flapping her wings. She flitted about and then started to go up the deck.    

This shroom was in the back of my window box...camouflaging colors, love it.  It looks like she is holding the wood up!    And speaking of wood....thought I would find some more shrooms near the wood pile.
Oh, I found something alright.   I heard a noise as I approached.   We have rabbits living under our shed.
We keep our lawn mower, bikes, garden tools in.   We have a garage, but it is more like the neighborhood men's club, filled with tools, fishing poles, etc.     I caught the attention of a Mother:

ssssSNAKE!    She started to slither away, but I thought I need a pic.  I started to snap, of course a dark cloud was overhead and my flash came on.   She turned around and started towards me.  She was getting closer; I took off running.  I don't run, I have some back issues.  I have told my kids, I will only run if Cujo is on my tail.   Well, this is Cujo!   I think she is the black swamp snake and guess when they lay their eggs,
from August-October.  Mama Cujo snake was not happy with me.  I guess I was to close and caught her attention...No more shroom photos!  I will find another workout...a safer one~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Back

Today, school is back in session.  I know it isn't officially Fall, but our weather actually changed last night. It
was 67 degrees, when I headed, out the door for my morning walk. The onset of Indian Summer; I so love this time of year, cool in the morning, heating up during the day and brisk at night.   When the weather shifts, so don't we. Our routines change, our mood, our habits seem to transform, when a new season arrives.  It will still feel like summer here for a few months.  More like the summers of my youth, when you can go outside and enjoy hiking, biking, etc. without the humidity dragging you down.  Fall in the south is actually my summer in New England.  We have a long fall, here, which is fine with me.  It is one of my favorite seasons.   They all are my favorite ;-D

The experts tell us Fall is like a second New Year, we can turn over a new leaf, begin again.   Another
thought is autumn is like a second spring.  I prefer the New Year idea.  I like the turn over a new leaf idea.  
I guess there is some history that leads us into this line of thinking, The Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Persians began their new year with the fall equinox, and the Greeks celebrated it on the winter solstice. 

As the leaves begin to change their mood  and dress in their seasonal best, what leaf will you be turning over?    Me, I want to have courage to continue on my creative path and see where it leads me.  I might have to leave it up in the air at times, but this time of  year, frees me up a bit.   What leaf will you turn?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Daze

Where did summer go?   Earlier this week, my daughter,( soon to be a high school freshman) had testing over
required summer reading.  Today, she handed in her geometry project.  This is her mobile of shapes required on her list.  She used a broke badminton racket, for the circle; I love how colorful it came out!  She has 3 friends who have dibs on it.    I don't think so, it is mine... lol ;-D  

 We went to the high school to turn it in; School starts tomorrow.   I usually drive her to school when projects are due, but not the first week of school.  The bus driver needs to learn the route.   I am shocked my baby, will start high school.  She is a bit nervous; I said, it is your new home for the next 4yrs.  You have been there, a few times,soon you will wonder, why you were ever nervous and love it~ Do you remember your first day of high school?! 

When I think of Geometry, I think of cooking, shapes, measuring, and let's not forget pie (3.14). When I was in high school,  I was the only girl doing well in Lab Biology and struggling in Geometry.  Most of the class was struggling in Lab Biology.
I think of properties, formulas, the relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids.  Then I think how much of it I hated, except Trig...I loved Trig. I haven't shared my opinion with my daughter. I want her to come to her own conclusion.   Geometry is like high school, lots of points of view, long lines, angles of perspective, the surface is subject to change. Solid is your foundation of family and friends.

   Raw energy  is abound,  like a frayed electrical cord.  House phone and cell phone are a buzz tonight.  Watchcha wearing, are you nervous...

It was kind of sad, when we rounded the street corner on our bikes and saw the school bus in our cul-de-sac. I look forward to a bit of quiet, but not to much.   I like the stir, the loudness, the laughter, the chatter
 in the house. I enjoy my kid's friends and their energy.  I know this will end someday and it will be different, I will have to scale back.  I will find it awkward, just like Geometry.                                                      

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Winner*******

My give-a-way comes to a close; I loved each and every comment!   My grandparents did illuminate my life;
No not every memory is a gift, but most were.  I did get in trouble a few times, when they were in charge. I was their first grandchild; They lived at the end of our street.   I respected and loved them, no matter what.   Memories do fade, like star dust, but the impression left on my heart, will forever gleam.   So, the lucky winner:
is Sherry of  Sherry Blue Sky.   Please email me and I will provide you with your gift certificate.  CSN stores
has  many choices; I hope you find something just for you.  I did notice they carry pet items, as well. 

My daughter and I were stunned, I didn't realize you had the word Star in your blog.  She is the one that picked your name out of the hat.  I always thought of you as Sherry Blue Sky.  Congrats~

Stay the course, light a star,

Change the world where'er you are.
” ~
Richard Le Gallienne

Friday, August 13, 2010

Star Dust and a Give-a-Way

August seems to be a month to look for falling stars, better known as meteor showers. Perseid  is suppose to give us a great view tonight, if we can stay up to see this amazing light show.  I love watching the show, a glimpse into the heavenly, midnight blue sky.

  I started thinking about my grandparents; Winona n' Clifford, they are in my blog banner.
My grandmother," Nannie Nonnie" is what I called her; We had an unique bond. We looked like sisters, at different ages.  I have her olive complexion, her appreciation for details, her fondness of flowers, baking, music and nature.  She had a twinkle in her eye and a passion for creating beauty.  She was the first one to commission me, to do a painting for her. I was thirteen at the time; She paid me. I said, "No, It is a gift".  She said, "You aren't an artist, til you have sold your work".  Once a week, she would invite me to tea.  Polished silver arranged with her odds n' ends of her best bone china was the back drop of this magical event.  The time to educate me a bit more, dazzled in the brilliance of sugar cubes, silver spoons, pinkies up and her amazing sugar cookies.   Her essence echoes within me, her ability to see the luster in the ordinary, and the love of the little things, the additions of her time, honored traditions. These facets added extraordinary gleam to my life.

     My grandfather,I called him, "Papa" was a diamond in the rough.  Moonlighting jobs and doing whatever to get by.  Then he bought a gas station business, the Texaco. " You can trust your car to the man who wears the star", was their motto.  He wasn't flashy, but he had class.  He had been the leader and drummer of a band;  They were the Guy Lombardos, of Maine.   I loved him best, for his fantastical stories, he wove with magic. He could make music out of anything in reach and would at a moment's notice drum out a tune.  He was enchanting.

     Music, was the glue that brought my grandparents together. He met her at a dance; She knew how to play the piano  Their sparkle together,  gave birth to more family band members, my father and aunt. Dad played the guitar; my aunt the piano.  My Dad wore a star by day and shone them, on the silver screen by night.  He was a movie projectionist; His passion illuminated my childhood.  We all can find poetry in our family tree, we just need to peer close, to see the star dust.   Sometimes you only have to look in the mirror to see the reflection of their souls, winking at you.  Your shine comes with  following your destiny, your passion, and watching for glints of wonder,as the world spins by.

     It amazed me this morning, when I found Yvonne, gave me this award.   I am awe struck; You gave me goosebumps, the timing...  This lady is a poet; A dazzling, brilliant star; She shares her clarity of feelings, in poems.  She is amazing~  Thank you so much, I will be back to figure out nine blogs, to pass this onto.   
I truly can't thank my followers, enough!  You deserve stars today, too. I had 17 followers in April, never thought I would ever reach 100.  I think of my Dad and the movies he ran and how movie stars were glamorous.   Their brilliance was respected.  Elegance, enchantment and extraordinary performances made them illuminate, to the general public.   I think of all the grease paint, the behind the scenes, their moments of solitude that eluded us. We were not privy to that part of their mystique.   This reminds me of my daughter; She is at this age of trying new styles, glamming it up.  The make-up, hairstyles and fashion of the decades past.   She wants a bedroom vanity.   My daughter will wait a bit longer for her star making booth, perhaps Christmas. She wants to make this into a career, at this point in time. (She's fourteen)

Here is my give-a-way; CSN has generously offered, a $40 gift certificate, to one lucky star.  Thank you for all your kind regards and comments!  It is encouraging to see all of you, share so much of yourselves and make me smile, pause and wonder about the profound impact of words! I will try to be more actively involved, as a follower to you~

Thanks Yvonne for this wonderful Star; I will be passing on soon....

TO ENTER:  make a comment, one point, become a follower 2 points, link me on your blog, 3points.
The drawing will be next Friday, August 20th.
Friday the 13th, has always been lucky for me...perhaps YOU will be the lucky winner~ CSN has over 200 stores to select an unique item from; Something for everyone!
Friday the 13th, has been lucky for me in the past; I hope you will take a chance; It's in the stars...

I want to Thank, Lee of Tossing it Out;  somehow I found you and your A-Z challenge.   Life has not been the same, since! I am I joined in on this happy event;  It was a  wonderful, unique experience!   Lee is a man of many gifts:  juggling, writing, and working on a musical! Amazing man with a real Zest for life~

Thank you all so much~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

My daughter wanted me to make an earring frame for a birthday gift. She had a friend over, who hinted she would like to have one. I needed some lacy fabric, so I thought I would hit the thrift shop and see what I could find.   I was amazed to find this large ledger book, filled with paper.

I also found a WM. A. Rogers, Oneida silver bowl.

  I have been wanting to try to make some bracelets like Charlotte Lyons .  I also enjoy, the bits n' bobs of Laura Mumford's work.
 I love the colors that reflect the cotton cloud days of summer.  When endless blue sky and hot,humid days leave you wanting to wear, white, linen clothing or cotton, breezy blouses.  

If I don't like the way it fits, it will be made into cloth jewelry~

I meant to have a give-a-way, when I reached 100 followers; I will be posting one soon!  I have been distracted and I'm behind in following n' commenting on blogs.  Surprise company from Alaska, kept me busy for five days.  I have recovered and plan on visiting blogs soon! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stand Tall


I think of the yoga pose the tree.  This pose enables you to improve your balance; it is difficult to do. When you attempt it; You will wobble.  It will take practice to be still and improve your muscle control.  When you do wobble, remember trees sway, when the wind blows.  I think it is a great pose of reflection.  We need to remind ourselves, we will sway a lot in our journeys.  We may be uprooted and have to begin again, but as we plant our roots(the tree pose is in the root chakra) we need light.  Our roots growing in the rich soul, of our family, friends and mentors.  We will lean towards it, reaching and striving for it our whole lives, once we figure out what lights our souls, find our passion, and what talents we own that uniquely define us.
Sometimes we have to branch out try new things, a virus can take  us down another path, but we still need to
remain true.    Yes, put ourselves out on a limb,  to see our true essence.   Our courage is in our roots, our foundation of who we are, who loves us, who we are destined to be.   Growth takes time, some of us will take longer, some will have no lack of light, nutrients and water, some will.   No matter what you do, you owe it to yourself to reach for the sun, the stars; Your light!   Just remember be like the tree and learn to lean and sway, when the elements detour you.  

A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.  ~Welsh Proverb

He who plants a tree
Plants a hope.
~Lucy Larcom, "Plant a Tree"

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time is now.  ~Chinese Proverb

Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.  ~Rabindranath Tagore, Fireflies, 1928

Whatever dream you plant, remember it takes time to grow.  You need to tend it, nurture it and feed it well... 

One of my fav books is Shel Silverstein's, "The Giving Tree" ;-D   I hope you, too will stand tall and grow, branch out, lean towards the light of your dream!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Box of Hope n' Dreams and a snowball...

I started the day, making blueberry muffins; Yes, they are freshly dusted with flour...snowed is what my kids call it.  I felt, as the day, progressed, my plans turned into the snowball that rolled down the hill.    Oh, yes the muffins came out yummy.
(a favorite on a snow day)  

 I like my muffins, blue, with more nutmeg, then cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract.

 The past couple of days, I have been making items for a challenge.  I have wanted to submit items for years, but moving or something distracted me.  Mainly lack of courage was my biggest excuse.
   This time, even though the doubt fairy sat on my shoulder, I brushed her off and continued onward.   Everything was organized in my mind, but quickly became, like the snowball that ran downhill.  I couldn't find some items I had tucked away.   My sewing machine had a few glitches, lost a few items...piles of paper, ribbon, paint in a corner, chaos in-sued.  My plan didn't work, had to refab another idea.  Tag all my items, print out directions of how I made things and then the fun of wrapping it uniquely and finding just the right box.  Foam peanuts soon were dumped in another pile, as the ball continue to roll, bigger and bigger(mess).    The doubt fairy continued to nag me, so did the dog, begging for his walk and my daughter started asking, "When are we going to go shopping?".   I thought, it would be easier to quit, give it up...but NO, I couldn't too much time, energy and dreams invested.   So here is my snowball(s).   I always think snow is magical, the memories it evokes, my childhood growing up in New England,  making homemade ice cream.   We used rock salt n' snow, instead of crushing ice.
Snow reminds me of muffins, magic, and  memories in the making.  Hoping that my snowball will be more than a day of chaos, but perhaps published.  A tiny sign, I am going in the right direction....if not, I will try, try, again....(I hope you will, too)

a peek at my snowballs

It has been so hot n' humid here this week.  It seems late summer in the south is so hot and dangerous, we call it Blizzard weather. We are inside more!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project Genesis II

 SUZAN of Old Grey Mare, started this project, it happens the first day of every month.  You sign up to link ,exchange ideas and share recycling tips.  She has some amazing tips on her blog; You should check them out, not only green, but practical and will save you $ome green.  Thank you, Suzan!  It is a wonderful idea~

My Mom practiced reusing, recycling methods, before it was ever called Green.  She use to cut up old pantyhose and use the rings in her garden to support stalks n' vines.  I have seen Martha Stewart do this as well, but Mom was using this method, years before Martha appeared on TV.   I do think Mom and Martha do share a passion,  in using green living techniques and having a green thumb.

I use tea towels to wash n' wipe my produce. It saves a lot of paper towel, which saves you money and saves  a few trees. (Thanks Mom)~  Yes, I went to the Farmer's Market, yesterday...which Sherry Blue Sky reminds us helps.

After you shower at my house, the water runs back down the pipes and there is about 2cups of water that runs off.  I collect it and use it on my plants. It seems like such a small act, but it does save.  I also collect the water left in glasses...usually I have two quarts of water for my window boxes.  It all adds up...

After I make Iced tea, I save my tea bags.  They are great for cold compresses for your puffy eyes or the tannin acid can help heal canker sores. I have seen these tips for years, so I don't know where credit is due. I let them cool and toss them in a mini ziplock bag, throw them in the fridge. Green tea used on your face can tighten pores. Natural Health magazine deserves, credit for this tip.  You can also use tea bags, after making tea to dye silk flowers to give them a vintage look. You can pour your tea and add more hot water to the bags and reuse them for dye.

  My daughter has a lot of friends; it seems like I'm always wrapping a gift.   Sometimes we use old calendar pages, for wrapping paper.  I have done this for years;It is an unique look.   I add my tea dyed vintage looking flowers for a summery look.   I cut onion bags up into strips, then stretch  it; it makes a cool looking ribbon.   I am known as the onion bag lady.  I have used them to put gifts in and tied with ribbon for Christmas.  I will show you when that time comes.  My family on occasion will cut out produce bag hearts and mail them to me.  I love it;~(I started doing this years ago; but not sure who to give credit to Mom?)

You can go check out the tips and meet some new friends.  I think you might discover some money $aving tips and creative ways to reuse, recycle what you have. Help change your world...

I want to thank Sherry  for pointing me in this direction! Thanxs~   Also here is a link to my other post, with many inspiring, upcycled ideas.

Thank you so much SUZAN, for doing this. Your awareness and passion will make changes. I have read some amazing posts and can see a shift in the way I think, even more than before.