Thursday, September 30, 2010


Think Tank Thursday at Poets United is Equality, Prompt #17, tough one~ 
I thought about our struggles as a society in Bee type fashion and Beeliving thinks can and will some day bee
 better.  One can dream, Martin Luther King did....

                                            Invisible seeds secretly planted
                                            chains of doubt
                                            imprisoned thoughts 
                                            Dreams of equanimity
                                            buzz like suppressed wisdom
                                            drones and workers in the land
                                            of fear and honey,
                                            Sticky thoughts gather together
                                            back to the hive,
                                            Change is slow
                                            Infested growth,
                                            Tend Earth's garden
                                            pull up weeds of fear n'
                                            Plant hope for humanity
                                            Educate your colony,
                                            Bee different
                                            Liquid gold is sweet,
                                            Let the buzz be a ring,
                                            A ring of Freedom~

I haven't had power most of the day, so I will try to buzz by your blog!  I'm beehind~
* photo is courtesy of the Graphics Fairy~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Morning Glorious

Morning glories are usually blue, pink, or purple,with white streaks.  The white ones have dark purple streaks. I was intrigued when I found this beauty peeking out  behind the vines.  I had to grab my camera and record this visually stunning, glorious bloom. The color palette is so rare. I think the camaraderie of blogging  is unique like this flower.  Beautiful souls sharing their intimate stories of life, their passions, their dreams and fears.  We all are peering and peeking at a piece of the each others' soul, as we follow or find blogs. It is a true gift, to share such deep, private thoughts and be exposed. In doing so, we are able to stand taller, walk differently. Our vines are deeply connected to who we are; We still have the power n' potential to bloom into our own selves and share our vision and beauty with the world~  I think if you are on the fence about blogging, you need to jump off and give it a try!  It might just change your life; It has mine~
It has given me courage to put myself out there, to find creative souls who share their views n' passions, it has given me a community to be part of, new friends, allowed me to experiment with my creative edge, to be me.
How has your blog affected your life?!

Monday, September 27, 2010

There's No Place like HOME

I signed on to join a tag swap, hosted by Karla Nathan. She lives in Kansas and is the perfect host, with her granddaughter as Dorothy and her adorable Yorkies, playing Toto.   Yes, It is a Wizard of Oz theme~
Here are my tags, so many wonderful tags you can view them on Flickr.    I found the timing funny; I am in an online class, Crafting My Best Life.
You still can join and catch up; It isn't too late, there is creative homework, forums and a place where you can make another blog, meet new friends.  If not this class, there will be other ones, next one is Danita's Art quilt.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #16 is Autumn, I love this season, how could I pass this up.  There are so many directions to go in with this thought process.  I went with the general feeling fall gives me; I mean Autumn

Painted memories fall like leaves
The scent of
decay mingled with
apples perfumes the air,
Leaves twirl and swirl  into
our yards, a magic carpet ride
of childhood shrouded
with mystery, enchantment arrives
raking, harvesting as Indian Summer
Ghost, goblins and witches on brooms
sweep out cobwebs, in your mind's eye
of Halloween's haunted past,
Scattered memories dance, as Mother
Nature dresses in her best. 
Amber glow of the harvest moon rises, smoke
circles the night, as the winds of change soon arrive

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Fest: My Top 10 Television Shows

The Amazing Alex yet again, has attempted to put together another linky Blog Hop, focusing on our fav TV shows. I thought, why not, this will be fun, sifting through the  memories of my youth; It was.  I remembered  moments of laughter; once a week we were allowed TV dinners on trays in the living room, usually we watched, "Truth or Consequences" with Bob Barker. I can remember my father sitting in his recliner, Archie Bunker style and directing which one of us was going to get up and change the channel.   My Mom folding laundry to "As The World Turns" and my brother and I always up early Sunday morning, before church to watch the Jetsons.   Sunday night, I would always play my Dad, he felt for me , he knew I was a night owl, like him.  The Sunday night movie would be on and I would slowly drink my water and be ever so still, hoping he wouldn't notice, what time it was.  Then he would smile and say, "You are hooked, aren't you?"  Most of the time, he would let me watch it with him.  I treasure those moments, it was our time.  He would ask me on commercials, who did it or what do you think and then when it ended he wanted my opinion. I suffered Monday morning, but it was worth it~

I didn't put my picks in any particular order:

1. I Love Lucy:  I remember the first time seeing Lucy; My Mom said, let's watch this...augh, black n' white.
"Oh, she's really funny!"    I loved the crazy things she would do, to be in her husband night club show, to meet movie stars and her attempt to be a great cook.  The grape episode and the chocolate factory are two of my favs.  I can't help, but smile just thinking about her outrageous stunts.  My Mom calls me Lucy; Yes, I have had some moments. Water pipes bursting in her basement, trying to shovel snow off her roof,  and trying to walk in rubber boots on ice, yeah I looked like a duck, I kept falling down.  I really do love Lucy~

2. Candid Camera-Allen Funt would set up people to stage a fake meeting, accident, whatever and then you could watch the fall out.  Sometimes it was amazing how people would react.  I liked it, because our whole family would watch.  I do think though, this lead to my brother and his friends attempting some stints in the neighborhood.  Old purse in the road with fishing line tied to it.  Pulling it away, just before one could reach it.

3.The Carol Burnett Show-My Mom n' I would watch this Saturday night; My Dad would be at the movie theater running a show.   My two fav ones are:  Carol and Harvey Korman are doing a scene in "Went With The Wind" Scarlett comes down the stairs to greet Rhett.   The other scene is Tim Conway n' Harvey, they are plumbers, Jowls.  The movie skits are zany~

4. SNL-Saturday Night Live a huge pool of talent~ So many skits and bloopers that were groundbreaking.
    My brother had a friend over to hang out and he would stay and watch it with us.  He is now my husband~

5. Six Feet Under-I saw this advertised and was curious, but didn't have HBO.  Later when Netflix was
an option,  I rented S1D1  and was hooked! Five seasons of innovative, unique and freaky television, it was ground breaking.  Just hearing the sound track makes me want to start the series all over again~ Loved it!   Nate was my fav, but I could also relate to Claire trying to find herself through art~
Did I really say ground breaking

6. Survivor-Yes, I was hooked from "This is Survivor" host Jeff Probst prods and challenges 16 Americans, who are marooned on the island of Borneo for 39 days.  One survivor will leave with a million dollars.  My husband and I started teasing each other. If we went....   It was the dynamic of seeing a society come together and who would lead, who would hunt, who would lounge, who would survive!  Big Summer hit...everyone
gathered and it was the talk everywhere you went.  I have watched a few more seasons, but for me, I want
a bigger challenge.  Go survive summer with the midnight sun or I'd like to see men, be women for awhile.
Perms, curlers ,nails, Brazilian wax, run in high heels and wear a pregnancy suit, get up for 2 hrs  feedingsand then let's see how you feel and somehow, simulate the pain of childbirth.   Women also go survive as your man.   I know, it would only be a simulation, but I think both sexes might gain more respect for each other.

7. Dexter-A vigilante of dark justice, he works for the police department in forensics, as a  blood splatter analyst and by night..he hunts and kills those the cops can't apprehend.  It is dark, scary and so wrong, but I love it. And for more intrigue his sister is a cop;Michael C. Hall is brilliant in this show; Season 5 starts Sept 26. 

8. Glee-I convinced my daughter to watch, I knew she would love it. She loves music, loves to sing, is part of  a choir.  The parallels are sheer brilliance.  The grown ups in the shows are going through situations, that mirror the students or is it the other way around?!  It is a tangled web of high school drama, meets show choir and the diversity of relationships. You want to root for the underdog and you will remember how you survived high school.    Yes, I am officially a gLeek~

9. True Blood-I rented the first one on Netflix and was stunned and amazed. It so isn't my kind of show.
Drama, blood, twisted triangles of sticky, southern dynamic woven in a bayou of occult add some vampires, werewolves and shape shifters and you have a spicy, gory gumbo!  "Where's Sooookie?"~

10. Flipping a coin on this one it is between Quantum Leap and Star Trek.  Star Trek wins!  I grew up with this unique drama, making us ponder, what is out there, the final frontier?  I love the cheesy adaptation and props!  The story line was always similar yes, but so fun to see what creature, who was Captain Kirk going to romance this week, and the dynamic of the crew.  Loved it; So happy we can see it in the theater with CGI, as it should be!   Every time I put too many commas in my writing, I hear Captain Kirk talking..."Who, are, you?   Spock, who, is, he?"   Live long and prosper~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poets United

This is my Mom, I think the age of the photo or the chair, makes her hair look auburn.  It wasn't, it was dark
brown. We were at camp, so I'd say, she is 30-31 here. We use to rent a camp for a week on Swan Lake, when I was nine, ten, and eleven yrs old, we use to rent a camp for a week on Swan Lake.  Dad then to trade his motorcycle for a boat; This way the whole family could go to the lake.  This was back in the days, when areas were more remote, secluded.  There was a beach, everyone called Walker's Beach.  You could walk miles through the woods to get there or by boat. We spent a lot of weekend's at this spot. It wasn't private, I'd say, 4-5 families would be there. It now is a state park.  

Poets United prompt #15 is  REMEMBER;  The poet mentioned was Leonard Cohen. One of the poems included in his book is Who Do You Really Remember?

 I chose My Mom, reflecting my time with her, growing up. She nurtured me, like I was her prized rose (oh, yeah, I was).    ;-D  She is the last rose of summer; This is what my Dad called her since her birthday is this month. On the last day of summer, She will turn 70 yrs young.

Chocolate eyes filled with care
Wavy, warm chestnut hair
Hands always reaching
Smiling and teaching
Wiping my crocodile tears
Talking me out of my fears
Watching patiently at her knee
We made biscuits, I was 3
Smelled of frosting wore a skirt
Planting her green thumbs in the dirt
Gave me art as a gift
Painted emotions time would shift
Volunteered at my school
My Mom was pretty cool
Always listened to my rant
Talked me out of I can’t
Helped me pull sad weeds
Planting inspiring seeds
Mother’s hands embrace my face
She gave me love, time and space
A Mother’s love is deep n’ wide
She gave me wings
With hope
I'll glide

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 Fall has this second New Year quality to me; Try, try, try again mentality.   The seasonal pull of change and beauty, gives us a time to pause, reflect.   My souls longs for walks, the smell of wood smoke, apples, pumpkin patches and the magic of the harvest.   I love all seasons, but this one has an alluring quality, leaves changing moods readying us for the bare branches of winter's embrace.

What is your dream?   What is lacking in your life?  What did you really want to do, but somehow, life
sidetracked you, you were derailed and need to get back on track. It is true that most people have several careers in life.  It isn't like it use to be, one job, retire and settle back.... Our lives are different, we have to morph, conform, change, grow, do more, do less, wear shoes that don't fit, and try on many different hats~

I'm going to turn over a new leaf this Fall and jump into some online classes.  I think if you want to be creative, you have to push yourself, try others shoes, try their tips and techniques, learn from them, and move on.  I have seen many artist, emulate their favorite artist and through the process, find their style.    Trying to craft your dreams, is work...  I think of it like a hurricane, change is hard, you will feel the tug and pull of your emotions and inner turmoil.  I can't do this, what was I thinking...   But you continue, you might feel this is your path and stay the course.   The eye of the storm comes over, there is a calmness that enters you, you see things more clearly.  This  is what I am meant to do and finally when you are convinced the 2nd part of the storm appears.  The storm never is adjusting yourself, your eyes, your emotions and charting your mind's course to continue matter what!   Because we all  know, if we quit, we could of been this close to reaching our star.   ~ Cheers~

Albert Einstein, three rules of work
1. Out of clutter, find simplicity.
2. From discord, find harmony.
3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt this week is WALL, #14.   A wall can divide, enclose and support.   When I think of walls I think of protection and climbing over them.   I love the idea of your home being a haven of your soul enclosed in four walls.  Obstacles in life, can be our walls, we need to work on, climb over, and conquer.

It is hard not to think of the Pink Floyd song

Freedom  lost
Obstacles ensue
enclosed in grief
another divide
chained butterfly
on the ground
resist shelter
blocked inside
tears flood the gate
learn to adjust
life forever changed
move on
climb over
test wings,
balance is key
wall remains
climbing over
bittersweet life
support arrives
Rally and fight
for a cure~

My wall is Type 1 diabetes: I developed this juvenile disease, when I was 26.  I had excellent health, than became pregnant.  Life hasn't been the same....   It is my wall, I deal with daily, the testing, the needles, the
finger pokes, the guilty if I eat to much.  If I eat to little, I can have a reaction.  Sometimes my personality changes, usually I'm silly and stupid acting.  The highest blood sugar I had was 1380, the lowest 17~  Yeah,
I am lucky to be alive!  I won't go into my close calls, I stopped counting after the cat and nine lives theory.    I'm not looking for pity, just trying to explain my poem, my wall~   If you know someone who has this wall, remember it is their choice, how they live their life.   We all have our own walls to conquer....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hope I get it write...

Jenny from Creativity Is Happiness awarded me this fun award, I have to list 10 things I like and pass it on to 10 others:

Why does this feel like a David Letterman post...  Ten things I like(not love):
1.   like summer is ending soon, too humid n' hot down south, this year(love Fall)
2.   like being outdoors(Love the beach, ocean, sea, mountains, etc)
3.   like it when my family watches movies together(Love them and movies ;-D )
4.   like white chocolate(love milk n' dark best) sorry white
5.   like Fall in North Carolina(Love it in New England, might change my mind if i get to the mountains)
6.   like scary movies(Love suspenseful thrillers, better)
7.   like walking the hiking trail near the Dismal Swamp;(Love the bike ride to the NC visitor center)
8.   like Somerset magazines(Love the Green issue, Somerset Life and the Memory one and etc)
9.   like to go to Busch Gardens(Love HallowScream)
10. like starting Christmas shopping early;(Love that I have already, scored some bargains)
11. like to make gifts; (Love gifts from the heart, best) oops...went over....

Now to pass this on:

Lisa B.
Lisa W.
Karen G 

Leigh of  That's Write, passed the Handwriting Game to me, so Here It goes:

The song lyrics were: "My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies, Fairy tales of yesterday will grow,
but never die, I can fly my friends".    The song is "Show Must Go On" ~Queen

Thanks Ladies for these awards; It was fun....I think I have a couple more, but will post another day~
 For the Handwriting game:

Write down (by hand!) on a piece of paper the following:
1. Name, Blog Name
2. Right handed, left handed, or both?
3. Favorite letters to write
4. Least favorite letters to write
5. Write out "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
7. Favorite song lyrics (*in this case, I just wrote the last song I'd heard. Yes, it was "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child... SO!)
8. Tag 7 people
9. Whatever else strikes your fancy

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Poets United

Thursday's Think Tank is Kiss~prompt #13 which reminds me, are you lucky in love?  Thirteen being the superstitious number.  I find 13 to be lucky~

I toyed with this one, so many directions to go in, so many different kinds of kisses, kissing.  The meet and greet,  air kiss, the genuine type, the passionate, lingering kind.  Poets United says you can write about any kind:
Life, the gift of nature, Love, the gift of life, a Kiss, the gift of Love
~ Unknown

A kiss
The last person you kissed
Your first kiss
The kiss you’ve always wanted
A child’s kiss
The relative you don’t want a kiss from
A goodbye kiss

These are a few suggestions, so I going to give it a go:

                                                           Trepidation arrives, eyes embrace

                                                           Delicate dance of tenderness
                                                           Moist, soft and supple intent

                                                           Souls gently meet

                                                          Gates open, as memories arrive

                                                          Pulse quickens, as bliss blushes

                                                          Time is transcended by

                                                           Parting of the ways,

                                                           Sincerely touched~

I guess, I could best describe this as first seeing my husband coming back from a cruise, a six month deployment.  When you first see your spouse again, it is nerve wracking.  People are crying, screaming and cheering all around you!    You first see the ship's brow arrive, then slowly it turns and makes head way.
The crowd on the dock is cheering and everyone has brought a poster or flag.   There are new babies, newly married,grandparents, parents, young and old.  People are waiting and the ship's crew, once in site is wearing  their best, dress whites and aligned on the ship in formation.  It is quite a site to behold.  My husband's name is Don..
so I came up with a poster in yellow n' green..bright colors..think Mountain Dew colors.  Don Deere we are over he could see us in the blur of red,white and blue.  We bought him a John Deere lawn mower, while he was away.   He wanted one~       PDA(public displays of affection) is not for everyone...I'm okay with a kiss or holding hands, but not the long, lingering type of passion.  It isn't my style; I'm more private, but not everyone is that way, it is fine.  No judgment call, here...

So this is my return from sea a sea of people surrounded by horns blaring, people cheering and confetti and roses.  When he came towards me, I felt like I was in the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman".
He had bought me a dozen red roses, all dressed in white..a moment I will never forget!   I was in khaki dress with shells sewn on by hand..tiny ones.    Sea and land meeting again....(now I can add a verse from my water poem) caress my soul, with foamy kisses~

This ISN'T my husband's ship, but this is a glimpse of my lifestyle :  When you watch it look to the right;
  a local network did a "Homecoming Tribute".  My husband's ship is a destroyer
they follow a Carrier group(large ship being the aircraft carrier);  He has a land job, for now~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Genesis

PROJECT GENESIS reminds us that even small acts add up to goodness, for our Earth, for us, and sometimes our pocket book or wallet.

I went to Starbucks yesterday, treated myself to an iced coffee and found they were offering coffee grounds to recycle.  I did this in the spring  and thought it would be a great way to add some ph to my
garden. We do have a couple more months to reap what we sow.

   The first of every month, Suzan of Old Grey Mare, encourages us to share tips and how we can reuse, recycle, aid in helping our planet, Earth. 
Coffee compose adds a richness to your roses and your garden. It slowly releases nitrogen, which aids in making your plants healthy!  You enjoy the perks of coffee or tea, now you can add them back to your soil.

I do want to remind you, that if a plant has a high ph, it may make change the plant's color.  I discovered this last spring.  We have two hydrangeas, one pink and one blue.  I added it to both of them; Pink was fine, but blue turned mauve and lavender.

It suggests on the bag, to reuse, re-imagine the bag and other containers.  The bag is for my daughter, to cover a book, so that was out.   I came up with this:

These are the containers you get in grocery stores, near the salad or olive bar.    I thought I would make something to put my Mom's birthday gift in.  I glued felt to the outside and the cut a circle to cover the puckered look.

  I would have added a bigger circle, but didn't want to use a different color felt.  This was all I had of the creamy white color.  If you want a more professional look, make the circle at least 1/2 inch wider.                                   

You will need 2 pieces of felt to fit this correctly, trim the top, so it is even.  I didn't have I took a piece of lace and glued it inside.  Next I added a flower and some ribbon.  I didn't glue the flower on, but used a painted clothes pin.  You can write the recipient's name on the tag or be creative and add scrapbook or wallpaper.   Now, I can switch out the flower.  I made a tag and used wire to thread onto the clothespin.  An old fashion pin would look nice to.
Add ribbon, shredded fabric to make a bow or your choice.                                   

Use any type of ribbon to attach to the sides.  I punched holes through the plastic, prior.  You can sew them on.  I made knots every 2-3 inches to give it some shape, so it wouldn't droop.

I had a bakery box, I used lots of wax paper and bought dinner rolls.
I wish they had been doughnuts, but that is another

I thought I would wrap one of my Mom's gifts inside; A sweater I bought for her.   I stamped the outside of the box with a flower stamp and some copper ink.  You could attach a photo or card inside, put I prefer to tease her, let her have a peek.   Then add jute cord  and flower of your choice.  I found these at the thrift shop!   Endless possibilities on how to jazz it up~

Here are some links to some creative container ideas:

Becky baked up some bars and then used the containers of sweetened condensed milk to create these cuties.

Dawn was creative with soap boxes; Check this out~

Shona uses all kinds of recycled finds; She has a large family and finds time!  Awe inspiring~

Regina took cereal box cardboard to the next level.

You can find a lot more inspiration in Green Craft Magazine; Here is a peek....

Thanks Suzan;  Check out her amazing tips and join in!  It is only once a month to exchange ideas, but these small tips can reap many rewards~