Monday, October 31, 2011

Dark Tails

It is the night, when shadows linger, goblins and ghosts call, and tricks appear like magic!   Are you ready for Hallow's Eve?

I have struggled to write about my doctor's appointment. visit.  I was startled, when I went to the hospital last week. A lot of gory creations were displayed in every department. Skeletons at the x-ray department, fine.  Pumpkins, love'em, but creepy, slimy zombie type masks, just seem out of place in the hospital or were they?  As I approached Ortho department, I felt a wave of apprehension.  Is this really where I should be?   When my name was called, I didn't get a normal attendant. Mine was in a white lab coat, looking like Rip Taylor, the Master of Mayhem.  He didn't disappoint....  He took me back to the labyrinth of rooms, finally, we reached  the last door on the left.

He asked about my medical history, told me my options. I chose the deep tissue massage. He warned me, it will feel like you have wrestled a giant.  I assured him I had done that before. My husband is almost 6'4, one time I had low blood sugar and fought him.  My son said, he had never seen anyone so brave or stupid. Your treatment will be with spoons and rocks, somehow I didn't think he was kidding.
He offered other suggestions, but the side effects didn't seem worth the trouble.

He seemed intrigued when I had mentioned Adak, it was part of my medical history.  Then he starts to show me photos on his computer.  "Do you recognize this?"   I did....I mentioned where I use to work on Bering Hill and other key points. Then he lifts his left hand up high, waving it about.... "Yeah this is where it happened".   I look, fingers are missing. I only see his index finger and thumb. He tells me he shot his hand, gun on his ATV went off.  Then he makes a crude joke, then another comment about not sure what kind of career he was going to have.

I connect the dots, he use to be a surgeon Then more photos and then red flashes on the screen, a graphic photo of his shot hand, it is disgusting. My mind is frozen, except for one thought...Why am I seeing this?   I  slowly back out of the room and muttered, "You made the best of it" as I hurry along down the hall, it strikes me. This was his point, live with it...    Zombies are amongst us; beware!

Today,award winning author Elizabeth Mueller's book, "DarkSpell" makes its debut, how appropriate~

Great news!  Darkspell is here to stay!

Winter Sky believes she is everything ordinary . . . until she is kissed by Alex Stormhold.

As seer of Stormhold Coven, Alex is sworn to be Winter's protector against the darkness that hunts her. Violently thrust into the magickal realm she always thought impossible, she stumbles upon a disturbing secret of her own.

Will love prove thicker than magick?

Darkspell is now available on Smashwords
Kindle, and paperback

For a signed copy, please visit my website!

Congrats Elizabeth!!!  This type of darkness intrigues me~ Be sure to stop by and visit and leave a comment(a trick or treat)~ 

Happy Halloween, be safe and watch out for Zombies!   Warning:  The scariest ones are dressed normal~    Have you had any Zombie encounters? 

* I will post soon the apple tarts; I didn't forget~

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guerilla Poetry

I provided a prompt yesterday, at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, to try some Guerilla Poetry.  A dare if you will, to expose your poem or one you like to the world. Today I printed out 3 poems, Hope by Emily Dickinson, Pablo Neruda's poem Bird and in honor of Halloween, an Edgar Allan Poe poem.   I was going to go to the library, but didn't make it. It was warm and breezy and I stopped for an Iced Coffee at Starbucks, which is located in a grocery store. There were so many people, I was intimidated, but knew I had to come through.  I went over as I was adding some Splenda and half n' half to my treat and using Post it tape, stuck it below the spice section.  I saw the barista smile at me, when my camera flashed. She was busy, but I wondered what she thought.  Next stop I hit the book, magazine section. There was a stuffed animal sitting oddly on a stack of books, as if some child had wanted it, but was told not today. I taped a poem to the large tag on the bear.  Next stop, big box store. I knew the Poe poem had to go in the Halloween section. Perfect, a lot of people will see it.  Many are still purchasing last minute items for the holiday.  An old man smiled at me, when I hurried out of the aisle, I saw him reading it.  The other poems, I did not observe anyone viewing them. I will try this again, when I have more time to linger and see how those around me react.  It was fun and I enjoyed thinking about who would find it and what their reaction will be. I am going to an art show on Saturday, yes I entered a photo.  I just may try it there and will be able to see the reactions.  Do you think that is cheating?  A lot of people come to purchase the art...What do you think?  I am thinking quotes might be fun too~  Have you ever done anything like this?

Poets United prompt #72  this week is Writer's Block, I have had this lately, but now to write a poem about it?!  Yikes!  I have felt drained this month.  A lot has happened,  my Mom moved into her new place, I wasn't there. My son's car accident, he is fine. Surgery... bleck...not a big deal, but the side effects where a pain, etc.   It has been an odd month... My writing seems to be influenced, by my mood. When I am stressed, it just doesn't flow the same.

Zig zagged thoughts demand balance
Sieved memories punctured
mushroom brain lacks luster
dullness disputes hope's view
Pressure probes endless thought
Biorhythms  low
Mystery high
Cycle of 3 encompass daily path
Symbolic trust will return
Patience must remain intact
Past connects the course
To hope’s door

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artistic Reflection

I won a giveaway from Monica at The White Bench ;  enclosed inside were two
5x7 photos I had chosen. I picked The Gate and Autumn Painterly Palette.  Her photos are gorgeous and remind us how color, so influences our mood!   I'm a nature girl and these photos, will brighten the winter doldrums when they arrive.  Thank you Monica~

                           Abby of Abby's Paperie Garden sent me these, so romantic aren't they~
She made them out of peat pots; they are prettier in person~  I put one on my china cabinet and the other on a tea set. Thank you Abby!  They are stunning and whisper romance and making time for things we love; I'm thinking tea~
 I won this a while ago, thought I would share.  Angela Harris makes lovely creations! she does a lot of wedding favors, lot of name tags, romantic paper roses, and more.   Her creations inspire romance~
                                                              Thank you Angela~

I treated myself to one of Vicki Sheehan's journals. I have admired them for awhile! I rewarded myself for being published. Her paper journals whisper poetry to me~ They are stunning!  I received mine today; Vicki it is gorgeous; it is all I thought it would be and more~
This is how it was wrapped...

 Aren't these pages, dreamy?!  Mainly homemade paper and a few surprises, my favorite
surprise is in the center of the journal.

I love butterflies, how fab~

I also treated myself to this item and ordered a couple for Christmas. I love floral gifts that awaken the senses, as winter makes her debut in her frosty, white gown.   Yeah, you can tell I need to get back to writing a few poems, lol

  Kim from Onederings sells bouquets. I ordered the tiny 4-6" stems. My lavender is all dried up, I have a story about that, but I will save for another time.  The lavender I grew this summer was pale, almost white.  I didn't get as many blooms as I hoped for. I picked and tucked a few away to dry, but they look nothing like these.  She has different sizes and lotion.  If you want to transport yourself to a field of Provence, this would be an inexpensive way to travel.

I will be traveling later this week, when I bake, Apple Tarts from Denmark. Yes, I will share the recipe. One of the benefit of being a military spouse is my taste buds have been able to travel to places I would love to go!

I also will share my doctors appointment visit; I went yesterday. Let's  just say, it has a Halloween element...