Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One thousand Gifts

I hope your holidays were warm and wonderful!  Soon we will be turning the calendar to another year...where did time fly?!  I know where some of it went ;D  blogging, lol.

I received a gift that I may incorporate on my blog. It was this book, I received the kindle version. I have not read much of it, but it is haunting, poetic and filled with grace. Have you heard of this book?

HERE you can go LOOK inside.
 I am not going to go into my religious views, I think everyone has a right to believe the way they want. It isn't my place or style to preach. I only preach about thyroid disease. You can ask my family; it is a joke at our house.  If anyone is sick and one doesn't know what it family will say "must be your thyroid". It isn't funny, but I guess I have mentioned it a few times. It affects so many systems in our bodies,it is the master gland of the endocrine symphony.  Don't worry I won't preach unless you ask. ;D

I haven't read all of the book, but what strikes me so far is a sentence about death.  It basically shares my view of how a death can so profoundly affect one's life. This happened to slowly sucked the life out of me, leaving a black hole. I functioned, but it always remained.  No matter what, it has altered my view, my world.  As I was trying to be an adult and find my way, it tossed me off course and so have so have a few other things. Being a military spouse, not living in one place long enough to truly have a career, and develop my own voice, etc.

I don't want pity, I guess I just want to explain why this book, so far has struck a chord with me. The author finds a way to look for grace, she uses another word called Eucharisteo, the Greek word for grace. Charis means joy. She sees this word as holy joy.  She begins a list of eucharisteo and it transforms her life. A list of a 1000 things one loves, to name one thousand blessings or gifts.  A list of gifts that one already  has.   The author's name is Ann; her name means full of grace. She explains how she is so not.  My name Ellen means shining light. Then it strikes me, how my blog has changed me.  I see more good in the world, I am finding my voice, I feel lucky to still be here to see my children grow up.  Look up your name and see what it means.  I am considering taking a 1000 photos of gifts, I already have started. Photography is about chasing the light and getting others to see things in different ways, I know that sounds poetic.  So I thought I would use visual poetry in regards to my list.  I can't take photos of all of you or I would!  Thanks for following me and listening to my voice. My world is brighter, filled with more light because of all of you!   I haven't made any time line on my 1000 photos, but I did start today.

Photo #1

 This was a gift from my friend Vicki. I received it, before I began the book. The gift of friendship is what is symbolizes to me.  How we hope when we share ourselves we are well received!

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