Friday, March 30, 2012

I've got the Music in me

Don't we all?!   Doesn't music cause you to time travel back. I selected the prompt  #90 Music, for Poets United this week.   I grew up listening to my Dad's favorites, Johnny Cash and Herb Albert n' The Tijuana Brass, then he moved on to Waylon and Willie and the boys. Mom was more hip, she loved Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles.  My Mom played the Eagles album, till I wanted to scream, talk about reverse psychology.

Dad threatened to blow up the radio station I listened to, lol. He did not like my racket. He was teasing me. Then we agreed on this song, Classical Gas.  I love so many different type of music, classical,(actually my Dad use to play this song on the guitar, more Spanish) Jazz, head banging mental, Rock, Indie, Folk, Soul, not so much a country fan, I do appreciate Opera, but it isn't my thing. I loved this song, can you guess why?  Yes, the drums  I wish my grandfather could have seen this performance...mind blowing Neil Peart! :D   This is my latest fav.(warning some off language). What kind of music is your favorite?   Hard isn't it, to narrow it down ;D

 My father played the guitar, his Mom n' sister the piano, and his Dad played the drums. My grandfather use to be a band leader. If he heard parade music on TV, he would get up and march in the living room.  He was a true drummer, always drumming out a tune. I wanted to play the drums, but my father discouraged it. No, my grandfather no longer had a drum kit, but he did teach me to pound out Papa,Mama on my knees.  Secretly, I still want a drum kit.  My brother did end up playing I had a few opportunities.  I would of loved to had lessons. He taught me a little bit, in between his lessons and playing every sport on the planet.  I know jazz beat and rock.  I play the guitar.  Some day I will get my drums, it might be an App on the IPAD 3. No, I don't have it yet, but it probably is my best bet.  I won't be disturbing the peace, like my Dad use to do with his guitar parties.

Music is a garment we choose to wear
sometimes a windswept cloak
its destination unknown
like twilight
it's movement sways
 shadows of the past

Sometimes it weaves threads 
of  warmth
and color in our heart's home
remaining in rooms of our childhood
spirit to dance
I hope

Sometimes it is a net
cast out
catching treasured thoughts
of souls 
too soon

Sometimes it is a painful
dark descent 
a hallway you
 want to take

winds of change 
in your portal
 chambered dreams

the key is a doorway of
invisible magic
golden dust 
sprinkled with
riptides of longing
for faded youth
one minute
stitched well
a joy to wear

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poem Sketching

I had to write a prompt for "The Imaginary Garden"  I found this book, a couple of days ago and knew  I must share this book.  It is a book called "Writing Poetry From The Inside Out: Finding Your Voice Through the Craft of Poetry" by Sandford Lyne. He talks about how artist sketch, before they paint and how poets should do the same, before they write.
Play with words that is.  He mentions using a journal as a "Writer's Studio"  filling it with words, ideas, quotes, other poet's poems that inspire and clipping from magazines. Whatever stirs your soul and you like, put in your space, I mean journal.  He shares an exercise called "Poem sketching" It involves word groups.  You can see more of the details here.


The morning-light show by ~jchanders

 word groups I used:  barefoot, words, breath, fingers;  pond, waves, queen, dragonfly.
I substituted commands for words and nymphs for dragonflies.

Amber sunrise
wakes silent pond
her translucent fingers stretch, tickle
and wake soon playful nymphs
they flirt and pump their wings
in the liquid resin light

Emerald Queen waves as Amber's fingers reach
her forest floor
into her heart's bareroots
She commands starlets n' sparrows to perform
soon she will tiptoe barefoot
into morning's dew
and surrender to the waves
 Uriel's shore
You will see your Queen's breath mist 
swirl and fog your day.

I found this photo after I wrote the poem. It captures the tone of my poem.  Later this week I will share another exercise from this book!  I was going to add another exercise, on this post, but we have company stopping by!
More later....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Challenge

Yes, I am behind...  Honestly, my days are a blur of cherry blossoms and hubby saying, "Are you ready to go?"

I wanted to try out the Sunday photo challenge. Kerry posted about one of our own Toads,  Kat Mortensen.  Kat is discovering her world through new angles.  She takes vibrant photos...check out her blogs:  Poetikat and My Little Town, Elora

I emailed Kat and she was kind enough to let me use this photo:  RAIL LINE

Coupled together
blue surrender pools and puddles
your horizon lost
your return to float stringline
ease'er down to the solitary sky

Along the falcon's way
Unit's wing in flight too soon
your journey rips my soul
ties that bind return your blue waltz
beguiling dance back on track

Along the ties and rails
You left your soul dream in my hands
inward flame may dwindle
Your wings return the spark of hope
passion's promise leaves tracks

  What does it make you think of?  I tried to include some train lingo, I also think of the military(Air Force).  Hubby is Navy, but I have lived on an Air Force base. Elmendorf, AFB in Anchorage, Alaska.

Hope you Monday is happy!  It feels like April Fool at my house. I saw it rain cherry blossoms, I snapped a photo of a baby dragon fly and I no longer know what day it is...   ;D

Friday, March 23, 2012

Toad Challenge

 Mary challenged at Toads to write a poem about the ordinary.  Her assignment:
Think about some of the ordinary tasks, items, aspects, annoyances, joys, etc.  of your life.  Write about one of them.

This one came fast and furious, as I am running on little sleep and fumes of Iced coffee...weak Iced coffee...Starbucks you disappointed me today!  We usually have our coffee date, Saturday morning.

Hubby said," Let's drop daughter off at school, go get coffee and hit Lowe's.  I need a ladder and you wanted some dirt."   I leave in a foggy disarray.  He bet me I couldn't get ready in 20 minutes.  He was wrong...
I get to the coffee counter and I mutter, "Help"....  Their brew was watered down muck. Can't someone stir the iced brew, before they serve it. One day I must of got the end of the jug, because I thought I had drank deep, dank coffee wine. Whoa, it tasted of wet earth, coffee grounds and twigs. It tasted fine at first, till we arrived at Lowe's. It was weak, so I needed gunpowder tea when I arrived back home.(poem time).  At Lowe's I was so tired, I hid with some magazines, in a gazebo they had set up. Every one smiled at me. A lot of women came over to me and  said, "good idea, I'm going to go get coffee and come back and do the same."

One  clerk, kept coming by and commenting, "Are you enjoying yourself ?"

I replied, "Yes,  I really work here.  I am causing people to notice the new display, lol."  I had a cushy, green padded chair and was reading "Real Simple Magazine"  I had entered the Life Lesson contest. I had to read who won the grand prize $3,000, a trip to NY, and tickets to a Broadway show. The woman, who won saw her husband die suddenly. She was thirty at the time.  The story reminded me of my Dad. My Mom was thirty-nine, when my Dad died suddenly in his sleep. He had a massive coronary.  It was painful to read, but well written.

 I wrote about my Uncle Larry who died young, twenty-seven yrs old, with Leukemia. His wife was 8 months pregnant. He never saw his son born.  The contest was to write, when you first understood the lesson of love. I was 9 yrs old and had to stay with this horrid girl and her family. My Mom and her brother were like twins. She born the last day of summer. He was born three years later, on the first day of fall. Dad n' Mom, left my brother n' I with a family of my Dad's friends. This woman bad mouthed my brother and told me I was fat, every chance she got.  I remember the feeling, all too well. I also knew my Mom was desperate to see her brother. Her whole family was in New Hampshire. My Dad's family wouldn't take my brother. They were going to split us up. My brother was hyper and my grandparents couldn't manage.  This girl picked on me at school. I had to stay with her, in her, newly inherited Sea Captain's home. She thought she was Queen Sheba. She slept in a full size bed, while I had the floor.  Yeah, good times. I remember my Mom's face when she had to leave us and knew I had to do this for her and my Uncle.

This is what my wax paper, ground tea poem says:

Fractured thought blocked 
distilled dreams

boiling point
tea kettle screams

cold thoughts cloud
Muse's mist
gunpowder green tea

linear vapors
bitter moisture

This poem is about returning home still in a zombie like state. I got online hoping to write and husband cranks TV so loud, I can't hear myself think.  My Muse is distracted and irritated. He is on leave(vacation).  How am I going to write anything?  augh... I can't think!  I have two prompts, an article and a story to write. I'm going to need some more gunpowder, tea that is ;D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Celebration

It was my hubby's birthday today!  He had today off, I was surprised.  We seem to be having a run on Peeps at my house. Two March birthdays, daughter n'  hubby and a Peep invasion....I couldn't resist decorating his cake. He wanted a Bundt cake. I couldn't find the mix we had when we were growing up, a Chocolate Macaroon creation. I did mange to combine 2 cake mixes,  cream of coconut and flaked coconut, to come up with a similar cake.  Sort of!

Here is a peek:

Tomorrow, I will be back to comment on the prompt at Poets United and play catch up!
This heat wave is killing my Tour de Pants...only logged 15mls on my bike. I was suppose to do 25, it is so hot!  Hope you are staying cool...  Want some cake?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interview and Tagged

 Sherry from STARDREAMING with Sherry Blue Sky asked me if she could interview me for Poets United. I hesitated, I have had an unique journey so far, odd would best describe it.   She kept sending me encouraging emails, how fun it will be.  She is a rig and does a wonderful job with the interviews. Some how she gets stuff out of you that no one else would. How does she do this?  It is because she is brilliant at it!   Today I am featured in the Life of a Poet segment. Thank you Sherry I am still in awe of  your process and all I confessed to you! ;D

Carrie from Hope Whispers tagged me~   Her questions are fun and insightful. Here are the rules:

The Rules Are:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 11 fun facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 11 more to ask the ones you tag.
4. Tag however many bloggers you wish.
5. Let them know they are tagged.
6. Have fun!!

 I am bent funny, because I am lighting candles.  My daughter's party was a big hit, especially the cake pops.   She wanted her regular cake with her family and cake pops for her party. This is why I am lighting peeps.  There were a few extras the girls had to blow them up in the microwave. The girls were great. They all are welcome in my home, anytime!

 11 fun facts about me:

1.  I love to be mischievous in grocery stores...I sometimes will hide poems and take photos.  I love to surprise people.

2. I craft like I LOVE LUCY...many of you already know this, lol

3.  I snuck a pizza, not a slice, but a whole pizza into a movie theater once. It was funny, you could hear everyone whisper I smell 

4. I don't act my age. My inner child is probably younger than my kids, who are 23 and 16 ;D

5. I hide craft supplies in my tea pots and tin collection...ssssh, don't tell...

6. I create unique ice cream flavors...I so wanted to work for Ben n' Jerry. I like vanilla bean ice cream with hot peppers. Eat some ice cream chase it with a pepper.

7.  Funny my neighbors are named  Ben n' Jerry.  My brother, Chip's neighbor use to be  Dale..  Chip n' Dale...tee,hee   His real name is Clifford; his childhood nickname is Chip.  Now he lives near Monty...I wonder if he "let's him make a deal".

8. I get carded every time I buy wine.

9.   I have an endless supply of free Botox;  it is called soy allergy.  Every time I ingest too much.  I get facial swelling and hives..I guess it makes me look younger...this is why probably I get carded  #8, lol

10.  I made a fitness plan called, " Tour de Pants"  yes, Lance Armstrong inspired me.  It involves my indoor and outdoor bike and a lot of spinning.  I am going to start another soon.
11.  I scare easily... After the Season finale of  The Walking Dead...I was scared to go outside.
Wasn't it good...   :D    Can't wait for season three~

And now for my 11 questions:
Carrie selected these 

1.  What is your funniest embarrassing moment?
2. What inspires you most to write a story or poem.
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go?
4.  Is there a series on T.V. that you always record so you will not miss it?
5. How would you finish this sentence? "the love of my life is______".
6. What do you imagine heaven to be like?
7.  What is your first memory as a very small child?
8. How old were you when you wrote your first poem?
9.  If you could go on a vacation today, who would you take with you and why?
10. Is there a food that you just cannot eat?
11.  Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

1. This would be sneaking pizza into the theater. I caused quite a stir. My friend and I worked at the theater and we had missed dinner.
2. Memories inspire me to write stories and poems.  I have lots and lots!  
3. I would love to go to Paris, Italy and Greece. I have always wanted to go to Australia.  I want to cuddle a Koala. I know they have sharp claws. I will have to buy some padded sleeves.
4. The Walking Dead is my latest addiction. Season finale was Sunday, it was something. Now, Touch will be the show I will watch.
5. The love of my life is....ooh, good question!   I guess I would say creating, no words... Creating with words ;D   Husband is the obvious answer...yes he is my LOML.
6. Heaven is seeing my lost loved ones once again! Then we could remake all of those crazy home movies~
7. My first memory ever is dancing in the crib.
8. I would say 9 yrs old is when I wrote my first poem.
9. Today, now.. I'll take my family. I would love to share the wonders of Australia with them.
10. I can't eat soy. I have an allergic reaction. I get anxiety, hives and facial swelling. I call it free    Botox.
11.Besides seeing my children born,  I survived DKA, bs 1380.  I have two birthdays, one in May the other in June.

Now here are a few friends I would like to share the fun with
(I understand if there is anyone not wanting to jump on the worries....just want you to know you are considered for the fun.)
Wanda     The Watered Soul
Leigh      That's Write

My questions are:

1. What is your favorite movie genre?  
2. If you could have your life made into a movie, which actor would play you?  Why?
3. Do you believe in magic? 
4. What is your favorite movie treat?
5. Where do you create?  Elaborate a bit.
6. What is your favorite noise?
7. Share something that you would love to do, but haven't yet.
8. Do you have a favorite song?
9. Who is your favorite author or authors?
10. Do you believe in ghosts?
11. Do you wish on falling stars?

If you care to comment...why not pick a question and tell me the answer! I would love to hear some of your answers :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo Challenge

Kerry of Toads gives us a chance to prepare, for our Sunday photo challenge. She posted on Saturday at noon CST,  to allow extra time for the creative process to unfold.  This week's featured artist is Shanyn Silinski.  Her photos are stunning...I knew when I saw the sunflower, where I had to go...
You can also visit and see Shanyn's talent on her two blogs:   Sunflower Shan and Mystic Mom

 © Shanyn Silinski

Sun's touching light 
weathered sparks 
against an electric blue sky
igniting golden radiance
surrounding the Italian earth
dance of divine proportion
 black oiled cresta
in a sea of stars
Fibonacci's vision extends
 half tones revealed
as invisible strings 
stretch and bond
 grateful legs remain

Thank you Shanyn!  I watched a pilot show this week called "Touch".  It will premiere 3/18 at 6:30pm
EST.  I highly recommend it; it gave me chills up and down my spine.  I guess  you could say I was
"touched".  It was in an awe inspiring way~  If you get a chance check it out 1+1=3

I have been tagged by Carrie of Hope Whispers.  I will try to post this on Monday.  Friday was thundershowers and power outages...augh!  I now have to take my daughter to a school function, but I will be back to catch up. I need to visit and comment, weather permitting! I miss all of you~

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ruffled Feathers

I went to court today, for the  third time since November.  I was a witness for a reckless driving case. I am the only witness. Every time I go, nothing happens...  It feels like a side show circus. I even saw one gal, with fingernails like in the show Dexter. Yes, I feel like I need to soothe my ruffled feathers, a wasted day.  I being the Thursday gal at Poets United, posted a prompt #88 Feather.  YOU should visit, lots of inspiration between photos and poetry!  Stop by and check it out~

Here is my take on my prompt ;D

patterns of human. by ~stickbugs

 The wrinkles reminded me of you see what I mean?

Frozen moments float
gravity falls in lunar dust
time's wrinkle folding
graceful sheer wings stroke
Galileo's beguiling dance


 Dark trailing edges
silent wings stroke beguile
swooping talons dig
quicksilver moon winks and nods
intuitive vane says go North

The Feather by ~SnowDwarf

Immortal ashes
between fingers of sheer light
skeletal strings fall
dance of gold and crimson glows
horizon wrinkles time's plan

"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time." ~ Jean Paul



Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Tanka used to be known as "waka," which merely means "Japanese poem. Grace at Toads asked us to write not one, but three Tankas.  The emotion of a  tanka  should share "something else" this in  Japanese is called yugen.  Yugen is a feeling both broad and deep. Grace goes into more detail here

Tanka, for our purposes today, are written in five lines, with a syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7, and a clear division or turning point between the upper phrase and lower phrase. Try to reach for yugen.

 * played a bit today with some art to go with my Tankas

Spring's fresh scent whispers
shoe box of fragile letters found
touched by mice and mold
sepia memories intact
lingering perfume remains

*Playing in my journal I purchased from Vicki Sheehan 

In my silent journal
plays a sentimental song
on public display
sweet muse shares her lost thoughts
voice echoes other heart strings

 Digging in the rich soil
tiny seed shares a secret
dark webs may choke it
extending fresh, spring green heart
glory paints morning with bright hope

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marian's Music Prompt n' Mini Photo Challenge

Marian provided a prompt on Toads ,for us to write a poem inspired by award-winning singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading.  She has a beautiful, peaceful way about her. I play the guitar, but haven't lately. I need to get new strings. Writing this poem stirred up many memories.  I so wish I could run out the door now and get them. My fingers crave tickling steel strings.  The echoes of my heart linger in the soulful embrace of my Madera. 

I remember asking him to teach me how to play. He said he couldn't; he played by ear. The next day at school, guitar lessons were offered. I was the first one to sign up. I also was the first one to learn and play a song, in  class. I also play by ear. My Dad nicknamed me Spider; he said it was because my fingers danced over the strings.

Here is my poem:

over the horizon the keys
appear in a foggy haze
bridging my fate, bridging my fate

threaded stands of copper light
brush against the spider's dance
bridging my fate, bridging my fate

 silk strands cast an enchanting trance
imprinting echoes in my heart
bridging my fate, bridging my fate

acrobatic like I climb
strumming light
bridging my fate, bridging my fate

Soul's aperture plays
a haunting tune in a hollow embrace
bridging my fate, bridging my fate

Toads also had a Mini challenge(moi). I signed up for the App, Instagram. I am so addicted~ It is  Twitter for photo lovers! Here are a few of my recent pics.   I had to improve on the Rainbow Rose. I saw it Friday, when I was picking up pizza for the "Sweet Sixteen" birthday party.  I went back today and took this photo. My first one wasn't so good. 

 I think I will write about my BEElieve it photo!  I was stunned when I went outside and saw Miss Bee dancing among the flowers, in my tree, huh?!  I just saw my first robin this morning...

 Fairy in a striped suit
dances among starburst wisdom
sweet perfume captivates
it's mood tickles one's senses
surprises sprout in a blanket
it germinates eternal hope
a magic carpet of memories
against a  sea of endless blue
where daisies bow and robins and crickets chirp
watch as the world unfolds
cascading rain spring cleans
lifting a fog of gloom and doom
 spreading a wave of reflective light
cheer's arrival is greeted by an upside down smile
are arc of good fortune glows~

Rainbow by ~Myxophobic