Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the Garden

Somehow both my prompts are linked to coffee n' tea. What does that say about me?  ...

First let's go to the garden, where I used the Coco Chanel quote:

 "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. "Coco Chanel

This building makes me swoon, every time I see it.  Sorry, too much traffic downtown yesterday to get a great photo.  Here you can see the whole building.  And here are a few of my photos:

I love the color and all the detail. I had to do some research first before writing my poem. I do this frequently, which means it take me longer to write poems, but hey I enjoy learning something new.

The Mesker Brothers Iron Works of St. Louis, Missouri, and George L. Mesker Company of Evansville, Indiana  specialized in ornamental sheet-metal facades and cast iron storefront components.   They had catalogs and shipped by railroad,  to any interested building owner. Their  product lines included embossed sheet-metal panels and cast iron, but also entire storefront to be assembled,  tin ceilings, fences, skylights, and freight elevators.
“Meskers”, as they are called, are found across America. Their companies were based in the Midwest. This type of structure is plentiful in Illinois' history.  Galvanized steel and cast iron can survive neglect and lack of maintenance.  There is a site called Got Mesker.
I love that!  You can see other building and their locations!  You might want to check out and see if any Mesker sites are in your city!   When time permits,  I will go check and see if this building is listed. They try to track where this type of architecture is found.    

I found out a lot of the features of Mesker are flower related.  Their style is considered Italianate Revival, with influences of Palladian. The Fleur-de-lis is native to the French Saint Louis.  There are also motifs with influences of  Roses, (Rosettes) and Morning Glories.  Some structures have Dolphins.   I could go on and on...but I won't.   This building use to be a drugstore and above it a hotel.      Here is a DRESS I thought would equal the pairings of this style.  I wanted to find fashion that corresponded.   Didn't dare link it with copyright issues and go PEEK HERE!  There is a tag sew in this dress that says Louise.   Gown was made in 1725-1755.  Building was designed in the late 1800's.   Fashion perhaps did influence this style?!

Ironed pleats of silk 
placate the mood
Louise Mesker graces the dance floor 
in a lovely cascaded sky
dusk blue rosettes kiss
the Morning Glories awake
sashes of cornice crown the vision
of parapet
lutestrings transform
the day to night as
she twirls in an
open aired vision
it glazes her figure
clouds of lace
appear in bodice
layers of skirt's Bo peep style
and sleeves
Her influence will affect the future's front
her dress
will make men swoon and
show her hand in structured style
art sculpts architecture
we wonder what influenced
who, when
n' why? 
Do we thank Saint Louis or Louise~

My other poem will be posted later on my other site  Ella's Font

Photo Tour

Today it finally happened, two prompts on two different poetry sites. I was scrambling this week, to put these together.  One is about a quote that I found and loved.  I thought I would share a few photos with you. I'll be back to share the poems~

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
"Coco Chanel

I wandered downtown to take some photos, while my daughter was at Colorguard practice.  A four hour practice-yeah, they are dedicated!  I walked, into the corners of the city.  Downtown oozes history and charm. It takes you away to another time and place.
Everything is fashion! It was so fun to point and shoot, at whatever attracted my attention. This mansion is downtown, a few buildings from the library. It is across from my favorite watering hole, coffee shop Muddy Waters.   It is just so stunning and you can see the glorious Southern charm and imagine life,  long ago.  The house dates  ca. 1913.  It has a Neo-Classic style. A lot of buildings have Greek influence.  Now, I want a Mint Julip, a sweeping gown and a fan~  It was built by William B. Blades, a wedding gift for his daughter Ivey.  Lucky girl!

*More info HERE, it is part of a 3 story building~
This was a store, I use to frequent. She sold the most amazing candles. The Scent of the Sea was my favorite! 

 I do love this old cabinet. The shop owner was told it stayed with the building.  She used the draws to hold her candles and other unique treasures.

This building is called The Center. The building was established, in 1897.  It was an Opera house, in its day. It is now used by a theater company called The Center Players.  Supposedly it is haunted, it is listed on  The Ghost Walk.   I have yet to make it to this event.  It is in October, maybe this year I will go.

 No clue, I just liked it, lol   

 I wonder what life was like when the Wright Brothers stopped by! :D

 This is an old hotel supposedly haunted.  It is sad to see the the windows boarded up. It is close to my favorite watering hole, Muddy Waters.  It is just across the street. Come on...

Muddy is having a make over!  It has a European feel inside, big cozy blue couch and chairs. I will take more photos, next time.   I'm having a Sugar Free Liquid Brownie. I wish you could join me...
They go above n' beyond in the flavor department. Red Velvet Coffee is a local fav.  The menu is written out in chalk and there is always new coffee creations, for each season.  I love Starbucks, but  this place caters to being creative.  And the view is filled with historic charm and you never know you might just see Nell Cropsey.  She didn't live far from here. Maybe I'll take you on the Ghost Walk with me.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The horror...

My Muse has been abused. She is worn out from all the shopping. The bookstore was her favorite stop yesterday!   Yes, I took some girls shopping!

   Here are a few snaps I took using Instagram on my iPhone.

This photo pretty much sums up how I felt, being in the Halloween section! So many wonderful finds and this music was playing. It so set the mOOd!

      Remember to look up, when you shop!  You never know whoooo is watching! 

BUT, this scared me the MOST!   Someone took one of my favorite items and made them over....

Yes, if you thought of Velma in Scooby Doo
that was my intention!
I like fashion, but this made me laugh!
Let's get a nature girl's attention with THESE?!

Now, this scares me~  I use to wear glorious high heels, but...   My daughter says, "they are edgy Mom."    I can do edgy, but I couldn't stop laughing~  Yes, I tried them on and laughed some more.  I know someone out there can rock these!  Looking at these makes me want to go barefoot and prance in morning dew grass~    

What horrors have you seen shopping lately?!  ;D 

Friday, September 21, 2012

On The Fence

 * Photo is from here.

Do you know who lives here?  What do you think of this fence?  Spooky-huh!  Years ago, okay a long, long time ago, when I was in college I was dared to go here.  The setting was as you would suspect spooky, just like the author's books.  Honestly, I still get freaked out thinking about it.  A car full of friends and a dare on a night with fog thick as pea soup.   Not just any night, it was the spookiest night of the year, Halloween.   What better night for college kids to be daring each other-it was harmless. We weren't doing anything illegal.  I can see my self  approach his house.  This is the front, you can't see the massive hedges and how long the fence goes around.  It looked like a scene out of the Omen movie. I mean the first one. I won't go into the graphic details, but if a dog had barked I would have leaped over the fence, onto the hedges.  When I approached, there were bushes cut to represent animals, like Disney, but not friendly animals.  I mean, now when I think about it Tim Burton and this guy should be besties.   It is ironic that today over in the garden ,the prompt is fences.  And I end up talking about this man.  Strange because he n' my Mom share the same birthday, strange because my Mom's name is Shirley Jackson(yeah, the author). Strange because today is their birthday!   My Mom isn't the author, but she shares the same name.  A few years ago...I bought her a Shirley Jackson book. :D    This is all rather weird...

Another clue did I tell you before I flew to Alaska, I was reading this author's book and it mentions Pensacola, FL in the book.  This is where I was living at the time.  Then I arrive in Adak, Alaska and I'm given the grand tour.  I see it...I can't believe my eyes-a burial site for pets.  I was reading that book, before I left Florida.  His books seem to give me clues to the next place I am going-freaky!!!! 

On the fence
do I dare
go there
no I naught
I'm so distraught
college frat girl I'm so

Okay, not really!  I went to a business college, commuted and still worked at the theater
I can do better ;D

The fog sets the scene like a movie
do I dare
I proceed with caution it is midnight and I am where?
This can't be really
the house is gorgeous
Mr. King is this a dream
your books always make me scream
I sleep at night with the windows tight
and don't dare journey there
to your home
all alone
I feel eyes watching me
although it is so dark
I feel like I'm in a movie
any minute tick tock and
I will turn and run
this isn't fun
wrought iron spiders with webs
gothic beauties that dance in
 light's glare
it is my friends driving to get me
they saw a light come on in the house
I didn't dare 
go there
knock on his door
but I so loved his home
the setting so fit the man
the mood
he lives up to the horror n' dream
he really does enjoy
making all of us scream!

I think I have an issue, it started this week with Dr. Seuss I have rhyme-itis!  I need a cure-I know

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In the Garden

Over in the garden, Kenia offered a prompt on Poetry in Afghanistan.

image credit: Drew Harron via Compfight

Kenia shared with us:  The folklorist Margaret Mills called Afghanistan, “The most literary illiterate society.”, with generations of women learning poetry through the rich oral tradition and passing it down to their children.

Women write and recite landai, two-line folk poems that can often be humorous, sexy, raging, tragic and  also deal with love, grief,  war, exile and Afghan independence. The success of the poetry form is attributed to it being easy to memorize, which is really important in a culture where women are poorly schooled and forbidden to write or read.
The word landai means “short, poisonous snake” in Pashto. The poems are collective — no single person writes a landai; a woman repeats one, shares one. It is hers and not hers. Although men do recite them, almost all are cast in the voices of women.
Kenia's Challenge:

I invite you to find your voices and write a bunch of landai. Use a word or part of a sentence in someone else's poem for inspiration if necessary. Let landai pieces communicate among one another and resonate a message of non-compliance with the status quo.
Here is what I wrote: 
Memory like a curtain parts
revealing slate blue sky, my chance to embrace the light~

I must contain myself with words
they lift me out of darkness
like a kite soaring high above the bluest hope~

Without words-
darkness would swallow me whole.

Eyes like shadows form
words like yellow light shine in my endless garden of thought
protecting my sanity~
In the dark
faceless pods claw n' clamor to steal my soul
I tuck my secret dreams in whispers, to the sisters of my heart~

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Green Gift Wrap

Now I want to show you how green I went, when I wrapped my Mom's birthday present~

* But, first the window needs to be filled in!

I think a photo would look nice, here as well!

*I love Tim Holtz's tape!  I think every gift should come with a WISH!

I grabbed some frozen food paper bags when I was shopping.  I usually cut them open and use them outside when I apply spray paint.  Chalkboard paint and Washi tape are my latest go to products.

Elmer's tape is available where they sell Elmer's glue, at least this is where I found it!

You can find paper flowers in your local craft store.  I bought these ages ago. It is cheaper to invest in a paper punch and make your own.   I made a bunch when my brother and his fiance were getting married. 
I took just a few paint chips from my favorite home improvement store.
I am kind of well known in my family for using produce bags.  I use them for tags, as ribbon. I have been known to give orange bags with samples of Hot Chocolate n'coffee and individual wrapped Biscotti.  My family laughs at me. It all started when I ran out of ribbon one year, during the holidays.  I didn't have time to go get ribbon, so I stretched a produce bag and cut it.  It looked great on the package!  

I didn't plan on these colors, then I looked at the art I had made it and it matched!  
If I didn't have Washi tape I probably would of glued on ribbon to make it look pretty.  
Have fun being green! ;D

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Last Rose of Summer

Summer is coming to an end!  The last day of summer is my Mom's birthday.  My Dad called her the last rose of summer.   Each year he gave her a special rose.  When he died, I tried to carry on this tradition, but I have moved a lot.  I had to find creative ways, to add this sentiment to her gifts.  I have made roses out of fabric, bought silk ones and painted them,  sent her a bare root rose from Jackson & Perkins

Mom and I have this challenge each year. It all started when I lived on Adak.  I was limited to where I could shop on this remote island.  Mail order from Alaska was very expensive. It was like adding $10-$20 to your gift.   I bought some Alaskan made items, but I needed something else. So, the challenge began to find an item from the thrift shop.  I discussed it with her and she was fine with it. We both have shopped from thrift n' consignment shops.  Sorry, I can't show you her gift.  She sometimes  reads my blog!  Hi MOM :D   The challenge morphed, as the years passed.  Now we have to wrap the gift with green recycled items.  My Mom was green before the term was coined.  She has Green thumbs, her favorite color use to be green and is always recycling something!   I thought I would share with you how I greened up her gift, lol.

Yes, it is true! When my hubby was stationed in Winter Harbor, Maine. We stayed with my Mom for a bit. Mom had a picture of George Washington on her fridge. It was art work from my nephew.  Angela was 3 yrs old at the time.  I remember her saying to my Mom,  her grammie "you do have a boyfriend, George Washington."

My Mom worked in a bank and thought that was pretty funny, but wonder where she had come up with that idea.  She asked my daughter, "What makes you think George is my boyfriend?"

Angela sighed..."because you have a photo of him on your refrigeraTOR."   We explained it to her, but it was still a joke.  Angela brought home art, to put on Grammie's fridge.  Yes, it was  President's Day and Angela made, Abraham  Lincoln out of a tongue depressor and a penny. The penny was his face!   "Now Grammie has a new boyfriend."  She had this deep belly laugh when she was little.  She chuckled and put her art work on the fridge.

* Yes, I did get green on my fingers. I used a marker to make another tag.  I'll share another time~

I wanted to say the Final Rose, lol ;D

 Just tape your rose on or you could use some Stikki Dots, to hold it in place.

Tim Holtz's  tissue tape can be found HERE and there are many other options!

I got a little goofy-or maybe a little Lucy, lol.  My Mom sometimes calls me Lucy, when I tell her about my day~

I wonder if Mom would like a dozen of this kind of rose?   I know I would.... ;D

Monday, September 17, 2012

Captain Alex's Blogfest

Captain I mean, Ninja Alex asked us to share our four favorites genres!
Favorite movie, music, book genre and then a guilty pleasure
from any of the three categories~

This is difficult-but Ninjas are tough so they wouldn't hesitate to bring all they have to the blog, I mean table, no blog, maybe chair, lol

My favorite movie genre:  Drama

I love real life drama,  romantic drama, drama at sea, drama in space, Indie drama...
I love how many facets of life are exposed and I love to cheer for the underdog~  

No not that Underdog....
(I do love an Underdog ;D)

Favorite music:  oooh, tough
I am going to say Pop Rock.  No, not the candy, Pop you remember those? 
I found some recently and gave them to my kids!  

 Adele blurs the lines, I do not think of her music as pop.  So this pick works for me, I can blur the lines a bit. I mean she did win for Pop Rock, but I still think of her music as a blues, jazz, n' easy listening type.   I love sooo many types of music, country is my least favorite.  I grew up hearing a lot of Johnny Cash, also jazz.   My memories are tied up in a lot of music genres, so it was tough to pick a favorite~ 

My favorite book genre:   Lately is historical fiction.

"Summer, 1890. Van Gogh arrives at Auvers-sur-Oise, a bucolic French village that lures city artists to the country. It is here that twenty-year-old Maurguerite Gachet has grown up, attending to her father and brother ever since her mother's death. And it is here that Vincent Van Gogh will spend his last summer, under the care of Doctor Gachet - homeopathic doctor, dilettante painter, and collector. In these last days of his life, Van Gogh will create over 70 paintings, two of them portraits of Marguerite Gachet. But little does he know that, while capturing Marguerite and her garden on canvas, he will also capture her heart."  Learn more here~
I know sounds more like Romantic fiction...

It is like time travel,  I can go back and see life in an different era.  You can visit another world, time and place. ;D

Yes, you probably have guessed my guilty pleasure, lol.

Yes, Science Fiction is my guilty pleasure~

I haven't read this one yet!  It is controversial and the hard copy is going for $99?!  I'm happy it is available for Kindle~

Winner of the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novel
"Startling, unusual, and yet irresistibly readable, Among Others is at once the compelling story of a young woman struggling to escape a troubled childhood, a brilliant diary of first encounters with the great novels of modern fantasy and SF, and a spellbinding tale of escape from ancient enchantment.
Raised by a half-mad mother who dabbled in magic, Morwenna Phelps found refuge in two worlds. "   YOU can read more about it here!

I also love SciFi movies!  I remember waiting in a mile long line, to get into Star Trek. I lived and breathed Star Wars. My parents managed a local Drive In theater when Star Wars  premiered~  Dad hired a man to dress up like Darth Vadar...guess who he wanted to be Princess Leia.  Sorry, Dad talk to my boss!   We had 5 showings that day at the Colonial Theater~  If you can get me out of that gig, I'll be Leia. My Dad grew up with my boss.   It didn't happen-Dad pranked called me at the theater instead.  He was always calling me up pretending to be either an old woman asking inappropriate questions or an annoying child!   I was the Ticket Girl~  

You can still join in, visit Alex's site to add your name!  Be sure to visit others participating in the blogfest.  

Thanks Alex this was fun~