Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall's Finale

Maybe it is just me, but once we turn the calendar to December I'm in winter mode. I know, I know when winter officially arrives.  It is just the mood, the rush of gearing up for the next holiday and sweeping the old year out and a New Year in. 

I went out and walked this morning, after it warmed up to 33 degrees, lol.   I want to show you some of  Fall's Finale.   I'm always in awe of the beauty that I find in my back yard.
One just has to remember to look...  

I witnessed rose buds on my Pinata Rose.  Our temperatures lately are more down, than up.   So, is my mood.  I don't like the dance of darkness arriving so early.  I think it takes me about a month to adjust the time change.   I function,  but I struggle.  Everyone I talk to is struggling, too.   What do you do to snap yourself out of the funky between mood?

I think nature comforts me the most. When I go a few days without visiting it, I get blue.
I guess I need the peace of being outdoors.  For me making time to witness the magic Mother Nature provides is like meditation. 

Mary over in the Garden prompted us to write a poem about connections.  

Quiet cold etchings in 
iridescent light
   paint new designs 
 green therapy

     Unique lighting mingles
       old thoughts with anew
   sage wisdom can be 
if one looks 

             I  see hanging motes tilting on
      clotheslines, vines and
wind chimes
     temperature and light
  my muse

              Enter the new window designs, 
intricate n' fractured
testing spirit's

                 Tempted by blue green dark shadows
I walk to quiet the 
howling wind
for the
yellow curtain 
to descend~
                                                                                   © Ellen Wilson



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Blue Hour

Are you familiar with the blue hour?  

The blue hour comes from a French expression (l'heure bleue), which refers to twilight.  The period each morning and evening where there is neither full daylight, nor complete darkness. The time is considered special because of the quality of the light at this time of day.  *wikipedia

In reality,  the blue hour is only a window of 20-30 minutes.  I think of it as a bridge
of blue that appears, before the golden hour-(The first and last hour of sunlight).

Check here to see some amazing blue hour photos!   You can see my photo is the blur of the blue hour ending and the golden hour beginning.  I remember the first time I saw the blue hour,  it intrigued me.  I was on Adak, an island in the Aleutian chain.  I was a hostess at one of the clubs.  I can remember setting tables and seeing this amazing blue light reflecting on the snow.  I was fascinated.   I brought my camera to work to see if I could capture it.  It didn't happen-I picked a night I knew we would be slow.  The reservations for the window seats were for later in the evening.  I probably didn't see the blue hour again, till I convinced friends, to go hike a mountain and see the sun rise.  Yes, it was worth it ;D  except I didn't have an amazing camera then!

There is even a website with a calculator so you can see the blue hour. 

The prompt at  Poets United is Bridge, so here is my poem inspired by the blue hour.
I think of Vincent Van Gogh's art.  I  think he tried to capture the blue hour in his paintings.  What do you think?

a blue bridge appears
before sunrise and after sunset
deep majestic blue
highlights an orange
a window
another world
a gate way
toward the golden hour
a star burst
captures tones of
purple swirls
 time is of the essence
as twilight surrenders
Mother Nature
opens her
 royal purple gown
and parts the clouds
as the Sun's head
breech position
a protrusion of 
translucent fingers
a sea of
Lunar, as midwife
day's birth
n' surrenders her
birds, beast and insects
chirp, whistle n' cheer
as they

© Ellen Wilson

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