Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Its Cold Outside

Kim at Poets United asked us to write a poem about Ice.  First thought that came to mind-was Alaska.  I have never seen icicles, so long!  Almost as long, as I am tall.  (I'm not tall-I'm 5'1)   Then I thought of the glaciers, I decided this would be perfect for an Ice poem.

Locked mysteries
in crystals of ornate sky blue
n' bubbles of fragile white
capture the dreams of past wonders
cascaded light
outlines their
crystal cool bridges
illuminated by sun's dance
like stars hung low
 wishing and yearning
to tell their tales
in whispers
of time lost
glistening stars like sugar
captured n' tossed
in a sea of deep memories
layers of voices trapped in 
massive blue. 

© Ellen Wilson

Glacial ice often appears blue when it has become very dense. Years of compression gradually make the ice denser over time, forcing out the tiny air pockets between crystals. When glacier ice becomes extremely dense, the ice absorbs all other colors in the spectrum and reflects primarily blue, which is what we see. When glacier ice is white, that usually means that there are many tiny air bubbles still in the ice.

I have been to Alaska. How cold was it? CCCCccccold!    I have lived on an island, in the Aleutian chain and I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for three years.  Yes, driving the Al-Can is for crazy people.  My hubby n' I did it in winter,  so you can count me into that club. When we stopped for the night, on our hotel there was ice,  I swear five inches thick.  We had two gas tanks and one gas line froze.  I suggested the blow dryer and it worked.  I won't let hubby forget it, lol.  I have MacGyver skills, with glue guns and blow dryers.  Alaska is the craziest place, I have ever lived.  They have parades to celebrate Ice Worms, they have fireworks in February-it isn't dark enough in July. Remember, it is the land of the Midnight sun.  I have photos of being outside at 10pm wearing sunglasses.  Yeah, you have to be a special breed to live there!   And yes, I will call you both,  brave and crazy!  Yet, there is a magic in surviving the winter and soaking up the sunlight. Yes, it is true they only have two seasons,  winter n' spring.  Okay maybe quirky fits better.  I didn't see this,  but they race outhouses at FurRondy...   They say it is the final frontier-mmh, maybe that is why so many Trekkies live there!  ;D   

Monday, January 28, 2013

Published Art

Over the holidays, I discovered my art was published in Somerset Studio Gallery.  I was thrilled to find not one, but two pieces.  The artist Colette Copeland is on the cover :D
Congrats Colette @>--------------

I love birds and the thoughts of nesting.  I have moved a lot.  Every home,  I have lived in has had something,  I loved.  I always dreamed of a home, by the sea with a white picket fence, like my childhood home.   I remember the day the fence was made and it was time to paint it white.  In Tom Sawyer fashion, my Dad convinced me to help.  I

  I  have memories of our neighbors blurring the property lines. You have to put a fence on so much of your own land, so you can tend n' paint the other side.  Raspberries grew on the other side and our neighbors argued they were theirs.  The land, the home had not been tended to, for years.  Sweet fruit became a prickly subject.  I do remember we had bushes at the very end of our property.  My Dad dug up some of the bushes and planted them sidewards on our property.  We had been  picking the sweet fruit and sharing the berries with neighbors, the ones on the other side of the fence.  We had to prove that we owned the property, on both sides of the fence.   It reminded me, we can't pick our neighbors, or family, but we can pick our friends.  This inspired my Fenced in Ladies, named Gate Guardians.   I am privileged, to share the page with artist, Becky Shander.

I love birds-as a child, we often took stale crackers to the town wharf.  We fed the birds. Yes, primarily seagulls. When my son was little, it was ducks in Alaska, small birds in Florida.  No, we didn't feed the birds in Hawaii, but they woke me every day. I had a Mango tree in my yard and another tree in the front, with these odd berries.   Every morning by 6 am, you would wake.  The  birds were jumping up and down on the roof trying to get the fruit.  They were loudly squawking over berries...sounds familiar.  My Mom had a cockatiel.  She named him Aussie.  I taught him to wolf whistle,  knock and say "Come in", he said pretty bird and he actually barked like a dog.  I can't take credit for the barking.  My mother's dog taught him that, lol.  I tried to teach him to say "here Kitty, kitty" we didn't have a cat.  I just thought it would be funny.  He use to perch on my finger and I would give him a special tiny cup to drink out of. He would sit with me and tilt on the edge and give himself a bird bath. 

I dyed two dryer sheets in tea and then printed out an image of a bird. I stitched light blue felt behind them, so you could see the image.  I glued on vintage Forget-me-not flowers and blue feathers.  I made it to put in my closet. A place for dried lavender, to keep the moths away.   You could also use it to gather thoughts n' quotes. 

I was also in Somerset Life's winter issue.  My cards were enclosed in wax paper and I was selected for a Creative Living Idea.  It was fun to be featured! :D  I can't find the issue, at the moment.   I am cleaning now and I bet I tucked it in a special spot.  Why when we tuck things away that are special-we lose them?!

 My idea was the wax paper sleeve, for the card. How many times have you lost the envelope or penned a mistake?  I know, I have!!!   I stitched a sleeve out of wax paper adding a bit of torn paper, some lace and a definition, from an old dictionary.  You can't see the card, so I thought I would show it here. 


Thank you Stampington, for selecting me!    Special thanks, to Jennifer Jackson Taylor and Christen Olivarez, for all they do!!  :D

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dress Up for the Queen

Source: via Sandra on Pinterest

No, I am not making this, but I do love it!  Here are some of the ideas I have found that might just work :D

Here is the store, Buffalo Blue Designs that sells this unique item! 
My daughter wants gold, so I will be looking to purchase some gold lace to starch and sew on a head band.   Wish me luck :D

Another thought would be this:

 This is from a shop called Crowning Glory 00

 I am going to go search and see if I can make an necktie collar.  I'm not sure about the style, yet...this can be found at Bartinki

Perhaps more red?

Two neckties involved in this collar!  If you are curious look here:

If I could just go for it...well, I might shop here:

My version will be more thrifty...
I do like this idea:

She would want to wear these, but too long with glasses on, which she needs for 
the performance.  You can find these here!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Create a New world

Turf Bay ~ Jacek Yerka (2006)
Creative Commons

Kerry over in the Imaginary Garden asked us to pen a poem about a fantasy type world. She shared this!   Jacek Yerka!  I'm intrigued.....aren't you?!

Kerry fills us in on the term Worldbuilding.   It was a term coined in the 1970s,  during workshops of  Sci-Fi writers.  It refers to the process of creating a fictitious world, in which the writer's imagination may roam free.  You can read more  here:   Wikipedia.

Kerry shared this link of the Top 10 Fantasy worlds in Literature. 

 Intriguing- I am working on an outfit, for my daughter.  She is going to do a colorguard performance based, on Alice in Wonderland.  My daughter is going to be the Queen of Hearts.  I feel quite challenged.  My daughter is the type, who every Halloween has decided she didn't like her costume.  She gets this gene, from her father.   I like to dress up and love Halloween.  Every year since the tender age of three-Halloween has become a battlefield.  I have asked her, "do you like this or that?"- I feel like I'm cursed.  I want to create an updated, steampunk and funky.  She wants  more regal and we are butting more than heads.  Augh...  The thing is this isn't a play, it is a moving performance, where the crown must remain intact, while dancing and twirling a flag.  Then at the end, she will remove the crown.  She wants gold and I want a crown made out of cards.  She wants glam.  The gown can't be long and she will be barefoot.  We will have to meet in the middle, muddle, the puddle of shiny fabrics, the world of bling-rhinestones, and make it work! We have only agreed on two items so far.   A basic black dress to add the items to and the tights...yikes!   I told her yesterday-I am letting you pick, but your Colorguard teacher wants something new, different. You have to be willing to be playful and not think of the traditional costume.  I think I am going to make her a Lady Ga Ga type crown-so not traditional, lol.

                                                                                    Source: via Kat on Pinterest

Emerald eyes I see spike 
and grow on my watch
who gave you this bitter pill-weed
time to transplant your
bleeding heART roots
and repaint the garden
roses 1/2 baked
tarts half grown
you turned my world upside down
tick, tock clock...
time for a spot of seredipitea
no creativitea
come with me
where we will draw new lines
  of normal 
plant ingenuitea
in rainbow hues
our map with wonder
 will collide
with your volcano views
listen to the echo of your heart
in the green sea
right there you hold it,  I mean
tea in your cup...
put it to your ear
hear the old thoughts
Let's plant new memories
in the sepia glitter
the storm is coming
the air is sticky n' sweet
gummie worms in the new
patty cake 
let's mark it with a 
C and
craft a new world
just you n' me...
Quick get your shovel
we must dig up the plant of despair and doubt
now plant those
Ruby Red slippers
and see what grows...

© Ellen Wilson

Friday, January 18, 2013

Silly Starbucks...

 I was at Starbucks, just the other  morning and I was stunned!   Yes, I was stunned, shocked and in a state of giggles.   A man came in and loudly ordered "She'll have a cup of nothing and I'll pay a lot, for it."  Then later I heard a man laughing, "I'll have a Tall Blonde. They did that on purpose, didn't they."   I wonder what I will hear next time I go...?!

I saw this bread in their display case, the Chocolate Cinnamon Bread.  I had to laugh...bread, right!  More like rich, decadent chocolate cake baked in a bread pan.  You know like those grocery store muffins-so much sugar n' oil.  It is cake people, CAKE!     Who do they think they are fooling?!   I kinda wanted a piece of this Chocolate Cinnamon Bread.  Daughter was off from school-it is exam week.  She talked me out of it.   I knew with all the running around- I would get low blood sugar.  I wish I had bought it and tucked it in my purse.  The idea of it, just kept nagging at me.  So, when I got home-I found the recipe online and baked it.  ( I know naughty)!

Bad, bad two loaves of so called bread taunting me.  See, I don't diet in January.  Yeah, I know the calendar turns and it is time to shape up, lose those so called holiday pounds. I do need to lose a few, but January is the month of flu, and I have auto-immune issues.  I do not diet in January.  February is when I start to get busy, when the gym isn't as crowded, people are now focused on Valentine's Day.  Right now I am  focusing on eating well and building muscle. 

I think it is better to go treat yourself to an indulgence. You know once a week, go have that brownie, that extra sweet muffin or perhaps that slice of Chocolate Cinnamon Bread.  Go get your treat, enjoy it and don't bring it home! Baking at home can be dangerous!  Danger, Will Robinson- Sorry if you don't remember Lost in Space-oh, the pain! lol 

Yes, I made the bread, I mean the cake-no the bread!   Yes, I am a neanderthal ninny!

Yes, the proof is in the pudding, no I mean the cake...Warning danger! 

Spices mixed for the topping!  

It does look good, doesn't it!

The recipe makes two loaves-yes, it is heavenly ;D or perhaps I should say out of this world!~   

Yes, I biked it off !    Lance is wrong it is about the bike! Shame on you Lance-the shame!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Where do you find wonder?   For my last prompt, over at Poets United, I asked the poets to think about the Seven Wonders of the World, but share their own eighth wonder.  Is it a favorite place you escape to, a memory, seeing people being kind, what is the magic that you see?  

 I started reading the book, The Silver Linings Playbook.  I haven't seen the movie, yet. Have you?   Recently,  I was  making art for a challenge.   It was emotional for me, I had to write a cover letter about what I had created.  I tried to share that even though I have been in pain, I was still able to see the silver lining, in my life.  The threads of goodness, in my journey.   I think the best gift we can give is to be kind and encouraging.  YOU all do this for me and I hope I give this gift to you!
My eighth wonder is Hope.... 

I remember the day I was told I had a disease and would probably be on meds for the rest of my life.  I felt tortured and profoundly sad.   My mom knew I needed time alone and took my son to the sea.  I grew up, within walking distance to the rocky shore.  It is one of my favorite places.  When they returned,  I had found a bit of peace.  I knew I would find a way to cope, I was filled with hope.   

My son grabbed my hand, "Mom, mom come see what we found for you!"  He was so excited, his big grin and that one dimple warmed my heart.  There on the kitchen table on a linen cloth was a heart, but not an ordinary heart.  A heart gathered to remind me of my favorite spot, the home in my heart.  I cried when I saw it... I knew my mom and son  wanted to remind me no matter what,  I was loved and there was always hope.   "Don't be sad Mom, it is a heart for you to always remember the sea and not to be sad, anymore."  

 My beautiful boy...I smiled and told him I am happy, "these are happy tears."

Recently I was asked to contribute to a sewing challenge.   Many ideas came to mind, but this was my first thought. I should share the allure n' magic of the sea.   I took denim and cut out and stitched a heart. I used metallic paint, white and silver and then added some purple fabric paint.  When the paint dried,  I knew I needed to add something that would reflect the sheen and shine of treasures found on the shore.  We all have our own shore of life and our own treasures.  I used some crafter's glue and mica to add a bit of magic.  


Black tide blocks out sapphire's facets
it casts a net of gray
darkness pours through me
shadows blocking the light
Would I see the silver days of spring and the golden
whispers of autumn in my life?
Would I see my children grow up
Would they know me?
Remember me...

I cast out another net
daily sand covered treasures
 with glints of mica soon surfaced
 I saw reflections in my treasured blue, 
the milky haze
the skeletal view left me
bones of despair no longer whispered
a new tide washed over me
with curious waves and cleansing salty air
I saw the silver in the day
as the sand shifted and the tide
continued to ebb n' flow
details emerged
and layers of serenity
found me

as I weathered the storm..
pocketed memories appeared 
to collect n' treasure
as far as the eyes could see
be open to feel the sun's embrace
through the black n' blue of my dis-ease
through clouded thoughts
I could see the day's jewels
I hope you see them, too

© Ellen Wilson

This is profound and odd, but those closet to me, all have a blue birthstone. My mother, brother and son are all Sapphires in my life, born in the month of September.  My husband and daughter are born in March. Their birthstone is Aquamarine.   Me, I am green-born in May. My birthstone is Emerald and my word for the New Year, 2013-is to grow!   I am truly surrounded by a sea of blue.   What about you?  What is your eighth wonder?  What surrounds you?   Love n' hope is what I wish for you, for now and always! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Daughter's Room

I haven't forgotten the art and book I want to share.  Honestly, I can't find one of the mags, I wanted to share with you. (sure hope it didn't get cut up-yikes)  I am cleaning and reorganizing- knowing me, I tucked it in a special place.  I do think I have squirrel tendencies, lol.    While I was moving things around, I mentioned to my daughter-I think it is time to redo some of your room.  
                "What does that mean?"  she pondered giving me a fish kiss look.

              "I think we need to make this room look more like you, make it yours."

               "Oh, I know you will do art and want me to put it in my room." (why do I keep hearing that?  I haven't put my art in any one's room- a few things near the China cabinet, that are small!)

                "No, that isn't it.  We take down all the stuff animals,  wash them and put funky frames up with cool magazine ads.  We will use ads for make up, hair, jewelry and fashion-that you love." 

                "Ok, but I still don't know what you mean."  she declared, hands on hips.

                 "I know, but give me a chance and you will have full veto power."
                                                          Now she smiles!

When she saw the frames,  she became excited.  So, here is one step of the process.   I bought these fun, vibrant frames at Target last week.  They were regularly $15-$20, I grabbed them for $4-$6.   I bought her a Vogue mag, for inspiration and told her to grab some of her other mags.  Now cut out what draws your attention, captures your eye.   I did one and told her,  "you do the rest."  

;D  I know this one looks familiar, lol

This is a side angle of Adele's face, in the Fuchsia frame.

Funny, how one idea gives birth to another.  I gave her a pair of shoes for Christmas, and on the box it says Diva Lounge.  I told her this is what you are creating.  You love doing hair, make up, and fashion.   She laughed and thanked me~

 I found this at the thrift shop.  It was over some of my garden photos. I took it down and decided we needed this in her room for impact.   Here,  I am painting it Metallic Black, to frame her photos.   

I know it looks messy now, but I'll be back to show you how it came out and a few other ideas.   She is loving her new look....more to come!