Friday, May 30, 2014

Gorgeous Nothings

I am thrilled to be in the Melange section of the May/June issue of Somerset Studios!  What a beautiful issue it is-so many unique inspiring ideas outlined on these pages.   I had to pinch myself when I saw this issue.  I had created art based on Emily Dickinson's envelope written poems.   There is a book,  The Gorgeous Nothings:  Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems, which inspired my art    I saw the book and went home and started playing with objects I thought Emily might collect and gather as a child.  I also created a window of white objects during her reclusive years.   It has been suggested-she might of been Epileptic.   I do think a broken heart and an illness caused this talented woman-to retreat from the world.  I have read Emily use to be seen dressed in white tending her gardens by moonlight.

 Emily's sister, Lavinia found 1800 of her poems after she died.  Emily had written on envelopes and made hand stitched fascicles.  Fragments written on envelopes were gathered and Lavinia made it her passion to get her sister's poetry published.   She ended up asking Mabel Loomis Todd-her brother's mistress to help her.

Thank you to Christen Olivarez and staff for making my art look beautiful~  I am beyond thrilled to be in the Melange-it has been a goal of mine!  May is my birthday month so this was icing on the cake-thanks again so much!

Over in the Garden, Margaret asked us to write a poem bashed on a sketch.   I can't find my sketch...but I thought I might attempt to write about it in a poem.  Here is some of my art.  I did a envelope booklet and a window out of  Glassine envelopes.

Tucked Treasure

Pocketed wonder fills my apron
strings tickle green ideas
as I hang onto my big brother Austin's hand
we run through yard's green ocean seeking
seeds, a white feather, a butterfly wing n'
fragrant lavender perfumes my small hands
tucking sentiments
for someday

Moonlight casts its web
as my white edges
cast light
tending my favorite trailing Arbutus
and Jasmine-

Candle wax coats my gown
as I stitch white threads into
window's focus

Gliding hope
crosses my brow
as my breath cast clouds of warmth

Snow like fingerprints
sew parchment's promise
 “The Brain—is wider than the Sky—”
casts a net of hope
 I play solitary's game
on last solo flight

©Ellen Wilson 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Focus and Go!!

I hope everyone had a safe holiday!   My wrist isn't broken. I have a bad sprain.

Over the holiday weekend, my daughter was invited to a sorority meeting with a chance to win a scholarship.  It was based on a written essay, the student's contribution to community and school and need.   Students were selected from seven counties. The student in our county, who needed it most- won.  We sat there listening to the sisterhood and the minister talk about life lessons and The Tortoise and the Hare.  I thought how poetic-I had taken this photo earlier in my back yard.

The minister told everyone who had been invited, there was something extra special about them. They were extraordinary!   He talked about sports and told them, to make 'no excuses', if you get sidetracked get back on your path, remember this is your dream, your goal-you must 'focus' and to 'go'!

An obstacle in the pathway. 

I thought who doesn't need this message from time to time.  A reminder of what we are striving towards, who we are and our goals.

Mr. Turtle is motivated!

No one said the bunny had a twin?! 

So, in the words of  Mr. n' Mrs. Gordon Dove-"No excuses, focus and go!" (Real that was the minister's name.)

The Wren family wishes everyone best of luck!  
It is a chair cover-in case you are wondering!  Every year birds near us make a nest in an unique location.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sun Quilts Day

Sun Quilts Day

Dear World,

Quilting day is painful
Paparazzi snapping  flash lights into my only good eye
I gather cotton to stitch the wonders of blue
My other eye waits 
 winks at you later tonight 
when indigo curtain opens
and the silver screen brightens

Wind kept chasing me 
moving my golden thread 
my mood may change if
he keeps it up
while Trees shake and laugh
balance trees your Sun Salutations
are going to be hard to do without my handy work.
Backstitching sucks

Threading day to open daisy wide
is a gift-given to me by Mother Nature
aka Green Woman
I release my feathered hair 
bleeding light to gently
tickle my family awake
first the song birds
next  peepers and  beetles.

My thoughts tumble into gathered batting
like convo bubbles
 secret messages of 
purple haze and crystal blue persuasion
for poets n' artists.

Steel wings glide around me-daily
seam allowances have been made
like dandelions blowing in the wind
I make a wish
for you 
someone please tell me- my seams are uniform.
Watch for surprises as I love
to add Fat Quarters
Remember I am bias! 

Queen Soleil

©Ellen Wilson 

My attempt with Kerry's prompt-
Pathetic Fallacy-n.
The ascribing of human traits or feelings to inanimate nature for eloquent effect, especially feelings in sympathy with those expressed or experienced by the writer, as a "cruel wind," a "pitiless storm". 

I will return to read and comment!  I am off to x-ray. I torqued my wrist lifting too many plastic bags and I heard a snap.  (My neighbor chases me when I arrive home and I hurry in the house to avoid her.)  She only speaks to me when she needs heavy lifting and I can't do it-so I run.  I have tried to tell her-augh!  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Imaginary Garden-Sunday Challenge

Kerry shared with us a form called, 'The Terzanelle  is a marriage of the Italian Terza Rima with the French Villanelle conceived by Lewis Turco in his "The Book of Forms”. This is a 19 line poem, consisting of five stanzas of three lines (tercets), and the final stanza having four lines (quatrain), in which the first and last lines of the first stanza are repeated as a refrain. In addition, other lines are repeated throughout, and a rhyme scheme comes into play:
The middle line of the each of the tercet stanzas is copied and becomes the last line of the following stanza and the first line of that stanza rhymes with it, thus making it an interlocking form. The lines are traditionally written in iambic pentameter, but instead of focusing on meter, I would suggest a consistent line length of 10 syllables."   

Yes, panic set in-my  house was busy and loud.  I need quiet to write.  So, I waited until I was alone.  I am surprised by my poem-it was not where I was going, but writing does this-it surprises us-it twists and turns and take on a new life.  

I thought of my daughter and her boyfriend.  Many long conversations, while he has been away at college.  He recently returned and they went camping-and it rained.  It didn't happen like this, but their adventure inspired my poem.   

Missing You

splotches of gray linger
 your eyelash cascades to my cheek
urban decay puddles on your fingers

you hold me like a cloud tender and meek
black spider legs run down my face
your eyelash cascades to my cheek

 corona of stars reflects in your windows
your heart anchors spilling light
black spider legs run down my face

missing you discourages our fight
your scent: fresh rain and smoldering flames
your heart anchors spilling light

butterfly kisses one of our silly games
your lips taste like honey-so sweet
you scent:  fresh rain n' smoldering flames

thunder booms as rain dampens our heat
splotches of gray linger
your lips taste like honey-so sweet
urban decay puddles on your fingers

©Ellen Wilson 

*My daughter's eye shadow palette is called Urban Decay!
A gift from her boyfriend.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Spiraling Inward

I'm always in awe of how much I miss when I am not online.  My thyroid was too fast.  I couldn't sit still for long, too hot, too many ideas swimming and spinning.  I was dizzy and scatterbrained.  I walked and talked too fast.   It is crazy how such a small organ- in the shape of a butterfly can wreck so much havoc.  Yet, as I entered the labyrinth of art-I was reminded how much I missed blogging.   I kept wondering what all of you were doing and saying!     As my memories danced around me- I started creating more.  I moved a table into my new space.  There is still much to do, but I am feeling better and want to make it my own.  

I missed all of you~   

A lot happens at the end of the school year-this will be my last chance to be part of it, until the day grandchildren enter my world.  There is plenty of time for that!   My daughter will graduate from high school-soon.  I am trying to embrace all the magic endings. The last Prom, the last Colorguard performance, the last Chorus event-next week.   Near Mother's Day-I celebrated my birthday.  My kids always ask me, "Are you old yet?"-

I always say, "Not, yet!"

So, here are some photos of my spiraling moments.

I made corsages for Prom-omg, I am so happy-that is over.  Two years ago Prom flowers were $80. I said
no way-they weren't even Orchids. One rose and some Delphinium...daughter wore a Royal blue dress and the boy's corsage wasn't anything special.  I told them both- I will make your flowers. Last year, I used vintage millinery flowers and feathers. I was going to attempt something unique, but we went with a more traditional look.    We went with real flowers this year-

Prom 2014

Then I attempted art for my mother for Mother's Day!  I hope all of you Mothers and caregivers had a lovely day~  I always give her seeds and a gift card to get flowers.  She loves to pick out her own seedlings and create themed window boxes.
My parents met at this theater.

I attempted an art gift for my daughter-decided to wait and mail it to her in college.  Translation,  all I have done is make a big mess!  lol

There is this really cool site.  You can print out your Instagram photos.  These are some of  mine and my daughter's pics.   You can make books, calendars, prints, posters, stickers,  buttons, and more.   This would make a great gift for a teen.  You could even give them a gift card and let them create their own personalized book.   I highly recommend it-for a special  one of a kind gift!

I attended my daughter's last Colorguard performance, On Thin Ice.  I will share the video link soon~
Here is my gal getting ready for the show.  Yes, it did remind me of Frozen.  It was hard not to cry.

I had a birthday party inspired by the TV series Mad Men.   Cake demands  milk-so I had to jazz it up a bit~
And I attempted Cookie Shots.  Have you heard of them?

The cookie is a combo of the  traditional Chocolate Chip cookie and  Shortbread.   Yes, the famous Dominique Ansel- who invented the Cronut is the creator of these clever shots.  The recipe can be found at Yum Sugar.   Yes, sugar these are yum~

Don Draper even made an appearance at my party.  He left a pack of his Lucky Lights for me.
This is a Caramello Brownie Shot with Hot Fudge and Caramel sauce.  A chunk of the  candy bar is at the bottom.  My daughter's boyfriend said he wasn't a fan of brownies, but he liked this~

I missed you, I missed writing, but I couldn't sit still.  I do hope you attempt the Cookie Shot. Oh, the  Brownie one is easy.  A square of Caramello candy bar on the bottom, then both syrups drizzled in.  Cut your Brownies tiny and layer that next, then more sauce and another brownie.  I apologize for making you hungry!   Please let me know if you try either!