Sunday, July 19, 2009

Geisha Ghost

My husband's grandmother gave me these dishes, no one in the family wanted them.
I love Asian stuff, so i agreed, "Yes, thank you, i'll take them"....there is an imprint in the cup.
Look again, a geisha image appears....only when the light reflects in a certain way...very unique!
I loved having tea in them and seeing the Geisha reflection, spooky and intriguing!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elephants are following me

I go home to Maine; this is the home, my father grew up in, and see the new home owner has
put an elephant on the doorstep...interesting. The theatre that my parents both use to work in,
dated, and later has an elephant on top of it. My Mom collects elephants...has
her whole life. I find it special and mysterious, that this is Mom and I have both been in this house, my grandparents lived there til they past, my Dad has past. I wonder what kind of sign this is.....I use to work in the movie theatre, where they met and fell in love, now
an elephant. Do you believe in signs? I think i will watch and be more aware of elephants....

Monday, July 13, 2009

SEA Port

Coastal Chill....a great view and spot to unwind.....(wish it was mine, it was a friend's)
View from a Fort where a battle was held....(Fort Knox)
The town warf and below another view....
I finally made it home to a tiny
coastal town in Maine; went to a cousin's wedding, reception in a boat
house on the bay, went to my Class
Reunion...We all had a great time...
lots of laughs and seeing relatives that
i haven't seen in 7 yrs.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

SMORE cookies

We made these yesterday....easy and
good. Take your favorite chocolate
chip cookie recipe and take 1 cup
of flour and replace with 1 cup of
crushed fine graham crackers.
Have milk chocolate bars and mini
marshmallows on hand.
Bake your recipe as listed, then take
out put some of the milk chocolate
on top...your preference as to how much, we did 2-3 small squares, we
bought the mini bars..Now add 5-7 mini marshmallows on top, put bake in oven and bake 3-4 additional minutes, take out and let cool a bit
before serving. Easy peasy! ENJOY!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday U.S.

Hope everyone's 4th is spectacular...oooh, ahhh's
later this evening. I do miss going to the parade...
i would have to travel a while to see a good one. I
usually put in an old vhs of our home town parade...
funny, how the family goes and checks outside and
thinks there is a parade...i turn the audio on quite is funny. I do this every few years...
brings back great memories.

Being away makes you appreciate all the details,
our town always had an auction and a few of the
local churches would put on for
the kids, food. The local fire department would
have contests, also involving water of course.

I grew up in a great location, walk uptown to all
these events and close to school, lived near a town
warf, where the fireworks were great to see;
Small town America really
does know how to celebrate the 4th....

Our day today, will be low key, our children are
both having friends over, lots of BBQ a blueberry cake, tortellini salad, smore cookies, watermelon a bottle of wine and some games, water balloons
and later to Elizabeth City to see the firework display!

Enjoy Celebrating our Countries' birthday !!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tiny Touches

I hope to try embroidery again, i first tried it at age 12, in middle school, it was a fad to decorate
write on your jeans, i stitched all over mine .... I don't think this art form has ever been out of
style, but it seems to be a big hit again, in fashion, in collage, in small details, pillows and other
decor. What is old is new.....we continue to recycle fashion, tiny touches of the past decades
always coming back into the fashion don't ever get rid of those gouches or those
big wide belts or the pointy toed boots...they just may come back.