Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tis the Season for Busy

We are all busy!

I am sad, I wanted to be fun and share craft ideas this month, but it has been a challenging time.  I became a bit blue after Thanksgiving.  I felt like a human yo-yo stuck on Rock the Cradle.   I went through albums of photos and wondered how time had gone so quickly?!   I miss my kids, their laughter and hugs most.  I play music loud and imagine they are here.  I am lucky we talk almost every day, but I still miss their magic!!  

My hound has been ill-first thought it was cancer, but it is his thyroid and maybe Cushings disease.  He lost significant weight and we found a lump near his thyroid.  His thyroid is compromised and we are waiting to see if this medicine will help.  

Are you ready for the holiday?!  I still have some last minute things to do and I always like to wrap up a few uniquely creative ideas. I made snowballs out of cotton battening and inside tucked a gift card.  The recipient will have fun unwrapping this snowball-it doesn't melt.  Okay, it might melt someone's heart-if the gift pulls one's heart strings.  I could see an engagement ring being at the end or some sentimental token!  I cut a strip of battening 4 inches wide and 2 ft long, some I have done 3 ft in length.   Mine are going to be the jokey kind-this year.  

You can tuck jokes, fortune cookie sayings, charms, silly or sweet sentiments along the way.  It is fun to watch someone unwind a snowball.  Snow, sentiment and smiles-I love a few fun gifts~
I pinned the end and added silver tulle bags and fortune cookies-this was my first attempt.  I added a heart stone. You do not have to pin the end, just tuck and roll around the items.  I was mailing this one and didn't want it to come undone.

Next year, I plan on blogging more and be more brave.  I want my art to be bold and colorful.   
I need to go downtown and take an art class, perhaps test the waters and see if teaching is an option?!  Bold will be my word for 2015.  Do you have a word picked out?

I did get one of my wishes-sort of!  I wanted to be on the cover of an art magazine.  I wanted my art on the cover-didn't happen, but my name is on there instead.  I am hopeful if I keep going maybe, just maybe my dream will come true~

Thank you, Danielle Mohler and Stampington for adding sunshine to my life~ Your publications have been a saving grace for me, through all those military moves!  I could always count on your magazines, your gorgeous photos and grace filled words to fill my heart with joy!  I have to pinch myself to believe I am in your publications!  It is a dream come true~

I made an Advent calendar out of red threads, Glassine bags and vintage photos, Washi tape and charms.  I have been trying every day to do something for someone else.  I wanted to tangle myself in humanity.  I am a loner type and with my children gone-this project has kept me busy.   Some ideas are simple, let people ahead of me in line and others I have to give away my gloves or my hat-to someone who looks cold, helping with groceries, opening doors, buying a stranger a cup of coffee-pay it forward type gestures.   So, far it has been fun and I feel like an elf~
Thank you, Stampington~

I also made a 5x5 square of art and mailed it to artist and author, Seth Apter.  Seth asks artists about their process. His books are insightful and inspirational!  My square is in a gallery in Connecticut-crazy to think of!  Thank you, Seth, for all you share and do~  It is a thrill to be part of this project!  Seth's books offer an inside look of artist's secrets, dreams, tips and tricks.  It will make you want to create and battle any creative blocks~

***Seth's photo**

Quote sister, Lesley Riley came out with her second quote book!  

I was stunned to see one of my cards in her book !
Do you have a favorite quote?!

One hundred artists are included and one hundred and thirty quotes~  This book would snap anyone out of a creative funk!  I gasped when I saw some of the gorgeous art paired with beautiful words~  In fact this book inspired me to make art!  Thank you, Lesley this book would be a beautiful gift for any holiday or celebration!

I am reminded, even though I have been blue-how incredible fortunate I am!  Thank you Seth, Lesley and Stampington!!!  

Thank you bloggers for being you-
"You all have warmed my heart!" 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gift Idea for Social Media Fans

I have two teens and a few twenty somethings on my Christmas list this year.  I made art recently using Instagram photos.  If you are like me and uncertain what to give this age group for a gift-I can help!   Yes, everyone wants the latest, greatest gadgets, but this gift is sentimental and heartfelt.  A gift for all those Sugar Plums on your nice list!  

I have been sad lately-I think it is a combo of adjusting to the empty nest, a lingering cold and darkness.  I feel like a human yo-yo!   I am happy my kids are home, sad my kids are gone and it goes back n' forth.  I have in the past avoided my feelings, too busy to process this or that, but I know better.

I think I sent one of the most memorable care packages in my family tree, to my daughter in October.    I  made art out of some of my daughter's and my Instagram photos.   I was inspired by this quote from poet, Mary Oliver.

"Instructions for Life:  Pay attention.  Be astonished.  
Tell about it."   
-Mary Oliver

My art  was published in  Somerset Memories.  Thank you to Jana Holstein for being so kind.  Some of my charms had fallen off and she glued them back on-Jana you are the best!   I would of loved to seen my daughter's face, when she opened her care package from me and discovered herself gracing the pages of this wonderful publication!   There was a lot of laughter and OMGs over the phone!

I found this fabulous site called Print Studio where you can upload your Instagram or digital photos and have them printed into books, photos, posters, buttons, stickers, posters and cards and more.  

I love this gift! You are using their collective memories as part of the gift!  I love the idea of tiny books and buttons from photos-so many options!  So, if you don't know their password you can give them a gift card or use your own digital photos to tell their story. Either way there is a lot of heart in this gift of gathered memories.  Sentiment always brings smiles!

I hope you are well and found a lot of fabulous finds for Christmas!  Me, I am still working on my list-

Did you see those tiny books-aren't they cute!   

Monday, November 17, 2014

Open Garden

The World According to Gray Wings

dripping light
 filters day's blue quilt
as ballerina twirls honey bleached wax
onto sea's
web of diamonds n' lace
perched on worn gray wharf
my mind-a buoy
bobs up n' down in 
tangled seaweed's brine
my feather floats
for an angel
her thin skin ripples
as her edges of courage curl
heart bruised by
 a skipping rock
tossed by the Polka dot girls
her heart's fragile edges
wash onto shoal of 

A sign from Grandfather Sky
fringes light on my gift
Diamonds in the rough
to shine.

©Ella Wilson 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Imaginary Garden is Transforming

Hannah, offered a prompt  for Transforming Friday-sorry, I am late. 
Antelope Canyon, USA-is hauntingly beautiful! 

"The Navajo name for Upper Antelope Canyon is Tsé bighánílíní, which means "the place where water runs through rocks" and the Lower Antelope Canyon is Hazdistazí or "spiral rock arches." Both are located within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation."  -Thank you, Hannah  for this magical prompt~

(A beam of light in Upper Antelope Canyon
in Arizona. Lucas Löffler wiki cc)

Secret Love Child

The Antelope knows of their secret love child-
Tears from the sun fall often
  she casts off  her ribbons of sunset 
Cadence of patterns shift 
speak of their union
 moon remembers nightly he paints with moonbeams-
shadow puppets for his child.

Honey eyed girl-her face is scrubbed pink by sands of time
wind is her caregiver-

Our sweet girl will never know muddy green of day 
or see the ocean's kiss
Mom's loosened curls spiral downward 
and tickle her daughter's face
the glow of her peach skin tilts upward
 towards her parents' slow waltz

Tousled light reflects halos of gold
tunneled n' trapped like flowing caramel kisses.

Sign Language helps parents cope
their unhinged happiness
like Origami folds
as gently wind protects their girl 
and paints mirrors of her parent's light

©Ella Wilson 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Black Hole

How was your Halloween?! 

Mine, was odd-I missed my kids helping me decorate, watching a late night horror movie, the fun of  making one another scream, and the local Haunted House.   I didn't dare go alone-but I did go with my husband to a neighborhood party.  My neighbors are always fun and had quite a gathering of spirits. There were Ebola patients, Walking Dead Zombies, Ozzy was there, a beer bottle and a bar fly, someone was dressed like Duck Dynasty and a wolf with a red cape-who caught and ate Red Riding Hood. 

Fireblossom asked us to write a poem.  I am late to the party-I mean pond, but I  still wanted to give it a try.

"Write something spooky for Halloween! It'll be sweeeeet."

 My Trick or Treaters were funny this year!  Kids were telling me what they wanted. "I love suckers-I want chocolate, I like those gummie rings."  One neighborhood boy I didn't recognize took off his mask when I said, "Good-bye guys and dolls."  

"It is me-Austin,  you didn't recognize me because my hair grew."   I couldn't see his hair under the mask.  

"Oh, yeah..I need some of that.  What did you use?"
He told me I could get this product at Wal-mart.   

My favorite costume was a  girl about ten years old dressed in a Day of the Dead costume.  She had red roses tangled in her black hair, white make-up with soul haunting black eyes and a few detailed cobwebs drawn on the corners of her blackened mouth and the corners of her forehead. Her costume matched her  make-up.  I asked if she had seen the movie, The Book of Life-"No, not yet, but I want to."  She seemed startled when I said:

"Me, too!"

I took this photo when I was home.  In Native American medicine, it is said their totem is magic.  Their courage enters the dark void in the great mysteries of life.  Ravens always bring a message.  "Magic comes from the void of darkness and the challenge is to bring it to light."   Medicine Cards

Black Hole

writing eye lost
in concave shards
among burnt parched trees
 blue-black wings singed
as trembling mouth quivers
beak taps on rocks n'raping ice
splinters of cold shards penetrate
soul's lament

witness blue aperture
 moon's blood seeping into 
 strong arms of midnight
she gives birth 
claws awakening
scratch dawn's Tangerine eye
as iridescent cross-hatched breath
lingers in north wind's portal
I feel pinned to the sky's wrinkles
until flooding light reveals my
 a black hole heart.

©Ella Wilson 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Play it Again Toads

Have you ever heard a house sigh?
like hissing dried pine cones in a woodstove
the snap n' crackle of old skeletal bones rocking
in staycation mode

do you smell  wintergreen dislocated joints 
the smoulder of orange coals with gray chalk
cracked fine china thoughts rise high as lost prayers
in swirling apple wood smoke
 their voices hover in the sizzle-snap
of old  knotted pine legs surrendering to the knock

tap, tap, tap 
their red n' black faces searching
for scoundrel Peg-leg Pete
or is it a Hob Nob goblin tickling ivory keys
humming a salty ballad
No, it is I hammering an Underwood
clickety-clack as the carriage snaps back 
my  gray rose blooms, once more.

©Ellen Wilson 

My attempt at Kerry's prompt to write a Dylan Thomas poem.  I need to practice a bit more-but I had fun trying to attempt this challenge!
Thank you, Margaret and Kerry!! 

This poem is a lame attempt at the challenge Play it Again Toads #10,  over in the

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bouncing Back

I never intended to be away this long.  Being hyperthyroid was exhausting.  I was supercharged with energy and couldn't sit still.  I walked, talked, drove fast-everything was too fast.  Ideas felt like a hive of bee at first a vibrant swirling energy, some sweet thoughts and others felt like being stung.  I felt dizzy, hungry, couldn't sleep well, and felt like I was struck by lightning.

 My family was easily annoyed with me.  I had eaten too much seafood when we drove home to Maine.  I guess I tried to make up for not being home for five years-in a week.   I told my doctor, but  he prescribed new meds.  Meds I didn't want-because what goes up must come down. I wanted to skip a few days of meds-no, that isn't the way to treat this-I was told.   I was too fast, bouncing like a top into things, eventually I wobbled into a slow dance and then a standstill.   I tried to explain-likely too much iodine, but nothing worked.  So, I took the pale pink pills and ended up too slow.  I haven't felt like this since I was diagnosed 15 yrs ago-a human Tilt o' Whirl.  I am better now!

I have missed all of you, missed blogging, missed the sense of community!  People in my real world label me crazy, weird and an artist.  I use to feel odd about the labels, but now I laugh.  I see potential in everything, a fallen leave, a piece of string, and yes, a water bottle.
A gift for my daughter out of a coffee bag and a water bottle.  Yeah-sometimes I think I am cursed and other times I think it is a gift-it depends on the day! 

  I believe we are all creative-most of us tuck it away, hide it for a rainy day, or worse-for later in life!   WE all need to be creative now-it is a gift, an escape, a portal to bridge your inner and outer worlds!   Find a way every day to use your gift-I laugh at the crazy comments, now.  I actually smile and think yeah-I'm different!

Pharrell Williams on the TV show, The Voice said, "I'm weird, we are weird, you are weird, being the same is lame!"  Ok, maybe that wasn't the exact quote but it is close.  Yes, birds of a feather flock together, but some birds are blue, others red and some have yellow on their heads. Oh, damn I don't want to sound like Dr. Seuss.

Be the best you!

The Dr. said it better:

                                                                                                                               Dr. Seuss

My parents

So, love the flaws, the weird and crazy-to heck with those who think you are lazy!