Sunday, July 26, 2015

Play it Again Poetry Prompt

               soars in blue
                        blanket of stars,  on clouds' silver threads
                              tangled in pinwheel's gold
                                        crowned by mountain's purple eyes

     cherub born
sky's periwinkle gown lifts as head crowns
Lunar acts as midwife
     Red sun sailor's delight now cries

time shifted
waves washed ashore my skin leaving
crow's feet and crevices
I see you smile in my mirror
eyes reflect pale jade treasure

 © Ella Wilson

A big shout out to editor, Devon Warren and Stampington & Company~  Thank you, so much for picking my photo inspired post card art to grace the pages of The Stampers' Sampler~   I am thrilled-to the moon and back!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Edge

I didn't fall over the edge-I just wasn't feeling my best. My thyroid went off the charts-for a bit. I was in Debbie Downer mode. 
 I have been busy-I put my house on a diet. I still have the dreaded attic to face-too hot up there right now.

 So, Kerry from the Imaginary Garden emailed July's schedule and there was my name. I knew it was time to come back. I have missed blogging, missed all of you and feel sad I didn't keep up. My friend, Sherry kept emailing me to see if I was still alive. 

 My prompt over in the Imaginary Garden is: 

 I want to end my Debbie Downer cycle. So, let's not concentrate on what we have out grown, but what we will never out grow! My first thoughts are: Love, laughter, the ocean, the stars, flowers, rainbows, the sky's color, words, rebirth of spring, puppies, music, movies, and much, much more. Poets, writers and artists seem to be able to keep their inner child alive longer, than most. So, pen a poem about what you will never out grow-what will always delight, inspire, and amaze you. 

 © Ella Wilson

Christmas in July

  my gift- a doll
 found in a field 
of yellow stars
 wearing a green 
striped dress 
with tiger stripes 
named my sugar, Ruby
 She blushes bright red, not pink
 melts my heart 
her kisses so, sweet. 

my doll makes me feel 
nine years 
 with a giddy grin 
I hold my doll 
Her teeth are black n' white

 her bright red smile
wider than mine
wiping sugar's kisses off my chin 
will never get old. 

 © Ella Wilson 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Finish Line

Izzie prompted us for the last day of National Poetry Month, with

Izzie's prompt:  IMAGINE---

"A few minutes from now, you  lose all means of communication with humanity.  You will not die, but will no longer be able to interact with the world.  Whats the last thing you say?"

"Like every challenge, your poem must by newly written for this challenge and not one which you have previously written which conveniently fits the theme." 

Pick roses
not  thorns
pluck words
which float
like wings
in silvered
salmon light
jumping upon
puddles of day
 into rainbows of
keep your
Indigo child
in mirror's edge.

 © Ella Wilson

I have had my son's puppy, Wade today.  I am worn out, running, being dragged through puddles and playing chase.  I blew a huge bubble with my gum and scared the hell out of him.  He keeps waking my husband up so I have to run down the hall and haul him back out into the living room.   

I want to commend all of you that finished the National Poetry Challenge and those of you-who did the A-Z blogging challenge.  


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blooming Cardinal

Over in the Garden, Magaly mentioned how some flowers were named after animals.  She witnessed Frog Cups in New York, which inspired this prompt.   I selected the Cardinal Vine-a 
hummingbird favorite.

Ruby Red Slippers

Jungle green feathers
cling, climb
premiere screen

ruby red slipper-
skimmer fashions for
 winged fairies to
Walk of Fame
sipping Mimosas
among perfumed 

 © Ella Wilson




Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Tuesday Platform

Stealing Light

  At night I clamor 
stealing shadows
echoed in moon's song
stitching blue threads
streaking pale light
indigo brow
falling stars light path
as silence kills
I glide into yellow
Van Gogh
with my lucky rabbit's foot.

© Ella Wilson

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Play It Again

"June" 1911 Oil on Canvas
John White Alexander

Alone beautiful coral
dainty envelopes
furl glowing heart

Kama Sutra life

moaning narcissistic orange
pleasing  Quiet Riot
swirling tumultuous union
vivid whispers Xylose
© Ella Wilson

Over in the Garden, Margaret challenged us to Play it Again.  I selected Marion's A-Z poetry challenge~

Friday, April 24, 2015



A bit of magic
lurks in daylight's rose
her blush cheeks
flush sky's

heart's aperture
imagination clouds
roll into
third eye
cherub glee
ebbs n' flows
like the ocean's 
true blue serenade

courage to trust
grey garden's
 glints of gold
sewn in spines
stitched with dreams
in wafts of vanilla, moss and lilac
peel back life's layers

Brave soul with 
constellation's freckles
your daisy crown
n' wild child nature
roam earth's 
 searching for stars
on earth
which twinkle 
the brightest. 

 ©Ella Wilson

I have had quite an evening!  I took a lot of photos of giggling girls and  cute couples dressed in their best.  Oh, to be young again-nah!   I don't want to force and pinch my feet in high heels or deal with teenage drama.   I didn't mind being in my rags on the other side of the camera.