Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tangled in Emotions

I never planned to stop blogging for this long.  I had an art challenge to finish, a list my daughter and I plotted  to conquer before she moved away to college.

 I became sick and two visits to my Dr's office didn't give me any answers.  I went to the ER and again-no help!  I was in pain and needed something to get rid of the fire I felt burning in my lower abdomen.    Thanks to the internet-I know, I know don't self diagnose-I found some relief, a few ways to lower the PH in my body.  I gave up coffee, I drank green swamp juice, ate differently, drank water like a camel getting ready to embark on a long journey.(and I did-two of them.) In my zombie state of mind-I started to improve.  I didn't sleep much during this ordeal.  I heard the words:  Cancer, may be related to Kidney stones, Autoimmune and go back to your PCM.                              

I am better and hopeful!!  I am going to the Dr. next week.

Hubby n' I drove our daughter to her new home-college.  When we returned my mother's sister-my favorite aunt had passed away.   Two days later we were driving to Maine. We returned on Sunday in a fog-we have been over 2500 miles since August 15th.    Last night, my daughter's boyfriend called me and had a plan in place.  He was taking our daughter on a picnic and they were climbing a mountain to see the sunset.  When they reached the summit, he was going to propose!   It was odd since my mother gave me her wedding gown.   The last time I had been home was for my cousin's wedding.  Last night,  I received the call-they are engaged!   Daughter's boyfriend told his roommate and my daughter's roommate and they set the stage for a party!  They were greeted with streamer, balloons, cookies and cheer!  Today, my daughter found out she has been accepted into an Acapella group.

What a crazy ride August has been!   I have missed all of you, missed writing and blogging!!!
I hope you are well and life is good for you~  

 WE are crossing the Belfast bridge-almost home! 

I am not home until my feet reach the end of the timeworn wharf!  Do you think I let this sign stop me?!

No way-no how!