Friday, October 30, 2015

BEEing Patient

First a big shout out to D L Hammons and his Blitz Blogging Crew, you guys spread sunshine!!   Thank you, so much for all your kind comments-I will return them, but I might be a bit slow.   I was on vacation in Maine and didn't see I was blitzed-Thank you, all so much!!!  You filled my world with hope~

This month my husband  went out of town and while he was away-we learned his mother had passed away.   It was unexpected and so, sad!   So, he came home and we drove back to Maine.  Life has been difficult.

If I had to share in a few words what the pass few months have been like-I would say dizzy.  A lot of drama, sickness and sadness.   I am tired and want to return to my normal routine.  Then I think-normal doesn't exist for me.  I just want some sweetness to balance life's stings.  Enduring the bitter in life is what makes the honey so sweet.

It is still a struggle in my world, there has been bouts of Poison Oak and the flu.  Exhaustion lingers, but we have to find moments to smile, laugh and feel random moments of joy or we crack.

I have missed being part of the blogging world-such a joyful community of lives shared-like bees we visit the flowers-other blogs and find ways to express our worlds.  We share the happy, the sad and our lives-I miss you, I miss blogging,  I miss the sweetness~

I have been in a storm of emotions-yes kind of like a hive.  

So, my blog will likely be a mishmash of art, poems and anything that attracts my poetic eye.  I am sorry, I have not been online much, but I have been busy writing essays and creating.

I have missed you and the magic of blogging!  There is so much goodness in sharing our hopes and dreams online.  Most everyone I have encountered is uplifting and encouraging!   I look forward to being back online and seeing all that I have missed-I imagine a lot.

* I am trying to be patient with myself and if you are here because of GreenCraft-I am working on my Etsy shoppe.  I hope you are well and find some sweetness in your day~