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I had to give Kerry's challenge another attempt.  My prior poem was not opposite enough. A tea cup and a tea bag were a likely pairing.  I tried to write it more like an arranged marriage, but their union was predictable.  Here is another attempt and a more opposing pairing:  Feet n' a puppy!  Okay, perhaps not, but when I found this photo I couldn't help myself. 

 I called my mom-not sure whose foot this is-lol.  I can't find the photo I was going to use. This puppy named Roxie was found sleeping in my grandfather's hat.  My parents brought her home and one year later I was born.  She would jump on her hind legs and peer at me in my bassinet, never letting her paws touch the sides. I think she had Nana skills.  You remember the big dog the Darlings owned in the story," Peter Pan".   Funny, my daughter use to call my mother Grammie Darling.  


I love to nibble your warm toes
YOU scent is like fallen leaves and wood smoke-
 is that gravy I smell? 
You're so warm n' soft
I  love to lay my head on you
 you make me feel, so snugly

I love  your sweet, velvet ears draped on my ankle
how playful you nuzzle me with your cold nose after
 you've been outside scampering in
the freshly fallen snow
you lay beside me 
your belly rises n' falls as
your legs twitch, are you
dreaming of running in a field of daisies?
Oh, you do not know what those are just yet...

I love to be chased
 when I stumble n' tumble you
 nudge me back in line
I like the toy you bought me,
but I rather play with you! 
 My teeth are razor sharp
I must be careful
I  hear your whispers cheering me on
I can't wait to walk solider strong with you
we can run in the field I smell by the stream
Will you be too worn out by then to go?

I love your puppy days, but
 some day you can ride in my truck
Soon our playful tug of war will end
we'll play a new game fetch
I love your high pitch bark
but I long to hear you howl at
what stirs your thoughts
 I will miss you puppy fur n'
your sweet chocolate eyes following me

You make me brave
 let me snuggle up to you,
  in the early morning light
You rattle that paper drinking a strong bitter brew
I love it when you sneak me a bite of
smokey salt, yet it's sweet
I love to walk outside with you
you make my tail smile
You changed your outfit-why?

I can't wait to be your best friend
make you proud, when I find what you're looking for
 I will still crave your socks n' shoes
Please forgive me
this was my first scent of you-I love it so
but my tastes are growing up
I will prefer fresh grass and rabbits, soon
You will always be my first love

© Ellen Wilson




Now that's a good pairing! I remember my first dog when she was a puppy. She followed me everywhere.
Kay L. Davies said…
OH, a puppeeeeee.
I would love to have raised Lindy from a puppy, but she was already an overgrown (fat) adult when we adopted her, and, for a while, almost as much work as a puppy. But you're right, there is nothing like watching a pup's learning curve as it graduates from chasing slippers to riding in a pickup truck!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Substitute ornery little black cat and I'm still living that right now. Literally, as she's been bugging me all morning and is currently furring up my keyboard.
Mary said…
Just perfect, Ella. This poem makes my heart sing. .
Wanda said…
Oh how I remember those days. Great poem.
Lolamouse said…
There's nothing like the love of a dog! My Maltese loves to chew on shoes, toes, fingers, etc., and he's 6 years old!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh this is adorable, Ellie. I dreamed of a puppy last night.....maybe a sign?????
M Pax said…
Aww, what a cute puppy. I can feel it nibbling on my toes... before its teeth get too big.
kaykuala said…
You will always be
my first love

A fitting ending! Many forget their footprints when offered new things before them. Great write!

Susie Clevenger said… sweet. This is just delightful!! I love puppies.
ScottlB said…
lovely poem Ella,
Susan said…
So that' puppy love!! and smelly feet. Cool details, so cool: the field of daisies, soldier strong, sweet chocolate eyes, strong bitter brew, smokey salt, changed outfit, etc... I loved the cup and tea bag too because those two, even if a natural pair, were not alive until you touched them with your writer's wand.
Brian Miller said…
ok, i cringed a bit at the gravy comment, when thinking of the toes...haha...i want to get a pups for my boys...i think my cat may object...mine was my best friend growing up....
oh, my, Roxie is soooo cute!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm so glad you returned to this prompt, Ella - there is a wealth of possibility in unlikely pairings, but I've got to say, my dog LOVES slippers!
Shallee said…
Love that adorable picture, and such a sweet poem!
Suzanne Furness said…
Aww so sweet, who doesn't love a cute puppy even if he nibbles your toes!
Yolanda Renée said…
We raised our Patches from a puppy and she's a jewel, more precious than any. Love this, so well told!
Ella said…
Thank you for your lovely comments!
It is thundering and I so hoped to leave with you with more. I will return~
Ella said…
Hi Laurie-Thank you ;D

Yolanda-I love what you shared! enJOY your Patches-your jewel :D
This warms my heart~

Suzanne-I know right! Thank you :D

Shallee-Thank you! You are so kind :D

Kerry-Thank you! I know right ;D
I swear we don't need to buy our pets toys just toss them our old slippers-lol

Dezzy-Thank you! Yes, she was and no rabbit chaser. We had a bunny and she slept with it-lol!

Brian-Yes, your boys need a dog! What are you going to get?! Beagles are awful loyal ;D

Susan-You touched my heart! I have been questioning myself and here you are waving me on! Thank you so much-this means more than you know!!! @>-------------

Tatius-Thank you! I loved visiting your blog-keep writing :D

Susie-Thank you! Our furry friends are the best :D

Hank-Thank you! I had to go there-
There is nothing like your first pet-such cherished memories :D

MPax-Yes, their first toy is us! ;D
Thank you!

Sherry-Big sign! I do hope you get the puppy you dreamed of~ :D
Thank you!

Lolamouse-Sometimes the puppy stays. My hound is 12 now and has moments of flying off the deck to chase a rabbit. Once in awhile it will steal a pot holder and run, lol. Thank you for sharing!

Wanda-Yes, those days, lol ;D
My hound use to steal my daughter's Barbies-it was quite the chase!

Mary-I knew you would like it! YOU have such a cute fur family :D

L.Diane-I can see it and I also visited Shelly! They are gorgeous~
WE use to have a black cat with just a v of white under his chin~
They just want their mom's attention ;D enJOY!

Kay-Lindy is so beautiful! I didn't know you adopted her later. How lucky for you both~ Puppyhood is cute, but a lot of work! I would love to have a dog like Lindy-she is gorgeous!!! :D

Alex-Yes,we had an extra shadow!
I love those memories~ Thank you for sharing :D