R is for Restore

R is for Restore. 

Recently, I had an idea and shared it with someone, who could further my career.  They used it for their benefit. 
I am torn on how to handle this situation, other than release it and restore my spirit.    I am hurt and trying to not to over react-but I was going to use the idea for another season.  I guess when we release things into the universe-we must remember 
all is fair in love, art and war. 

 I guess this is one of those soul growth opportunities. 

How do you restore your faith-when you feel taken advantage of?
I guess, I have to release this to the universe. Emotional, I feel a bit trampled on.

Clare Cooper Marcus, an emeritus professor in landscape architecture at the University of California, Berkeley:
"Spending time interacting with nature in a well-designed garden won’t cure your cancer or heal a badly burned leg. But there is good evidence it can reduce your levels of pain and stress—and, by doing that, boost your immune system in ways that allow your own body and other treatments to help you heal."

 So, maybe spring's seedlings offer us a chance to replot and redesign our lives.  I know, I feel better when I am restoring my garden with hope.  So, I guess I need to plant new seeds and seedlings to restore my spirit. I know I need to replant: Thyme and Faith~

How do you restore your spirit?


Yolanda Renée said…
That's a hard one. Betrayal is the worst, the absolute worst. I've had the same thing happen, and it's a wound that is hardest to heal. Releasing it to the heavens doesn't erase the bad taste. But you're a sensitive, it's our curse to feel such things deeply. Sending you healing thoughts!
Getting out in nature and working your garden will nourish you too.
sorry that you had someone betray you in this way.

thinking good thoughts for you, ella
D.G. Hudson said…
I am reluctant to share ideas because not everyone is ethical, and they will use it if it benefits them. Consideration of others seems to be on its way out, as advancement of the SELF seems to take priority. When so much can be distributed so rapidly,it sometimes pays to be a bit cautious. Sorry you had this experience, but not everyone has ethics. . .

I would do your idea anyway with a twist, build on what the other person took away. It's another option if the idea won't let you go.
Karen Baldwin said…
Aw Sorry. Yolanda says it very well. I had this happen recently and I did confront the person who tried to slippy-slide out of their betrayal. It took weeks to get over it because she was a good (?) friend and now I don't want to have someone I cannot trust close to me. . I always wonder if people who do these things have a conscience?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh that is not good...she will experience karma at some point as what goes around comes around. I love your photos of the seedlings. I think focusing on their beautiful, miraculous, living growth might just send the bad memory away, so she doesnt take up too much room in your head........thank heavens for the cycle of rebirth that repeats and repeats through our lives........right now I am watching my granddaughter get all excited about growing her first garden and I remember when I was a young mom, learning to garden...happy memories. VERY peaceful, weeding is!!!!!!
Stephanie Faris said…
That happens to my fellow freelance writers all the time. They'll pitch an idea to a publication and the pub will hand it over to one of their writers. But it's different when a friend does that to you. I hope that doesn't hurt your trust in people.
Ella said…
Hi Stephanie-Yes, I bet! It was business related-live and learn. I should have known better~ Thank you!

Sherry-There is so much joy in seeing your beautiful granddaughter get excited about gardening~ Gardening does provide us with a lot of joy!
Thank you!

Em-Sometimes I wonder if they just think they can get away with it~
It was an odd situation and well, I learn the hard way~ I am so, sorry this happened to you, too! Yours sounds so confusing-sad!
Thank you, for sharing~

D.G.-Thank you! I might do that-thank you! It was an opportunity and I shared too much~ Yes, I might be able to tweak something! Thanks!

Marco-Thank you! I was stunned-so, unexpected. I think this person did it for a career move-but I am not sure. ?!

Yolanda-Yes, I am sensitive and it does make it hard to get rid of the bad taste. I have muddled in the thoughts on and off all day~ Yes, I did get some flowers and herbs and being busy helps-thank you!
I do agree-it is a curse and not easy to release it, but I am trying~
Thank you, so much!