Poets United

I happened to visit Poets United and discovered two wonderful ladies, who have given hours of their time to this creative poetic endeavor are passing their batons on.  I can't thank Mary and Sherry enough for their commitment to poetry and all of the inspiration their both have given so, many people, including myself.

I found Sherry and she dared me to write a poem! It changed my life, it gave me a sacred, soulful way to express some difficult things in my life.  Poetry gave me a way to express things I sometime didn't know how to process. Sometimes, people who aren't in our reality based lives know us better than those we see often.  Poetry creates an unique connection-since my words might mean one thing to me,  but they may paint different memories in someone else's mind.  I have always believed if you read poetry and it doesn't resonate with you, it isn't the right poem.  Keep on searching for the poem that speaks to you.

Time's Hands

Time's hands spin carousel dreams  
Wilderness threads paper white's golden eye 
Memories like music etch one's inner sky  
Silver linings glitter wide glowing streams 

Swallowtail kite danced like sunbeams
Inky blue curtain descends as day says good-bye
Time's hands spin carousel dreams
Wilderness threads paper white's golden eye

Moonlight mirrors midnight's schemes
Eclipsed rosette laced with sailor's red dye
Earth's fragile clouds softly begin to cry
Aeon stitches dandelion fluff seams
Time's hands spin carousel dreams

~Ella Wilson

An attempt at a Rondel.
Thank you, Mary and Sherry for all the prompts, inspiration, your kindness, and love of poetry!!  


Wendy Bourke said…
Beautiful … exquisitely crafted lines... great job on the form.
Wendy Bourke said…
Also … I enjoyed reading your tribute to Sherry and Mary … much deserved. They have had a huge influence on my poetry, as well.
You had me at "Time's hands spin carousel dreams." I also like the swallowtail kite.
Oh, lovely – and another thing to thank Sherry for: that you are writing and we are reading your poetry!
They gave you and others so much. You are a true writer, Ella - you understand that those written words express so much more.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Carousel dreams - that's beautiful. I never wrote poetry - mine were more song lyrics and I could hear the rhythm they fit.
Mary said…
Truly a wonderful rondel; and what a gift that you visited Poetry Pantry today! Always enjoy your wonderful poetry - such as this one!
Jae Rose said…
So many magical and enticing images..i am glad you found Poets United - or it found you
Now, what shall we do with all those spun dreams?
21 Wits said…
Lovely and inspiring too! Enjoy your week!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
How I love "memories...etch one's inner sky". You always express yourself like a poet, Ella, that is how I knew you had poems waiting to be written. And you were a PU staff member too, back in the day, with your interesting prompts. I love your rondel. And thank you for the kind words.......
The Bizza said…
There's an elegant musicality to this poem giving it a centrifugal "revving up" energy to it. The repetition required by the form also contributes to the overall vibe. I enjoyed reading this.
H. Hennenburg said…
Oh wow! I actually had to catch my breath after reading this one. Sublime. Heading back to read it again. :-)
Jenna said…
I really like this!
Jennifer Wagner said…
Really beautiful work, Ella! So great to see you posting poetry again. I so enjoy your voice.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Time makes goodbyes much harder. We ride together, write together, learn to live better together... and then together changes. It's bittersweet, how it hurts but also leaves us full of good memories.

I will miss the ladies, too. So much.
Rommy said…
I am also grateful for all the heart Mary and Sherry brought to Poets United. The lovely imagery they've conjured in my mind over the years has left a strong impression.
Ella said…
Wendy-Thank you, so much! It is so, sweet to hear how Mary n' Sherry influenced you, as well~

Colleen-Thank you so, much!

Rosemary-This means a lot to me-thank you, so much!

Alex-Thank you, Captain AC! You are very kind~

L.Diane-Song lyrics are cool! Thank you, for your kind words~

Mary-Thank you, so much! A little birdie hinted I should stop by PU, but I had no idea why! I am so, glad I did. Thank you, sweet lady!
Ella said…
Jae-Awe, Thank you!

Magical Mystical Teacher-Lol! I know turn them into poems~

21 wits-Thank you, you are well!

Sherry-Thank you, sweet lady for being you! I am happy our paths crossed, still not sure how that all happened ;D I still have my poetry blender-lol

H.Hennenburg-Awe, I am blushing-Thank you!

Helen-Thank you, sweet lady!

Jenna-Thank you!

Jennifer-Thank you! I enjoyed visiting you, too! I miss poetry~

Magaly-Well said! Yes, same here-those beautiful souls will be missed!!

Rommy-They gave you and so, many of us such a beautiful gift~
Ella said…
Bizza-Thank you, so much! I do play guitar and have written a few songs. I do think Rondels have that melodic tone~
Thotpurge said…
Beautiful images!
Ella said…
Thotpurge-Thank you! This means a lot~
Liza said…
Isn't it wonderful when you find people who inspire you to create?
Ella said…
Hi Liza-It is lovely to have encouragement! Yes, thank you~
Modestine Tea said…
Wow! So beauTEAful! This piece took me on a Journey! Great job!