P is for Prowling

below is a different book, at random, I just opened...so you could see the process(art bender-using art to
avoid life) another word for art binge!  

No, I'm not a cat burglar or a Private Eye... but today, at random, I found an article about stirring up ideas.
I think a lot of people in the A-Z blog are creative type and thought this would be a great P word.

Aren't we all looking for ideas, whether it be work related, a book, short story or a muse to get your
creative juices flowing.   Sometimes it is a problem to come up with something original, a perfect idea, a beginning or an ending or gift even.

  "Creativity is not the production of the best ideas for a given problem or dilemma.  Rather, creativity
is the generation of lots and lots of ideas.  The main difference between creative people and noncreative people is that creative folks generate a plethora of ideas, whereas noncreative people spend their time looking for a single idea."~ Anthony D. Fredericks

The process of prowling for ideas can come from your own devices or at random or The da Vinci strategy 
there is also a workbook.  No, I don't own these yet, but after finding this article at random, I think it would be worth checking out.

The divergent thinker  thinks" outside of the box".  They search and find ideas while carrying on with their work, duties and general daily routine, while walking the dog, running to the mailing, driving to the store, etc.  These types are always prowling for idea, fascinated with searching them out.    There are several method, one involves opening magazines or books of different themes.   You find 22 at random words.   You then arrange the words in two columns   one of the left side of your paper one on the right(or computer). Now, use 2 dice and shake, mark the first word on the rt and lt with the same number.   Go through your list.

Now roll a pair of dice again, you perhaps get a 6 and 7 now pick from your(2 lists) there are 2 choices for each number  line 6 blue and disk   line 7 film and toothpick.   Picked:   6. blue  7. toothpick
See what you can write about or create.     This isn't mine(but the~ author of the article)

Jason stood outside the diner picking his teeth.  He wasn't in any hurry, besides, his cousin was always late.
Then from out of the blue, a silver Mercedes squealed around the corner and slammed into a telephone pole. Jason didn't know it at the time, but his life was beginning to get very dangerous very quickly.  ~Anthony D. Fredericks

When I want clues or insight to a craft project, sometimes I will open different books at random, 5x.
It is interesting to see if you get a message or not.  Most of the time I do this, something speaks to me, that I'm in the right direction or I get a new idea.     Try it; Prowl a bit and see what you find, I know you aren't looking for prey, but you are looking for an idea that you are unable to resist!   Something that pounces at you,  so Pay Attention~

*(Pay Attention is from artist/author Susan Tuttle)  Susan is the author of Exhibition 36


Candylei said…
Hi I came back to soak up some words by reading your blog. Often I think writing is alot like playing scrabble, you pick letters by chance and have to put something artsy together.
Haha..I know it's funny, but really everyone has all the same words to play with! We are just sometimes scared (?) to put down our true ideas and feelings.
Money is not the driving force for true writers I've found (although it helps.) It's those who are willing to reveal themselves layer by later...like you!
Hope your day is great!
Linda said…
Ellie: I like it! I am not a writer, except on my blog, and your word of the day started my mind whirling. Your use of alliteration is great, and especially the paragraph on creative and non-creative people.
Most enjoyable and interesting. made Perfect reading.

Ellie said…
Hi Candylei, Linda and Yvonne,
Candylei...i love the comparison to Scrabble; I can spell better than my husband, but he will win more. It is almost always close. When he
asks me to spell a word, it just rattles me that he can't spell well! Thank you so much for your compliment( I don't think of myself as a writer, but lately I have been told, I show promise)...Thank you!!!(((hugs)))

Linda, I can't take credit, a lot of what I wrote is the author I quoted. I rewrote some of his ideas...the paragraph you mentioned,
I did change it up, but perhaps not enough :~D
I am not writer, either except in blogland and
I was published on Crescendoh...I'm in the archives in March, under Readers Share. I like that your mind was whirling! I was thinking, not just about art n' writing, but
how I find my inspiration for blog post and my art. Thank-you!(((hugs)))

Yvonne, Thank you, I look forward to your poetry, I will come visit soon! You always inspire~(((hugs)))
Now that's a good idea!
B. Miller said…
Nice post! And a great idea too. Thanks for sharing! I love reading your blog, Ella! :D
Wow, you've put in so much effort to your posts. I love this one, it even has a handy dandy exercise to try :-)
Great choice for P. I like the different viewpoints on how writer's find their "muse." Great job!
Grammy said…
A great idea! I may try it sometime if I am at a loss for a subject. Thanks for the plan!ff
Very cool Ellie, I'm gonna have to try to that random book thing and see if something speaks to me. :) I'm lovin your posts!

Jen said…
You nailed it Ellie!!! The ending made me laugh with all the P's being used, your creative juices were flowing!!!
Watery Tart said…
Oh, what an interesting strategy for idea generating! I have ALWAYS thought my great strength isn't my imagination (I don't generate new worlds) but in puzzle mastery--pulling together things in a new way. I have participating in short fiction challenges to include this that and the other thing, and it makes us really stretch (though sometimes with very silly ends) but I love the idea of tapping that strategy THIS WAY from time to time for stories!