Cold feet

You know that feeling, you think your mind is set and then your feet start to shuffle slowly, you start to think I'm not good enough, what was I thinking?!  Should I do it anyway, in spite of my fear, my doubt?! I'm not frozen in one place or am I? If I don't start putting myself out there, will I wonder, what IF?!  You will you!  We have to keep pushing the envelope, move onward and upward, try, try again...  We have to take the first step, think positive, take at chance, risk it all, expect the best, follow your bliss, etc.   There is so much talent and undiscovered talent, don't we owe it to ourselves to push forward and see what we can do.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”
- Will Rogers

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
- Christopher Columbus

Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

When in doubt, do it anyway; Taking these tiny steps toward your goal, releases your soul, allows sunshine to fill the cracks of doubt.  We all carry the burden of what if, we if don't try...  Even if we don't succeed, knowing we tried, gives us courage to continue to have faith in ourselves and continue on the path of loving what we do.   Do what you love or at least take tiny steps towards it.  You will grow into your best self~


KarenG said…
Inspirational and lovely. What is the picture? It looks so cool. Did you take that?
Lovely Ellie, I never used to think like that but then I realised that sitting down doing nothing was a sin. I got more positive and my self confidence is on the up and up.
Your write was very inspirational and I loved it.

I am doing it anyway!
Ellie said…
Hi KarenG-I made it to submit to a magazine; it is for a challenge, using wax paper. I am being brave on Monday and mailing it off, with dust n' dreams enclosed, tee,hee. Thank you~

Hi Yvonne-I use to tuck my ideas aside, other matters needed more attention. I really think you need to submit some of your poems in or make a book on Your work is lovely~

Hi Alex-Yes, you are doing it,but you must of had cold feet at some point in time?! Bravo, for moving forward and look where you are...I can't wait to read your dream turned reality~
Chary Johnson said…
This was really motivational. I love the quotes. They were really well chosen. Great post!
Will Burke said…
My immediate plan is "read a few Blogs, then write." You've lit the fire under my pants, now I'll read less and produce sooner -- Thank You!
Ellie said…
Hi Chary-Thank you, so much~

Will-any time; You have motivated me to look at things differently, too~ You're welcome~
Hart Johnson said…
Great reminders, Ellie! I love that Will Rogers one. I think sometimes we get on a path and forget that doesn't mean we can quit moving. That art piece with the pic of the girls is amazing. I love old photos--especially if the people have some connection to me, even if I never knew them.

I just put some corrections in a few chapters to send to my writing sisters... doing the blog thing until dinner, then will get back to the WiP
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I love, LOVE, LOVE the new look of your site. How creative and beautiful! Wow! GREAT photo of your grandparents. Methinks you look a bit like your grandma? I look like mine as well. Dont old photos make you nostalgic? there they are , so young and beautiful, all the hard things yet to go through, all the aging and illness..........are the two little girls your mom and her sister?

The whole look of this page is amazing. Great job.

As for your sentiments.........I wrote a story about that very thing and will be posting it right after my Project Genesis post is over - it will be up for a few days to give people time to find it.......then watch for Love Song to Clayoquot Sound...........

Great job on your site, it looks way cool.
Jules said…
Oh, how this post hit home. My feet feel like they are in a block of dry ice. Thank you for the encouragement to apply heat, what a special post.

By the way, I love your photography. Any tips for photoshop? I'm trying to learn it on my own.

Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Ellie said…
Jules-I'm not using any photo editoring, yet. I want to, I am trying to figure out what to buy.
Basically, I just layer stuff, lace, waxed paper,
etc. It gives it an unique look....
If you find a good one, let me know...
Thank you so much! Best hint, get close, fill the frame and play with your camera. We have the advantage of taking 10 of 1 pic and we can delete.
Thank you so much~

Sherry-I look forward to your posts, they sound fascinating~ I do look my grandmother; I have been told this and her young photos, there is also a resemblance. Two little girls just a find online, I wanted to use them in this art piece. I think they might be twins or the same child in a series of shots. Thank you so much... I look forward to your sentimental post and the Love Song!!!

Hart-Thank you; I love the look, the clothing and the stories one can imagine just looking at them! I have a young girl age 14; I think I could write a book, just from this one photo!
You can do it!!! It is a mindset; once we make up our mind...same for me, with exercise and eating well(healthy). Wax paper does give it a warm, magically quality~

You all are convincing me, I need to submit these, Thank you!
Ellie said…
I meant I have a photo of a fourteen yr old girl period type probably 1800's and just the look of it, causes a story to surface~ Yes, I also have a 14yr old...too~
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
excellent post, Ellie!!! i experienced some of that myself in the past week. fear can really shut a person down.
Ellie said…
Hi Bud-I hope you are doing better! I agree, it really can get you down. I tried to comment on your blog and couldn't...maybe a glitch on my end~
Ellie said…
I do crop and brighten some of my pics, but that is it for now. I would love to do digital art; I'd have to start, at the baby, beginner level!
Wanda said…
Ellie, my dear have you been listing in on my conversations? My aunt and I were talking about basically the same thing earlier this evening. Me thinks my feet may be frozen in some places ;)
Ellie said…
Wanda-wow, this has happened a lot lately with us...mmmh! I think we need a few hugs to thaw us out and help us pick up momentum! xXx
Ciss B said…
Very wise words, Ella. But we are so taught to conform and fit in by the establishment that to be creative and totally ones self you must do so much more than just step out...and we're not taught that failure is part of living either, so failure if you try can kill so many people's dream.

Is that a reason not to try? No. But it can make it so much harder than it should be to try, fail and try again.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, thanks for your kind are a faithful reader:) I actually did write a book about my journey with my son through his schizophrenia...but it needs a really solid edit and to be submitted. Every time I try it gets hard and I stop. So I shall take some inspiration from what you wrote here today and tackle it this fall when hopefully life will slow down a bit...........after that, I would like to write my life story, it would be like an entirely different book every decade! Hee hee. Thanks again.
Ellie said…
Ciss B-so true, we aren't taught this and it is a shame! I tend to be brave, then view other people's work and retreat. I told myself not this time. It is hard, you are right. We need more reality courses in our formative years. I really wished my last year of high school had been more about, surviving in the real world, coping techniques, etc. It takes courage to put yourself out there; a real force field to not let negativity or lack of response not bring us down. Well said~ Point taken!

Sherry-I could see why this would be a hard subject to edit. You must relive it every time you begin. Why not start your life story now...
then edit the other book. It may help you to reverse this order. I would love to read your story, a different book every decade...mmmh, yeah, I think I could do that as!
My truth is so strange that it would read like fiction.
i love the new look chairs, old photos and you look like your paternal grandmother I think.. funnel pancakes... did not come out well me and grease don't mix... talk soon
Ellie said…
Lisa-I do; Thanks! mmh, wonder what happened?!
Do tell, you n' grease don't mix?!
Mr. Stupid said…
This was a great post. Love those quotes. The one by Will Rogers is so true. I did learn that a bit late but I'm glad I did. This was very inspirational. Thank you...:)
Ellie said…
Thank you Mr. S-I love reading about your lessons and your names for people; You are so creative!
I am learning late, too~ I think it is the fear of regret, it enables me to move forward!
Hi Ellie!!!!!

I wanted to come here and visit and THANK YOU for being one of my newest followers and I totally got lost in your wonderful inspiration!!!! Your comment led me here and this was the best treat today!!!!
I love your words of inspiration. You have a wonderful soul girl :))))

Have a wonderful weekend coming and please do keep in touch~
Ellie said…
Hi Jodie,
Thanks for visiting me~I will keep in touch and stop by and visit you! Thanks for making my day!xXx
Anonymous said…
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