Guerilla Poetry

I provided a prompt yesterday, at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, to try some Guerilla Poetry.  A dare if you will, to expose your poem or one you like to the world. Today I printed out 3 poems, Hope by Emily Dickinson, Pablo Neruda's poem Bird and in honor of Halloween, an Edgar Allan Poe poem.   I was going to go to the library, but didn't make it. It was warm and breezy and I stopped for an Iced Coffee at Starbucks, which is located in a grocery store. There were so many people, I was intimidated, but knew I had to come through.  I went over as I was adding some Splenda and half n' half to my treat and using Post it tape, stuck it below the spice section.  I saw the barista smile at me, when my camera flashed. She was busy, but I wondered what she thought.  Next stop I hit the book, magazine section. There was a stuffed animal sitting oddly on a stack of books, as if some child had wanted it, but was told not today. I taped a poem to the large tag on the bear.  Next stop, big box store. I knew the Poe poem had to go in the Halloween section. Perfect, a lot of people will see it.  Many are still purchasing last minute items for the holiday.  An old man smiled at me, when I hurried out of the aisle, I saw him reading it.  The other poems, I did not observe anyone viewing them. I will try this again, when I have more time to linger and see how those around me react.  It was fun and I enjoyed thinking about who would find it and what their reaction will be. I am going to an art show on Saturday, yes I entered a photo.  I just may try it there and will be able to see the reactions.  Do you think that is cheating?  A lot of people come to purchase the art...What do you think?  I am thinking quotes might be fun too~  Have you ever done anything like this?

Poets United prompt #72  this week is Writer's Block, I have had this lately, but now to write a poem about it?!  Yikes!  I have felt drained this month.  A lot has happened,  my Mom moved into her new place, I wasn't there. My son's car accident, he is fine. Surgery... bleck...not a big deal, but the side effects where a pain, etc.   It has been an odd month... My writing seems to be influenced, by my mood. When I am stressed, it just doesn't flow the same.

Zig zagged thoughts demand balance
Sieved memories punctured
mushroom brain lacks luster
dullness disputes hope's view
Pressure probes endless thought
Biorhythms  low
Mystery high
Cycle of 3 encompass daily path
Symbolic trust will return
Patience must remain intact
Past connects the course
To hope’s door


Kerry O'Connor said…
How brave of you to lead a sole poetry attack at the stores - I'm sure many people got a kick out of the poetry, and wondering how it had got there, what it all meant. Next, I'd like to hear that you left an Ella original out there - perhaps in the pages of a returned library book - because you know a reader will find it one day in the unknown future.
Melissa Bradley said…
I love the guerilla poetry poetry attack, especially in the big box store. People should read more poetry and I think that something in a store or a Starbuck's like that is the perfect places to do that. I have never done anything like that, but I have been known to leave behind books on buses, etc.
That is brave. Doesn't sound like cheating to me - do it. And hopefully you can catch some reactions.
Yes Ella a brave thing to do with the poetry.
Enjoyed reading your blog, not sure how to write a poem about writers block though.

Have a good week-end.
Jules said…
LOL, we would have SO MUCH fun together! I love that idea, maybe we could try this with parking tips on cars. :)

Not cheating, go for it. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Mary said…
I like "past connects the past to hope's door." Thankfully, the writers' blog always comes to an end.

As for the guerilla poetry attack, not cheating at all. I say leave poetry everywhere. I agree with Kerry. Sometimes leave a poem of your own.
sunny said…
like the poetry Ella,especially teddy bear.
Kim Nelson said…
By channeling your challenges, you created one of the best pieces I've seen today. Well done!
rch said…
Hi Ella, good one and I love your alliteration.
Janelle said…
I hope that the next month is more pleasant for you, it is no fun being stressed out all the time.
I love the idea of leaving poetry or art for other people to enjoy in unexpected places. I have never done this, but maybe someday.
Hart Johnson said…
I LOVE that guerilla poetry idea! Fabulous! And i think you did a great job with your poem. I'm glad your son is okay and hope all the other stuff evens out.
Peter Goulding said…
Bravo Ella! I always think the taking a photo of it in the shop is the trickiest bit!
Philip Thrift said…
My brain goes zigzag too.
Too many things to do.
Judy Roney said…
This resonates. My writing is certainly influenced by my mood of the day. I especially like, "mushroom brain lacks luster"
"Pressure probes endless thought
Anonymous said…
mushroom brain is so cool
Dave King said…
This is brilliant. Quite inspirational.
kaykuala said…
Guerilla poetry! That is a great idea Ella! Perfectly acceptable! We must make as many people aware. Excellent verse!

sunny said…
Ella waiting for you on my blog
sunny said…
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Dave King said…
Totally fascinating. You've opened up a wholly new avenue for me to explore. Thank you.
That's a great idea. I did the same with a book, as part of bookcrossing but I don't think I would have the courage to go around in public places taping poems. You were very brave. :)
Lynne Moncrieff said…
Hi Ellen
I had to come visit and say congratulations on your article in Somerset.
I have only glanced at the issue but your article is a stand-out.
My pieces are merely in the Readers' Expressions, I have such a long way to go before I can be as an artist like yourself.
Ella said…
Lynne-You are so kind to say this; thank you! I'm touched, but your Garden of Possibilities article in Sew Somerset is one of my favs! I loved it; I have looked for something similar in this country, but can't find it, yet :D Your art is stunning; it evokes so much beauty and charm! ATB @>----

Delia-I love this; do tell me more!
I will be by to visit! The worst part for me, was taking photos! You tend to catch attention that way, especially when the flash goes off~ ;D

Dave-You made my week! Thank you~

Sunny-Life has been crazy, but I will stop by! :D I made 50 Monster cupcakes for a party. Yes, my monsters helped, lol~

Hank-Yes, so true! I hate to think of the lack of exposure, today! It won't hurt to share and expose beauty of the written word ;D
Thank you!

Dave-I stand corrected, you have made my month ;D Thank you~

Zongrik-Check this out: I found inspiration in my yard :D
Yes, they are....
I really liked your poem, especially the ending.
Ella said…
Thank you Madeleine, I did arrive at hope's door, which is always a good place to be~

Judy-Thank you; I bet a lot of us are~ I enjoyed your version!

Philip-Thanks for sharing! It is nice to know I'm not alone~ :D

Peter-Thank you, I so agree! It was no big deal, till I had the camera out. I saw people watching me out of the corner of my eye~
Then I felt odd~ I will do it again! I love what you posted ;D

Hart-Thanks you; things arrive in 3's for me. Yes, it was fun! Now, you make me think of naked poetry, lol ;D

Janelle-Thank you; yes try it and let me know~ Oh, with the holidays coming leaving positive quotes things to inspire the true meaning~

rch-Thank you so much~ :D

Kim-Thank you, that means a lot~
Maybe my muse woke up; she has been a zombie lately~

Thank you Sunny! I thought it would attract attention :D

Mary-I will be brave and try it!
I think though I would want to observe if I did~ ;D Thank you; I wanted to leave it on a positive note~
Ella said…
Jules-You crack me up~ Yes, trying to add some cheer! I know when you travel again; you need to stop by! We can make some mischief in the Dismal Swamp ;D

Yvonne-It was a difficult challenge!
I bet you could do it~ Thank you :D

Alex-I will try again and be brave and use one of my own! Then I will have to wait and see what the reaction is ;D

Melissa-How generous and kind you are~ I love that idea... Yes, I thought those places would be interesting! I will do it again ;D

Kerry-Thank you; I might just do that, but I will put one poem in each genre. If I am real brave I'll add my email and see what kind of reaction I get...don't know if I am that brave?!
Scarlett Clay said…
I can just picture you running around taping poems up!! What a fun idea!

Here's hoping November will be a better month, very LOW stress and good health!

Ella said…
Yes Scarlett, let's hope~ I hope you and yours are doing better @>------
I love how you did that! I bet your heart was pounding. I've kind of done that, but with business cards. I stick them in books at Wal Mart or stash them at check out counters.

I wish you the best!

Ella said…
I love that Elizabeth; I am going to do something similar ;D

I am intrigued by your book~ Congrats!!!