Kerry of Toads had a Wednesday challenge, to write a poem like the art form, Triptych. I was inspired by my son's Betta fish, Dante. I get a kick out of how cat curious he is. I put books up by his tank and photos. He always swims by to check'em out.  Bettas are quite clever. They like to be sung to.  Did I do that, heck yeah, why not.... Of course I sang Under the Sea, to him. ;D    Maybe he would prefer this song:


I cheated and printed a photo of him, and folded it 3 times.  A lame attempt at a Triptych. I would like to make one sometime!  He swam down to check out the book I set up for him to see. ;D

Wings alter my marbled butterfly
 his dragon scales
  arouse his
veil of fear
as he glides
 half moon, half sun 
passion ripples
in translucent crystals 
his armor shines
curving his body back n' forth
he arches
hoping for a nuptial embrace
in limbo's labyrinth

bubble nest forms
ruby red flared fear
protecting his world
his dragon's breath
glows like
Dante's flame
twists and turns
proud fierce Papa pride
in your robe 
surpassing beauty
on monarch's throne

Dancing in fractured light
shadows of foreboding lurk
as your kingdom blazes
your eminence grows brighter
as eloquent dance ignites
 sword's gleam
the fight ends when one dragon withdraws

I also wanted to show you what my friend Lynne sent me! She is so talented, look close at all the wonderful details of her work on this tag. She also included a special piece of sheer garden fleece. She used in her art and was featured in  this publication; gorgeous!  Thank you Lynne, your art always inspires!  Visit Lynne at her blog, Adorn~
If you are visiting from the IWSG via Alex, check the next post! I was hyper today and posted twice~


Such wonderful words Ella so hearfelt.
The gift also is lovely.
Already read your IWSG post.

Daydreamertoo said…
I loved the Beta fish, in the UK we call then Siamese fighting fish. I had several 2 foot and 3 foot tropical fish tanks over the years and always had one in it. Even had female for the male too. Sadly they only live for about 2 years but, aren't they lovely. I cried when mine died. Aww
Beautiful prose and the gift you were sent is lovely.
Ella said…
I did the 3 stages of the Betta, being in love, having a family and fighting to protect them. I think I might have to try this form again. I don't think I got it quite right~
Try, try again!

Daydreamertoo-I love this Betta, he is so curious and fun! I swear I have never seen such a curious clown.
I am sorry to hear this...we do get attached and they have such unique personalities! Thank you...
Thanks for sharing, too~

Yvonne-Thank you; Yes the tag is really stunning, so pretty!
Li said…
I love your choice of subject - it's amazing that he checks out the books you leave for him! Make sure there are no seafood cookbooks close by, please :-)
Lolamouse said…
Cool fish and a really cool poem! I learned something about betas also! I love that tag. I think I'm going to have to go back to my craft room real soon!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I think you were very clever to fold your photo of Dante three times, then offer three perspectives of the same fish. What I really love about this poem is how you brought the magical elements of this fish alive to us through your descriptions and word choice. It's not easy to capture the play of colours, or the texture of this beautiful creature, but you presented it so well to the mind's eye. Thanks for trying out the triptych idea, and I hope you write another one for us to enjoy.
Teresa said…
Love the fish and the poem. I think animals are very often underestimated for their curiosity and intelligence.
Mystic_Mom said…
I liked that you folded the photo, and folded the life of the fish as well, very good! I love the colors of your fish, I'm tempted to get one! :-) A real treat!
Kay L. Davies said…
I haven't responded to this challenge yet, so I'd best get busy.
I love what you've done. I think you nailed the triptych challenge.
I once had a big tank of fish with one gorgeous big blue Beta in it. He somehow managed to jump through the small slit between the tank and the lid, and I found him under the dresser I used to hold the tank. I put him back in the water, but his tail and fins fell off. I guess he was under there long enough for his beautiful fins and tail to dry out, but not long enough for him to die. I don't know how long it was, but I was so happy I rescued him. He lived quite a long time after that, but he never re-grew his former splendor.
Kristin said…
Ella! What a beautiful post. Your poem is so engaging and creative and I love having "met" the star first ;)
And your gift is beautiful too - congratulations! xoox
Mary said…
Ella, I have always enjoyed Beta fish; and your poem, sharing different facets, was very special. Interesting that you can see the personality in this fish!
Melissa Bradley said…
You have such a gift for verse. It astounds and amazes me each and every time I read one of your poems. You should combine them al in a volume of poems. I would love to keep these to read over again.
Anonymous said…
i adore the idea of a tiny fish with cat curiosity! enjoyed your triptych very much! {smile}
Mary Ann Potter said…
A delightful post, Ellen. Your fish poem is beautifully done. And that gift tag you received is so creative. Life is good. God fills our lives with such joy!
Herotomost said…
I love when someone can take the every day things that are right in front of them and make art such as this. To be able to look at things through this lens is truly a gift. and your friends artwork....very cool thanks for sharing.
Liza said…
Love your poem and the music is stunning...especially the line, "don't take from me what you don't need."
Lynne Moncrieff said…
Happy Thursday Ella
You are too sweet including my wee tag on this post.
Your creativity leaves me speechless, a Renaissance Woman is what I view you as with your talent for prose and verse, art and photography, you can do it all with such ease.
Wishes to you my friend.
hedgewitch said…
This was really vivid, Ella, and as always your photography really enhances and illuminates the writing. I have kept fish before and find them fascinating, though never a beta--he's gorgeous, and your words describe him well. Thanks again for the use of your teapot picture for my piece--it was perfect.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Somehow, in my Being Tired, I missed this challenge have done it so well - cant believe how much material you got from a goldfish, you are truly a poet. Love the triptych photo and LOVE the beautiful tag your friend made. Wowzers!
Ella said…
So happy everyone like Dante! I will be back to comment, off to grab more birthday supplies! Thank you!
anthony stemke said…
Fish are very interesting and curious, the betta included. The poem is beautiful. I can only think of two "sea" songs "La Mere" and "Sea of Love"
anthony stemke said…
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Ella said…
I'll be back to comment! The Zombies have taken over(birthday party)
Ella said…
I survived the party, but the day before the one with the full moon played some tricks on me. I was headed to get supplies and locked my keys in my vehicle. I did manage to get my son who was heading to work to rescue me. The spare key was on hubby's key chain. I ended up driving his car, but no time for errands. I had to go pick up daughter from colorguard practice. After a rushed dinner, took off to shop. I spilled berries all over the place and my cart blew away in the parking lot, with groceries and purse in it, of course. I ran after it and cursed the crazy day. I rushed home, tossed groceries in house and then drove to pick up son from work. The Zombies arrived early, but all went well~
Ella said…
Thank you Anthony! I love your song picks! Yes fish are fun to watch :D

Sherry-Thank you, I had a good subject! ;D I know Lynne's art is stunning~

Hedgewitch-I am happy you used the tea pot! I loved your poem~
You would love this type of fish :D
Thank you so much~

Lynne-You say the nicest things Lynne! I do think Renaissance fits, I was looking at a book about this type. They have difficulty deciding where to put their energy. Yes, I want to do so many things! Wishes to you and I can't wait to experiment with what you sent! You are such a generous, talented soul!

Liza-I love your name ;D Thank you! I have to go listen to it again~ Thank you so much :D

Herotomost-Thank you so much! I think all poets have this kind of eye! I have seen you do ;D I was happy to share her talent. She is amazing!

Mary Ann Potter-Yes, life is good! I love your filled with inspiration and spirit! Thank you so much~

myheartslovesongs-He really does, I know I had to include that, lol!
Thank you so much!
Ella said…
Melissa-This means so much! Thank you I am playing with this idea! Thank you for your support~ The Zombie fest is over! Now I can resume my normal schedule. I will be by to visit you soon~ Thanks again~

Mary-I love animals and this fish is such a character! I surround his tank with books and art. He likes it ;D lol

Kristin-Yes, Dante is a star! Thank you so much! :D xo

Kay-Oh Kay, I am so happy you found him. My son had one jump out and no one was around. This is why we have netting on top of the tank now. I can't get over how gorgeous they are! The blue ones are beautiful~ Glad you saved your fish!!!

Mystic Mom-Oh, let me know if you do! They are fairly easy to care for, but do some research. They only can be with certain fish and a mate. They are fighting, attack type fish. Thank you~

Teresa-Thank you! I so agree with you. I think people just don't pay attention~

Kerry-Thank you, I enjoyed writing about this magical fish. I do feel he is unique and hoped I portrayed his beauty. I will try another one, sometime. I enjoyed the challenge! :D

Lolamouse-Oh, Lola if you do I want to see what you make! I hope it inspires a poem :D Thank you~

Li-You are so funny, lol I will be respectful ;D I mainly chose artsy books and art for him. He loves this photo of girl right now. I will honor your request :D