S is for SOS

My SOS means Save Our Souls.  Do you do something every day that saves you?  I know many of you are going to say blogging and writing. Maybe prayer or exercise saves you or doing a kind act... We deserve time out, it saves us on so many levels.  I think of it as the oxygen mask on the plane. You have to put it on first, before you can help others. I have always felt uncomfortable with this concept, but it is true. I had to get over this feeling when I first became diabetic. Sometimes I have to eat candy before a meal. Yeah, trying to explain that one to your three year old right before dinner. Sometimes I have needed to test my blood sugar in public. I don't like people staring at me, but  I didn't have a choice. Think crowded airplane again and long line for the bathroom.

I think for me, nature is what saves me. I go outside every day and connect with it. Take photos, be inspired by something I see, perhaps write about it. I love seeing the birds on my deck post in the morning singing. I love investigating and seeing things I might not have noticed.

A walk in nature recharges my batteries. What works for you?


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Kay L. Davies said…
You're so right about nature. It restores the soul.
Friends refresh my spirits, too. When I meet with friends, there is almost always laughter, which is said to be the best medicine.
A nature walk with laughing friends must be very powerful medicine.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I do love a nice fat green caterpillar and a tiny bird - such a treat to see them both here.
Epilepsy still carries a stigma, which is sad as it can happen to anyone at anytime. I am Epileptic and to SOS have to take medication regulary whether you're out shopping or at a concert. But as I said when first diagnosed Epilepsy is going to live with ME and not me with IT.

loved that photo Ella.
Have a peaceful Sunday.
Going to the gym after work and playing my guitar in the evening both save my sanity. So does reading a few passages out of the Bible every morning before I go to work. Those things not only save me, but probably those around me!
Wanda said…
Oh I like that save our souls. Somethings we are so busy pouring into others that we forget about ourselves.
Anonymous said…
I agree, Ella - we do have to take care of ourselves if we're to be of any use to our loved ones (or anyone else). And for me too, nature is large in the way of saving, if nothing else, my sanity. BTW, those pink blossoms (in your photo) are simply gorgeous!
Scarlett Clay said…
I can relate to the way nature soothes and saves..I don't have a lot of connection with it in the area we're in, but whenever I have the chance to get closer to nature I always come back refreshed and revitalized. Beautiful photos!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Such a good, affirming post, Ella......your art also saves you - and inspires the rest of us. Thank you for staying true to it.

What is the purple plant on your header photo? Is it lavender? It is so beautiful. I must have some!!!!
Anna Smith said…
I love listening to the rain and birds singing :)
Hannah said…
Oh, this is so where my heart went at first and I didn't know how to pursue with words...you've done so eloquently and made it so beautifully personal. I love this and keep putting yourself first the benefits are showing! :)
Becky Shander said…
Yes, spending time in and around nature is soothing to me also. And your photos are the perfect example of some of the outdoor things that I love.
I don't consider myself a "nature girl" so to speak but I do love walking on the beach. It both soothes me and renews me at the same time. :)

Happy A-Z!
Laura said…
Hi Ella, it is much the same for me...being outside lifts my spirits no matter what...and yes it is true...we have to take good care of ourselves first in order to be as openhearted, healthy and loving as possible for everyone else.
Cheryl Klarich said…
Hi Ella,
I love to walk my dog and pray... walking is perfectly suited to getting in touch with God- maybe it's the rhythm of it. One step at a time gets you there.

Lovely post.
Melissa Bradley said…
It's sad, but I have been so nose to the grindstone that I haven't taken time for anything. I love to walk and just breathe. Hopefully I can do that very soon.
Ella said…
Melissa-Cut loose and take 10 minutes for you! It will help your spirit so much (((hugs)))

Cheryl-It is like moving meditation.
My dog loves to walk ;D

Laura-It is true! Thanks Laura I needed to remind myself of this words yesterday. I was tangled up in memories cleaning out the attic. :D

Madeline-Whatever works...the beach is a wonderful place to reflect! :D

Becky-Thank you! You have often posted stunning photos with reflected thoughts! Nature really does nurture~

Jules-aawwwe, yes the universal language! That will do it ;D

Hannah-You are sweet! I'm rarely first, but I'm learning what works and what doesn't~ We all need time out ;D Thank you~

Anna-Beautiful, both lyrical and moving~

Sherry-It is lavender! :D Yes, art does it, too~ Thank you!

Scarlett-Take time when you can!
It really does calm one's spirit~
Thank you!
Ella said…
Turtlememoir-Thank you! Yes, it is a big outlet for me,too. I have missed my long walks(pollen has been really bad). I may dig the umbrella out today and go in the rain ;D

Wanda-Well said, as always ;D
Our own form of release, like rain~

Alex-Nice! I agree, it saves those around me, too! :D

Yvonne-You have a wonderful spirit!
I too try to live that way~
Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you! Did I inspire a poem? ;D

Kay-Yes, walking and laughing with friends sounds like the best of both worlds! I have a friend that does that to me~ Great answer :D
I'd say music, for sure.
Ella said…
Jaycee-I agree, music is a great way to escape, linger and help bounce our mood :D
Ella said…
Jaycee-I agree, music is a great way to escape, linger and help bounce our mood :D
Amanda Trought said…
Lovely photos as always, I go into the garden, or for a walk, I'm always amazed at how good it feels, Amanda