Off With Your Head

Yes, the performance did happen! They did a great job~


kaykuala said…
That's just wonderful Ella! What a spectacular performance!

Mary said…
Very impressive, Ella.
E.J. Wesley said…
Very cool! Well done ladies! :-)
Mark Means said…
Very cool and great job by all! :)
Anonymous said…
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Carol Kilgore said…
Great performance! Standing O from Texas!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Fantastic, kiddo, and Angela really threw herself into it - she's good! Loved it!
Anonymous said…
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Yolanda Renee said…
Such fun, and so well done. Thank you for sharing!
Cynthia said…
This is so well choreographed and organized. Bravo!
Michael Di Gesu said…
A very interesting and unusual interpretation. WELL DONE!

Congrats to you and the company!
Shallee said…
What a fabulous idea for a performance! Loved that, thanks for sharing.
Ella said…
Hi Shallee-Thank you, they did a great job ;D I am glad you enjoyed it!

Vicki-Thank you! It was fun to see and they did really well. Difficult moves- ;D

Michael-Yes, the choreography is amazing! I will tell my daughter-my part costume for the Queen. It wasn't want I wanted, but the queen was happy and that is all that counts, lol! ;D Thank you~

Cynthia-I will tell the girls~ They had a lot of fun preparing for this night ;D Thank you~

Yolanda-:D Thank you! It was vibrant live and so fun~

Susan-Hi, thank you :D

Sherry-Thank you! She did...her mouth must of her all that snarling! She is a happy girl-wicked only comes out when it comes to hair, lol! She reminds me of my mother, that way~ ;D

Carol-Thank you! I will tell them~
They will love that ;D

Mark-Thank you! Yes, it was fun to be able to witness the magic and fun to share ;D

Kay-Hi...thank you! They had a blast~ ;D

EJ-I will tell them! ;D The rabbit is back-under the deck, lol
I thought of you and your hound~

Mary-Thank you! I will pass this along ;D

Alex-Thank you ;D

Hank-Thank you~ :D Yes, they were thrilled to perform it~