Poetic Heart of Google-

Samuel at dVerse inspired us to try a listing type poem.  He mentioned this site: 
Googlism!  Go ahead type in your name and see what magic appears for you or curse.  


Ella is a new zine
she ends with the beginning-
 Ella is a  "new twist on an old fairytale"
     enchanting retelling of cinderELLA with alien fashions
Ella is determined to free herself from the curse
    which she has grown accustomed
     she must live like a teenager in a fictional medieval village
     where people look like cats n' dogs
Ella is looking for an awesome cello player to release her spell
Ella is a "real Maine camp" located on the Sunday river in Newry
Ella must confront the ogre to win back her creative muse
Ella is artistically driven and will succeed
    she knows the force is on her side
    she has come too far to give up
    she is kind, dedicated to the movie Amelie
    and will return all the toys to their rightful owners
    after the fashion show with Dr. Chandi
    and her yoga class, after her library dues are paid in full
Ella must give popcorn to the world n' poems to break the curse
    and dress like an alien
    perform with Pentatonix
    and plan one hell of a blog party in Kansas
    yes, Ella has red shoes---------
which make her better n' stronger!
    now let's celebrate and be free, 
so free to celebrate--------



That was both funny and musical.
Now, where's my popcorn?
Brian Miller said…
haha...good luck on breaking that curse if you have to live like a teenager that should be relatively simple...lol....very fun! kansas here i come....smiles.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
OMG this is hilarious, original and has some serious messages going on. I ESPECIALLY love Ella must confront the Ogre to win back her creative muse". Ha! But given this poem I think your muse is already seriously active. What a HOOT!
Mary said…
Ha, this made me smile, Ella. I definitely picture you as a red-shoes-kind-of-person!
Grace said…
I am smiling here Ella specially with the popcorn & dressing like an alien ~ Who knew, smiles ~
Anonymous said…
Ella and everyone else "must confront the ogre to win back her creative muse"! ~
Katie said…
I love this tale!! :-)
Truedessa said…
This was fun to read a new twist on an old fairytale..cinderElla..gotta free yourself from that curse..
Margaret said…
"new twist on an old fairytale" … and cello players are awesome as are red shoes. Your have the best google name so far!
Claudia said…
nice... i do hope you find that cello player you know...love cello music... some say it is the instrument that is closest to the human voice... i think i have to go and find one as well..smiles
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, Ellen! How fun! I went to that site yesterday and found cool things. Loved, loved, loved your poem ---- so much so that I too will put on my red shoes!
Crystal Collier said…
Awesome! How I want to see this Ella dressed as an alien. In fact, why don't we have a national "dress like an alien" day?
Crystal Collier said…
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Björn said…
Thank you for the popcorn...
Poet Laundry said…
Red shoes! That's what I must be missing! Loved this Ella...so fun!
rudyan said…
you have a great name with good possibilities... & you picked just the right isms to make this a really fun poem to read :)
humbird said…
'Ella - new zine' ~ fun writing, and you got so many characters here,- let's celebrate!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone!!! I will be back to comment. I am under the influence of Benadryll and have discovered aliens have issues with human meds. I also covered my body with Vicks Vapor Rub-it smothers Chiggers! I was chigger free and my husband got them and gave them back to me! I will get my powers back, but for now I need meds to make me sleep.
I also have blisters all over my chest from cooking everyone popcorn. Yeah, a rogue kernel took a dive down my shirt-so this is why no SELFIE! I will dress up when I am better-either as myself or an elf~ ATB! Thank you everyone so much~ I will try to comment and make rounds tomorrow!
Susan said…
OZ-Ella is totally cool. I love how you wove in and out of Cinderella here. "Amelie" is the perfect movie! What a riot all the references are ... I'll come to the blog party in Kansas if I can bring my car and bypass the tornado. (Do not stay up all night if you want to rid yourself for rash and chiggers and regain your strength.)
Anonymous said…
Good lick in your acts of confrontation with ogres! A great, fun read :)
Gabriella said…
What a lot if varsity in your poem! "she must live like a teenager in a fictional medieval village" is my favorite. Just lovely!
Anonymous said…
What fun you must have had. I started laughing around the medieval village and chuckled the rest of the way through. Love the story you wove.
very cool...i'm off to see what I can find...
Semaphore said…
Witty, provocative, hilarious, and always enchanting - you made this a beautifully-crafted experiment pitting expressionism and the calculated algorithms of the search engine. A wonderful read!
Wanda said…
Okay, I couldn't resist. Google thinks some pretty weird things of me. Hope you're doing well.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you! I know it is a riot isn't it and than there are a few shocking ones! I am still fighting the chigger war. Dreadful things-I never knew~

Semaphore-Thank you so much! I will stop by and see what you have been up to~ ;D

Aspiritofsimplicty-It is very cool to see what google has gathered! Thank you~

Margoroby-I did embellish just a wee bit ;D Thank you~

Gabriella-I had fun~ Besides right now I feel like I do live in a frat house. Okay, not really...
Thank you~

Hi Rosemary-Thank you!

Freyawrites-Thank you-I need all the luck I can get~

Susan-Yes, we really should do this next year! Okay, not Kansas-we will figure it out~
Chiggers are evil-I had no idea!
Thank you~

Ella said…
Humbird-Thank you! ;D I had fun~
I do dream about a zine~

Rudyan-Thank you so much! The ism do make the difference~ *smiles*

Jennifer-I actually have red boots! I did have red shoes once~ You are fun-yes, it helps! Actually a woman named Dorothy gave them to me ;D
Thank you~

Bjorn-You are welcome! ;D

Crystal-You are fun! Yes, we need a special day-just for alien fashion~ Thank you! I love your idea!

Mary Ann-YOU are too cool! I can see you and you are dancing right?! *smiles* Thank you~

Claudia-Thank you for sharing this-how beautiful! I have a man, but I would love to have a cello and learn to play~

Margaret-Thank you! Now, if I could find a cello player with red shoes ;D

Truedessa-Thank you! I do need a get out of jail free card ;D

Katie-Thank you!! :D

Sherry-Yes, I had to go alien on the ogre to win! My mind melding tricks and chiggers were the ticket~ ;D Thank you~

Scriptor Senex said…
I must try that. I love what you did and I'm glad you had red shoes.
Ella said…
Hi Laurie-Thanks

Grape-Yes, tis true!

Grace-It sounds like a double feature ;D Thank you~

Mary-I do have my moments! Now, I want green shoes ;D

Sherry-Thank you! We know..don't we

Brian-Math would likely kill me...lol

Alex-See you at the movies Captain!
I know Hot Tamales~ Thank you