Helen asked us to write about our home.  

"Today's challenge ~ compose a brand new poem 
about your home, its idiosyncrasies, its personality!"
(Yes it does have one!)  

~Thanks Helen~

Humble Abode

Tree house inside out
gathered moss, fragile petals feather
oak n' pine doors
align day's sails
sunlight bleaches n' paints the walls
blurs the stained
deck to bounce light
resembling a kissed peach
 breezy blue blankets
hold lavender dreams
comfort's key found in
brown portal couch
as Serenity candles glow 
holding the fort of memories
in an apothecary full of stars.

I have had sinus issues all day, due to the storms swirling around.  I meant to post earlier.
I hope you are safe in your neck of the woods!


I'm sorry! No storms. Sinus issues due to pollen. (You'll see a picture tomorrow.)
Margaret said…
I adore lavendar and … let's hope that tree house has an elevator! :)
Brian Miller said…
what a cool house!!!!!! magical...i would love to live in a tree house....
Susie Clevenger said…
"an apothecary full of stars" I love that. What a beautiful house...I wish I could live there.
Sumana Roy said…
'Serenity candles glow'........so
peaceful..a dream house...
Jim said…
Ella, I like your picture. Most of us would have to sleep standing up in there. Or curled up against THE wall.

Thank you for turning your house inside out, it was a nice tour.
(p.s. Actually I was expecting the poem to start out, "we live in a tree, ... ," like the Yellow Submarine. That just was in my head as I scrolled down.
Other Mary said…
It sounds wonderful Ella! Especially the last bit:

comfort's key found in
brown portal couch
as Serenity candles glow
holding the fort of memories
in an apothecary full of stars.
Ella said…
Hi Other Mary-I really do have candles, named Serenity! I am craving more of them-these days. They remind me of Moonflower's lingering perfume. Thank you~

Jim-I love that song! lol
How fun-I am going to sing this song all day, now~

My husband is tall like a tree almost 6'4. He actually wouldn't mind living in a tree house-so this is why I went in this direction.
Kerry O'Connor said…
What a dear little house! I love your take on the challenge, Ella.
Mama Zen said…
How beautiful!

Hope you're feeling better, Ella!
Anonymous said…
Spring storms are scary. Stay safe. I hope you're feeling better. I love this quaint home you've described.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You know how I love this treehouse and poem, Ellie! Pure magic, this post! Especially the apothecary of stars. Wow!
Beautiful description of home. We're finally seeing hints of spring here.
Kelley said…
Beautiful! Can you dream one up for me, as well!
Happy Blitz!!
Masquerade Crew said…
Our house isn't nearly as poetic, but neither are its inhabitants.

The family was sick a while ago, but the last few weeks have been good.

Visit us during the A to Z Challenge. We're highlighting authors who are more than writers. Click HERE.
Carmen N said…
I'd love to have a home like that picture :)
Maria Dunn said…
Hi Ella, Love how your poem so elegantly and gently reflects your title. And I hope you feel better. Maria from Delight Directed Living
GSMarlene said…
I would love to live in a tree house. I imagined all sorts of worlds while sitting in trees as a kid. Marlene at On Writing and Riding
Sherry Ellis said…
That is a lovely abode!
Catherine Stine said…
Love the photo and the cute poem. I just bought a little fantasy house for my deck garden and this reminds me of it. Small thrills are important!
J. Lenni Dorner said…
Have a Blitz-rific day.

That is a FANTASTIC poem. I love it. I also love the image. Great job!
Kevyn Knox said…
Now there's a house I could sink my teeth into. Not really sure what that meant, but there it is anyway.

Happy Blitz Day. See ya 'round the web. All Things Kevyn.
Very beautiful poem And I Love The Description. I can actually visualise it. Keep writing & sharing. Happy blitz day.
Arlee Bird said…
"An apothecary full of stars." Love that line. Both the image and the poem are so beautiful.

Happy Blitz Day!

A Faraway View
An A to Z Co-host blog
J.L. Murphey said…
Apothecary full of stars...whoa beautiful imagery! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blitz day!
Suzanne Sapsed said…
I've always wanted to live in the woods - now I want to live in a tree in the woods - lovely photo!
Happy blitz day :)
Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe
Keith Channing said…
No storms here - rather nice, in fact. Not in the woods, but certainly in the sticks!
Happy blitz day.
Our parking space on the Information Super-highway
A storey of stories
DL Hammons said…
Fort of memories

I love that. Maybe a good ole fashion BLITZ can help with those sinus issues? :)

And happy Blitz Day, Ella!!
Christine Rains said…
What an awesome house! Wonderful poem to go with it too. :) Happy Blitz Day!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That would be a beautiful home indeed.

Happy Blitz Day!
Love the tree house & the poem.
Happy Blitz Day!
Suzanne Furness said…
Isn't that a wonderful picture and a lovely poem to accompany it.
I hope you are feeling better, maybe your Blog Blitz Day will help. Enjoy.
Gina Ciocca said…

That photo is amazing! It reminds me of a passage in one of my manuscripts where the mc talks about how he thought he always wanted to find a secret door inside a California redwood tree.

Happy Blitz Day!
Susan Stuckey said…
Lovely poem - well done. So sorry about sinus issues (been there done that). #blitz
Joanne said…
magical picture and delightful poem. Happy Blitz Day and for any sneezes - bless you
Tim Knight said…
Great picture and poem. Hope you get over the sinus issues soon - our house is full of colds & coughs, no fun!
I absolutely love the photo! I could see myself living in a place like that. And your poem was elegant, making me equally want to live there.

I hope you feel better soon!

Happy Blitz Day!
Gwen Tolios said…
Happy Blitz!

So, you live in a tree house? That's awesome. And I loved the line about the sun bleaching things.
Karen Walker said…
Oh it would be so cool to live in a house like that. Hope your sinuses clear up soon. Happy blitz day
Lara Lacombe said…
Hope you're feeling better now! Happy Blitz Day! :)
Nicki Elson said…
Ooh, hope those storms have subsided.

Your home sounds absolutely lovely.

Good day for a blitz, eh?
Connie Keller said…
Loved the photo and "an apothecary full of stars." Beautiful!

Happy Blog Blitz Day!
Marcia said…
Beautiful picture. Lovely imagery in the poem!
John Harp said…
Happy Blitz Day!
L.G. Keltner said…
Wow. I love this poem! The line "in an apothecary full of stars" stunned me. I'm going to have that line stuck in my head all day.

Happy Blitz Day!
Laura Marcella said…
Hi, Ella! Your poem is lovely. Along with the picture, your words make me really want to live there!

Happy Blitz Day!! :)

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines
Love that photo and the poem was lovely. Happy Blitz Day! :)
Love the poem and the picture. (Not sure, but I think maybe the Keebler elf's girlfriend lives there...)

Happy Blitz Day! Enjoy.
Marci Koski said…
"holding the fort of memories
in an apothecary full of stars" - beautiful imagery! Lovely poem and magical picture - thank you for sharing them. And happy blitz day! :) marci (fuzzyundertones.com)
Sarah Ahiers said…
Woo! Happy Blitz day!

And no storms here, yet. Just finally some sun which is tackling the remaining snow
Abby Annis said…
Lovely poem! Happy Blitz Day! I hope it's been a fabulous day! :)
Kelly Hashway said…
My allergies have been terrible. It's these up and down temperatures. I woke up to 20s and now it's almost 70 degrees.

Anyway, happy Blitz Day!
april said…
I really like the poem. Happy Blitz Day!
Yolanda Renee said…
Someone is blitzing you? Awesome!

Feel better - and dream of clear days (sinuses) and creative tones (muse filled winds)and dream (create) your newest masterpiece!

So lovely your words and your world!
Chippy said…
Happy Blitz Day! :)
oh my God I love that tree house. Happy Blitz day!
Beautiful picture, Best wishes and Happy Blitz Day!
You write beautifully dear, love the way you weave words into a wonderful poem.

Lots of love all the way from India and a Happy Blitz Day :)
Amy Jarecki said…
Lovely poem, adore the tree house! Happy Blitz day!
Julie Flanders said…
What a beautiful picture and poem! Sorry your sinuses are giving you trouble - feel better soon. Happy Blitz to you!
A. B. said…
Beautiful words for a beautiful photo.

Good luck with the sinus issues. They are a bear :(
Donna Smith said…
It's a giant fairy's house!
I loved the poem.
Happy Blitzy!
Donna Smith
<a http://mainelywrite.blogspot.com
Mainely Write
Love the poem, and the image. The house of my dreams. :) Thank you for sharing.
Silvia @
Leandra Wallace said…
Lovely poem, the apothecary of stars is a beautiful thought. (sounds like a book title!) Happy Blitz Day!
Ella said…
No Way! I lost the internet on
a day like this...
Skye Callahan said…
Great imagery!
I hope you feel better soon. Happy blitz day ;)
Jenni Enzor said…
Loved your beautiful picture and poem! I hope you feel better soon.
Happy Blitz Day!
M. J. Joachim said…
Really enjoyed your poem. The picture reminds me of a book I had as a child. Here's hoping you feel better soon, and wishing you a very happy blitz day.

M. J.
A - Z Co-Host
#1Nana said…
"Fort of memories"... Love it!

Happy Blitz Day.
Vicki Rocho said…
Always wanted a tree house. :-)
Happy Blitz Day!
Love this post!! I am a total tree lover (tons of tree lore in my books). So nice to meet you & HAPPY BLITZ DAY!
Laura Clipson said…
I love the picture, and lovely poem.
Happy Blog Blitz!
happy, happy blog blitz day, m'Lady ... lovely word-smithing ..:) cheers

Seumas Gallacher
Johnell DeWitt said…
What a great photograph. Happy Blitz Day.
I'm glad it was Blitz Day, so I had the good fortune to read your poem. I want to visit that house!

Happy blitz day!
Lauren said…
My neck isn't in the woods.

You've been Blitzed!
Very nice. Also: blitz!
Crystal Collier said…
Evocative, beautiful and inspiring. I love it! Happy blitz day, and thank you for your inspiring words.
dither said…
Good luck through the rest of NaPoWriMo! :)

M said…
Nice. Love the picture. Happy Blitz!
Jaimie Ramsey said…
I LOVE this! I would love to live there, or at least visit. :)

Happy Blitz Day!
Tiana Smith said…
That was beautiful! I wish I could write poetry, but believe me when I say it's better if I left it alone...
VR Barkowski said…
Such a lovely and moving poem, thank you for sharing.

Happy Blitz Day,
VR Barkowski
Elizabeth Hein said…
Lovely images.
Happy Blitz Day
Elizabeth Hein
Guilie Castillo said…
Beautiful! "holding the fort of memories /
in an apothecary full of stars"--so, so beautiful! I was transported away from my Caribbean island, to a cool forest with swishing of wind high above, as I read. Thank you!

Happy blitz day!
Guilie @ Life In Dogs
Kate Larkindale said…
I love that last line. It's so evocative!

Happy blitz day!
GSMarlene said…
Happy blitz day. I commented on the tree house yesterday - love it!
Marlene at On Writing and Riding
Vikas Khair said…
Very nice post .. Hope to read more.. following your blog.
Anonymous said…
I hate sinus infections. I hope you're feeling better soon. Happy Blitz Day!
M.J. Fifield said…
Oh, I love that picture. And the poetry's lovely, too.

Hello from the Blitz!
Anonymous said…
Lovely! Hope you're feeling better on this here Blitz Day!
Michelle McLean said…
Beautiful :) And I love the picture!
Timothy Brannan said…

Though Lavender dreams are more like nightmares to me. I am deathly allergic to lavender.


Timothy S. Brannan
The Other Side, April Blog Challenge: The A to Z of Witches
J.L. Campbell said…
That poem paints a lovely picture, Ella.
What a perfect home :)

Happy Blitz day
cleemckenzie said…
If I had a tree house, it would look exactly like this--with the permission of the tree, of course.

Lovely poem. Sorry about the sinus. That just comes with pollen and dust, something to endure, but also regard as a part of what nature hands out.

Happy Blitz Day!
Heather Musk said…
I love the imagery here. I hope your sinus' improve.

Happy Blog Blitz!
Beth Harar said…
Happy Blitz Day! The poem really is beautifully written!
Chrys Fey said…
I love that tree house, and the poem accompanied with it is beautiful!

Happy Blitz Day!!! :D
Emma Adams said…
Lovely picture and poem :) Happy blitz day!
Lori said…
Lovely writing! Happy blitz day! :-)
Dani said…
Great piece about your "Abode"!! Happy blitz day! Love that picture!!
M Pax said…
Boo on sinuses!

Love that image and an 'apothecary of stars'. The lavender dreams too. You write great poetry, Ella.
Kim Van Sickler said…
Sounds like an idyllic place to relax. I'm with M Pax; the apothecary of stars, lavender dreams and kissed peach, are scrumptious. Hope your sinuses improve. My hubby's eyes are swelling shut.
farawayeyes said…
What a cozy and inviting image you have crated here.

Enjoy being blitzed!
Anonymous said…
Happy blitz day! And what a beautiful poem and photo!
Happy Blog Blitz Day!
That picture is delightful... quaint & charming...
Abs said…
What a beautiful poem! Sounds like a very cozy home :) Happy Blitz!!!
Bish Denham said…
A dying friend of mine always ends our communications with "Lavender dreams and chamomile kisses." Your poem reminds me of her. Thank you.

And HAPPY BLITZ DAY! I hope you're feeling better soon!
Happy blitz day. I enjoyed your poem about your home.
I'm always impressed with folks who can write poetry and yours is lovely. The tree house picture is perfect. Happy Blitz Day!
Rajlakshmi said…
Wow this is beautiful poetry. Loved the images you painted through your words.
Zan Marie said…
What a beautiful site, Ella! Happy Blitz Day!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem. And picture!

Happy Blitz Day!

Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem. And picture!

Happy Blitz Day!

Carolyn Brown said…
Beautiful image and the poem is great too! Happy Blitz Day!
K. Nowinsky said…
Lovely blog - happy blitz day
Jeff Hargett said…
Hopefully the blitz has offset the sinus woes. Thanks for the poetry.
Had a lovely time visiting your blog Ella. Thanks!
Trisha F said…
I really want that house in that picture! :)

Happy Blitz day!!
Oh my goodness, what a beautiful picture and prose! Sorry to hear about your sinuses - if I were you I'd hunker down in that sweet treehouse and ride it out.
Katie Dunn said…

We had storms last weekend, but none in the last few days. Hope your sinuses clear!

Happy Blitz=)
Donna Hole said…
Wow, what a great picture to work with! The poem was beautiful too.

Hope you feel better soon Ella.

KellieS said…
Hi Ella!
Happy Blitz day!

Enjoy all the attention.
what a beautiful poem!

happy blitz day :)
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! You don't know how much you brightened my day~
My internet went down this morning. The big truck came-you know it is going to be bad. What a wonderful surprise, to see all your kinds words after my internet came back up~
Thank you all so much~

Jessica-Thank you! You and your flowers made my day~

Kellie-Thank you! I can't believe I get blitzed on a day with no internet-I guess it is April!

Hi Donna-Yes, it was a great pic!
You are sweet-thank you~

Hi Katie-Thank you! Glad you are safe~

Cathy-Thank you! Yes, that is a good idea~

Trisha-Go to Pinterest-you will swoon over the fabulous unique homes~ ;D

Bernadette-Thank you so much!

Hi Jeff-I was delighted and so surprised-thank you!

K-Thank you! I love your cheery smile~

Hi Carolyn-Thank you! I would of wrote a better one-if I had known!

Hi RB-Thank you so much~

Hi Zan-I love your name-thank you~

LuAnn Braley said…
I love a good rain but storms suck. I'm having sinus issues of unknown origin. Must be something in the air.

Beautiful poem. I see the words as a lovely fluid watercolor in my mind.

Happy Blitz Day!
~Sia McKye~ said…
What a lovely home it would be. You can just imagine the warm glow in the night.

I've always wanted a tree house except mine was always designed along the lines of Tarzan's in the jungle. Loved it. Not sure how practical any tree house would be but still, it stirs the imagination. :-).

We've been having high pressure systems blowing through here, too. Ugh.

Sia McKye Over Coffee
Ella said…
Rajlikshmi-Thank you so much!

Sarah-Thank you! Yes, I think a lot of people wouldn't mind going very green~

Maryann-Thank you-you are kind!

Bish-This is bittersweet~ Happy you are thinking of her. I wish she was well~ ((hugs))

Abs-Yes, it would be! Thank you~

Hi Michelle-I like that-yes, I would love a home quaint and charming-thank you!

Tina said…
I love your use of color in this poem. I'd love to escape to that tree house right now...I'm totally stressed out and that looks magically peaceful.
As to the sinuses, you're talking to the girl who has had FIVE sinus infections this year. Yeah. I'm so with you.
Take care, and happy Blitz!
Tina @ Life is Good
A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014
Lynda Dietz said…
What a beautiful picture your words form! Happy Blitz Day!
Jeff Chapman said…
Love that picture of the tree house. Happy Blitz Day!
Lilica Blake said…
Happy Blog Blitz day to you! Hope you enjoy! Lily-Eva
Anonymous said…
Feel better and Happy Blitz Day.
Rhonda Albom said…
How wonderful to love your home. Hope your sinus clears. Happy Blitz Day.
Anonymous said…
Sorry I'm late. But hope you had a great blitz day!
The poem did make me feel serene - lovely.
Is that tree house for real?
Happy Blitz Day.
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What a beautiful picture and poem.
Hope you're feeling better.


You've been blitzed!
Enjoy the day!

TaMara Sloan said…
I want to live in a tree house. The one you described sounds divine!

I hope you're feeling better.

Happy Belated Blitz Day!
Elise Fallson said…
Beautiful imagery. Hope you're on the mend by now. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately too. Must be a spring thing... :)
D Biswas said…
Hi Ella,
Happy Blitz day, and I want to be at that treehouse right now! Where do I queue up? :)
AJ Lauer said…
Ha! Homes certainly do have personalities! I want to live in that tree house!
Happy Blitz Day a day late!
Perfect for spring! Sorry I'm a day late for the Blitz.
Al Diaz said…
Happy belated Blitz Day!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

SOOO sorry I;m late to the party! Happy Blitz...

I suffer too from barometric changes. I hate it, especially in the spring when the pressure changes so frequently.

I hope you feel better!
Deniz Bevan said…
Lovely to feel so safe and comfortable in one's home! Happy belated blitz day!
Uhu work said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sinus issues due to flu. Nice poem, love the picture. Happy Blitz Day.
Melanie Schulz said…
Your home sounds lovely!
kmckendry said…
Great poem! I love both "hold lavender dreams" and your last line, "in an apothecary full of stars." The tree house picture is really cool too.

Happy Blitz Day a little late! With A-Z I'm behind on everything.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone, so much~ YOU have no idea how much this means to me~ ATB to everyone!!!
Helen said…
It has taken me weeks to catch up ... this is a precious bit of poetry!
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