A Facet of China

Over in the Garden, Hannah stirred our imagination with tea!   I love tea and was fortunate to have my Tea Glove Journal published in Somerset Studio Gallery.  It is a gorgeous issue and I am beyond thrilled to be part of it.    Thank you to the editor, Danielle-she was very kind and fun to work with!


Humanity's cup
with sepia cloud
with healing kisses
filled with silver pride.

Music of an afternoon voyage
sings a rolling tune
with tropical magic
with infused solace.

Extracted pleasure
with floral bitterness
with sunshine's wisdom.

Champagne of sentiment
with poetry
a swirl of  gunpowder
with love n' sympathy.

©Ellen Wilson


Ella said…
I might try this again. It is late or early depending on where you are. I wrote mainly about my thoughts of tea. I need to stir in more of China. I will try this prompt again~
jo-hanna said…
Good morning Ella,
Nothing wrong with this: gorgeous in fact.
Wouldn't change it 'for all the tea in China' :-)

What a feather in your cap to have an article published.
Arushi Ahuja said…
Hi ella! i loved your poem...a cup of tea filled with so many thoughts...
Arushi Ahuja said…
Hi ella! i loved your poem...a cup of tea filled with so many thoughts...
Mary Ann Potter said…
Tea, poetry, and exquisite art! How I admire your work!
Fireblossom said…
I love that top image! Is that what was published in the magazine? Anyway, congratulations!

Your last line is cool, a play on "tea and sympathy". ;-)
OMG those dolls on the cover of the magazine are so cute!
Ella, that's wonderful! Be proud your Tea Glove Journal was included.
Brian Miller said…
the top image is cool...it looks like a sugar rose in the spoon....

and intriguing verse...the mix of gunpowder with tea and sympathy....its quite a contrast...and works nice...
Gillena Cox said…
ends on a surprising note

much love...
Anonymous said…
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Kerry O'Connor said…
When I saw this prompt, I thought of your photos of delicate China teacups and the teas you once sent me! The perfect prompt for your poetry.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
How wonderful! Shame your image couldn't have been on the cover, because those figures are rather creepy.
Margaret said…
That image is pure magic and the last stanza spectacular!
Ella said…
Hello everyone!!! Thank you so much~
Yes, I do want to be a Cover Girl-I am still working on it. I used vintage gloves and made a book holding memories of tea. I will share more next week.

I could write many poems on tea-oh, yeah, I already have ;D

Margaret-Thank you! I thought it had that I love coffee, I love tea feel-my writing seems to be childlike lately?! Again thank you so much!

L.Diane-Thank you! I will share I used vintage gloves with tiny yellow embroidered flowers. I was happy with it-it is a game of chance when you submit art! Thank you-you are sweet!

Kerry-Yes, I remember! Thank you-tea does inspire us as it calms our gray matter. Off to make me a cup-I wish you could join me!
What is your favorite tea?!

Gillena-Thank you! Surprising is good-you are sweet~

Brian-Thank you! I wanted the contrast. Tea is bitter until we add the sweet-just like life! Thank you so much~

Alex-Thank you! I am, was-still am! ;D

Dezzy-They do invite one to look again-don't they!

FB-Yes, that is me! I stitched doilies and vintage lace inside, too. Thank you so much~

Mary Ann-Thank you! I do love tea-maybe the ceremony of it is what invites calm. :D You are very kind! Is your tiny book store done? I can't wait to see it!

Arushi-Tea does that calms, invites inspiration and creativiTEA- ;D Thank you~

Jo-hanna-I love your comment-you make me smile!!! Thank you so much~

Susan said…
Champagne and gunpowder ....
tea explodes your imagination! Congrats on the publication.
Jim said…
Nice poems, Ella. I am glad you got them included in the Tea Glove Journal I'll have mine filled with "Love n' Sympathy" please. You can leave out the gunpowder, thank you. I try to be non-violent.
BTW, do you know that they blast in with gunpowder in the slate mines. Dynamite and its forces do too much damage to the slate. I learned that in Wales when we visited (went down with a guide) a slate mine there.
Ella said…
Hi Susan-Thank you! Yes, tea rarely disappoints me~ Thank you so much!!

Jim-I have seen slate on the shores of my childhood home. I had no idea-you are a wealthy of info!
There is a tea my son loves called Gunpowder Green Tea- :D Thank you so much!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love that humanity's cup is filled......love the "infused solace" - that is what a cup of tea is, for sure! Great write, Ellie!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry! Yes, we need a cup of that on your or mine shore!
Thank you~
Hannah said…
I think it's beautiful, Ella. I like the art posted as well...I enjoy the way it reads...befitting really...like little sips!

Thank you so very much for joining, Ella!!
Renee said…
Your Tea Glove Journal is amazing! It did deserve the cover that is for sure. Love the poem.
Ella said…
Hi Renee-You are sweet! Your art should be on a cover, too~ Thank you!

Hi Hannah-I love that-sips! Thank you for the inspiration! ;D

Kamao Poot said…
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