Are your Dogs tired?

In this case, both are...our beagle, Buster and my
daughter's feet. They went for a long hike and this is
the end result. Hope your weekend is going well...ours
is odd, between humid weather, indoor painting battles
i feel like i've been on an episode of HGTV and my
daughter's project to build a model of the Great Wall
of China. AUGH!

She had a partner, that didn't participate...
remember those days in school, when you
were paired up with someone, who just didn't care.
This is middle school's way to train you that this happens
from here on out... You will get paired up with people
thru out your life, that just don't give a HOOT! You
are left holding the bag...while they do whatever..usually
as little as possible. Hopefully it won't be a dog and pony show. Wish i could be a fly on the wall, when this
project is presented.

What is is with the dog tired? sick as
a dog? It's a dog's life, work like a dog, in the dog house,
dog day's of summer, every dog has his day.....

Well, i won't have to water the garden, it is raining cats
and dogs. I guess my daughter is taking a cat nap....
i know cat got your tongue.