Heart Made

Every year, i pick one person, that needs a little boost or perhaps has an interest that needs to be
explored further. This year, i am choosing my Mom; she is struggling, since her fall and I can't
be home, right now...hopefully next year! I am going to shed some light on her situation; she
can't reach lamps to turn them on, so I ordered her a special book light and some art supplies.
I will every few weeks, add to her art supplies with a care package. She loves to garden so
flowers and signs of spring, will brighten her mood; everyone in New England, needs the hope of
warmth, sunshine and color, especially during the long winter.

A few years ago...I chose my daughter, this was when the Barbie dolls were packed away. I swear most of us, loved Barbie, because it was our own virtual Project runway. We used coffee filters/cupcake wrappers on Barbie, silk flowers and tulle and then we made outfits using felt
/fabric scraps and other recycled items. Actually we used Project Runaway as our inspiration...but it was time to graduate.....this was a fast project for me, but i enjoyed making it...a little rough around the edges, but you get the general idea. It doesn't take a lot of money to give a heart felt gift, but it does take, time, energy and your insight.

My daughter is 13, now and into hair, hair products, hair tools, hair styles....she has been wanting to fix my hair differently...this weekend, i will allow her creativity to soar. I have been a bit
hesitant, since the last time, i was burned by a hair straightener. I will enjoy seeing her face light up and i know she has perfected her skills...wish me luck!


Becky Shander said…
What a terrific gift idea for your mom and she's sure to feel very special every time she receives your thoughtful packages. And yes, good luck with the hair and enjoy your girl time.
Ella said…
Thank you; actually life got in the way, so today is my beauty day, after the sewing and
cookies are done!