Almost April

Almost April and I'm working on a May Basket Swap, hosted by Kari of  Artsy Mama.  I grew up
 hanging May baskets, in a small coastal town.  My Mom went all out with crepe and tissue paper, sometimes she even made Chinese Lanterns.
We put candy in them , but sometimes we would put vials with  real flowers.  My brother n' I had
to ring the door bell, hand the basket to the recipient and run away, waiting to be caught.   Sometimes we were
pinched, punched,  instead of kissed.    A simple thank you would of been fine for me.   My Mom used empty
tea boxes to make most of hers.    It brings back fond memories, so I thought, why not!  Besides my partner can't pinch of punch me.  We  have been emailing back n' forth, ideas n' clues.   I had bought some extra seed packets to put in her box, but she said, she has a large family, no time to plant.  Her favorite colors are pink and the 50's sea green blue or mint blue. (I'm not sure of the name)  I love this color, but am finding it a challenge, but
I do have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Yesterday I was inspired by Karla Nathan's embellished vials.  My son had one, said, I could have it and this is what I came up with.

I added some pearls, some buttons and button brads..they are sooo cute!
It was fun to decorate and fill, but not to remove the contents....

I need to go find some more vials, too fun and very
addictive to make.

I also was inspired by Becky Shander's (recycled soap) gift boxes.   I found a band aid box and got busy...
I want to make more...but no more boxes of this size, but I am eye balling other choices.

I used what I had, I found these great cotton type flowers the other day at the thrift shop and had to add the
blue bird for her.   I tied a Swiss polka dot blue bow...on the side.  Anyway, hope she likes some of my creations...Dawn at The Feathered Nest, has a great tutorial, check it out!  Thanks Dawn~

   Endless options you should try making these!


chrissy said…
such cleverness from a wonderful clever person.
lucky may lady!
those vials ARE cool, i.ll have to check her out.
happy day
Ella said…
Hi Chrissy,
Hope you are on the mend; Thanks, I didn't mention her name, but will when I get a few more
items for the basket done.
Hope you are smiling today~
Lisa said…
Hi Ellie - and thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your vial and also your repurposed band aid box. I have gotten into recycling, repurposing thanks to Becky, too! I love to see all the different interpretations and yours are GREAT!

Ella said…
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for visiting me; It is fun, to try to
elevate the ordinary! I want to keep it, but it is for a swap. I hope my partner likes it...
Tomorrow, I am buying more band-aids and soap, then I can reuse the boxes! I will stop by and visit; See what you are repurposing!

Thanks Lisa~
Both projects turned out beautifully!

(you know what I mean)

Lovely project, though.
Ella said…
Thank you Karla n' Colette, for stopping by!
Off to make more May basket decor! You both
provide tons of inspiration~
Karla, Hope you get your lavender planted soon!
Colette, you crack me up~

Thank you!
Unknown said…
Wow, you've been busy. Such lovely little creations Ellie, I love all the colors!
Ella said…
Hi Jenny, Thanks! I signed up for a May basket
Swap, but we have to mail it out to be received
by April 15th. My partner is in CA, so I have to figure 5 days with the mail.
Yes, It is sad,I need to go shop for band aids
and soap, not for the product, for the boxes..tee,hee!