Blu's Clues

Jenny, a blogging friend of mine, started an online drawing/painting class.   I was curious, so i checked it out. Suzi Blu paints beautiful spiritual beings; she has a wide variety of classes.   I just started today; I don't
have the right tools, so I am armed with a mechanical pencil and paper.   She also wants you to journal in this class and write poems, as you learn to draw and paint these amazing faces.  I am hooked, it is quirky, fun and

Jenny mentioned this class, while I was reading a young adult novel, every time I picked up the book, "13 Little Blue Envelopes"  an art reference came up.
 There were so many , I took these as clues and signed up for " The Goddess & The Poet class"  . I will be frustrated, I am out of practice, sketching, but there is an amazing support group and you can post your work and Suzi will give you a critique.

  She is generous of spirit and entertains, I have to say, this is the most fun, I've ever had during an art lesson.  My last was landscapes by a woman, named Olive Lane.  She always signed her work with the initials OWL.  She never did tell what her middle name was.   She was odd n' mysterious, living up to the artist hype. 

I think it is important we pay attention to signs, perhaps I am being directed on this path, maybe not.  I am fine with either trail, I am learning something new and enjoying the journey!


Unknown said…
Go Ellie!

I'm so excited that we're taking this class together! You're gonna be great, I'm just sure of it! Thanks for your friendship and have fun drawing!

Ella said…
Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your friendship; You are going to be
great, look at the talent already and you have just begun. I ordered some supplies, yesterday.
I can see the layering effect makes all the difference. You have fun drawing, too~

See you in class, lol
chrissy said…
i am signed up for the goddess and poets class too.
i started at the first of the year and have only gotten through ONE class.
i stink at online classes.
i LOVE your calendar off to see your link.
happy day.
Ella said…
Thanks Chrissy,
Send me an email over there; are you Chrissy in the student list?

Thanks, it is so addicting; I can imagine a ton of different styles. I want a food diary one, a mind map one, a tea party one, a reading journal....etc. You get the idea!

Have a Happy Friday!