Spring 4ward


This is what my yard looked like this morning; after all the rain yesterday!  I love to see these tiny buds open, such happy flowers, soon the tree will be humming with a choir of bees.   I ran out to take pics, before there will be thimble sized bees enjoying their breakfast.  Every year, I find myself trying to get a shot, under a cotton candy cloud buzzing with frenzy.

After lunch,  I found out my Easter stash had been raided; Someone(Don) had found the Cadbury eggs, so why not use this as a photo op.   I bought these little peeps recently and thought about adding a few more decorations this weekend.  My daughter loves to help me arrange and put out the eggs,  a wreath and a huge peep she made one year.  When we look at her art, it freeze frames our past memories.     She recently sheepishly,admitted she had fought over a  huge lavender egg one year, during the  neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  She gently pushed a kid into the bushes, grabbed the egg and ran.  I did not know about this scuffle, but she went into great detail, I was stunned, my daughter is all girl, honor roll student, no problems at school.
Why don't I remember this, or maybe she didn't tell me?!   How would I react over a scuffle over an egg?        I remembered, that was the year I didn't go;  I had a bad cold and allergies.  Her big brother took her, he probably egged her on.  Funny, how one memory of an occasion, is so different for everyone involved.   I remember the excitement, anticipation and  being grateful my son took her. (She was 7 ; He 13)  Dad was out to sea.  

It is all part of the magic of spring, the better weather, the mud puddles, the green swollen buds, the slow shoots of grass trying to peer out and neighborhood scuffles(and family) over chocolate.   Truth be told, I was duped
my husband ran for the breezeway door, opened and closed it, I thought he was in the garage, while he slowly snuck into the bedroom and found my Easter candy stash.   I did attempt a scuffle, but at 5'1 trying to tackle an almost 6'4 man, forget it.     So, here is what I did with my share of the raid.  
Enjoy March Madness while it lasts....


Becky Shander said…
Great photo and cute display. And its funny how your husband raided your candy stash. Sweet treats tend to bring out my kid-side as well.
Ella said…
Hi Becky, it happens around here, a lot. I collect tins; I have a display of them on shelves in our dining room area. I use to hide all kinds of stuff(candy n' gifts). I think I should put craft stuff in them now. Chocolate turns even big men into kids,our dog joins in on the chase. A few years ago, we started an Easter Beagle hunt. We put small dog treats in a few plastic eggs. He cracks them open and enjoys the game.
chrissy said…
i love cadbury eggs. i secretly have gone through several bags myself in the past few weeks....shhh!
the story about your daughter made me laugh and i love the cotton candy cloud buzzing with frenzy!
you are such a darling, inspiring, uplifting friend.
thank you!
Ella said…
Hi Chrissy,
Thanks for coming over to visit me; I'll drop by soon;(I'll bring chocolate). Yeah, I was
stunned by her confession, 7yrs later. I think back, now, there was a mention of it, but this time a lot more detail! Thanks for being so
cheerful C!