Hope I get it write...

Jenny from Creativity Is Happiness awarded me this fun award, I have to list 10 things I like and pass it on to 10 others:

Why does this feel like a David Letterman post...  Ten things I like(not love):
1.   like summer is ending soon, too humid n' hot down south, this year(love Fall)
2.   like being outdoors(Love the beach, ocean, sea, mountains, etc)
3.   like it when my family watches movies together(Love them and movies ;-D )
4.   like white chocolate(love milk n' dark best) sorry white
5.   like Fall in North Carolina(Love it in New England, might change my mind if i get to the mountains)
6.   like scary movies(Love suspenseful thrillers, better)
7.   like walking the hiking trail near the Dismal Swamp;(Love the bike ride to the NC visitor center)
8.   like Somerset magazines(Love the Green issue, Somerset Life and the Memory one and etc)
9.   like to go to Busch Gardens(Love HallowScream)
10. like starting Christmas shopping early;(Love that I have already, scored some bargains)
11. like to make gifts; (Love gifts from the heart, best) oops...went over....

Now to pass this on:

Lisa B.
Lisa W.
Karen G 

Leigh of  That's Write, passed the Handwriting Game to me, so Here It goes:

The song lyrics were: "My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies, Fairy tales of yesterday will grow,
but never die, I can fly my friends".    The song is "Show Must Go On" ~Queen

Thanks Ladies for these awards; It was fun....I think I have a couple more, but will post another day~
 For the Handwriting game:

Write down (by hand!) on a piece of paper the following:
1. Name, Blog Name
2. Right handed, left handed, or both?
3. Favorite letters to write
4. Least favorite letters to write
5. Write out "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
7. Favorite song lyrics (*in this case, I just wrote the last song I'd heard. Yes, it was "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child... SO!)
8. Tag 7 people
9. Whatever else strikes your fancy


Jessica Bell said…
ha! Your handwriting looks like that of a very fun and bouncy character! Not that I know anything about this, but that's the impression I got :o)
Will Burke said…
Yay, another Autumn fan! I look forward to movie nights with the family, right now, Calli doesn't have the attention span to enjoy them :)
Arlee Bird said…
My wife and I have movie night nearly every Friday and Saturday night. We've been doing it for years--ever since our kids still lived at home. These are my favorite nights of the week. NetFlix has made it even more convenient.

Tossing It Out
Wow we have very similar handwriting! No wonder I love your blog and you love mine LOL. Thanks for the awards. You may have noticed I cleared all mine off my blog to make it easier & faster for viewers to load. My new objective is to take the awards and immediately pass them on rather than collect them. Let's see how well I do!
what a kind gesture...

appreciate you.
Jules said…
Okay FREAKY, last time I was in NC I wanted a shirt that read, "I survived the Dismal Swamp." :) That place fascinated me.

Thanks for the award, now I have some catching up to do :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Carrie Van Horn said…
Congratulations Ellie on your fun award...you deserve it...i have so enjoyed your whole blog!
Hart Johnson said…
Love your likes... I adore the name Dismal Swamp. It is so 'series of unfortunate events'. Congrats on the awards and new awardees!
LTM said…
Hey! Congrats and thanks to you! :o) And you are never ever ever going to believe I've been singing that same song all week! :D INSANE! Have you noticed everyone hates writing Q, X, & Z???

I think I'd like fall in NC, too~
Ella said…
Hart-I know what a great novel or idea to write about. Supposedly there is a certain kind of wood that has a luminous quality. People think there is a ghost in the swamp. In reality it is some kind of decaying wood...what do you believe?! I haven't been in the swamp at night...so I don't know~

Carrie-Thank you so much; I am behind, but will stop by and visit!

Jules-I want one, too! I now going to keep my eye out for one. If I find them, I'll let you know. I could send you one; We'll discuss when I find them. Actually I live in it..sort of kind of..it is out in my back yard! If you are down this way again, let me know! It would be fun to meet! (I'm going to check out the visitor's center, next time I go) That is freaky~

Jingle-I appreciate you;I may take you up on your offer! Hard to narrow it down... ;-D

Karen G-Wow, I do love your blog...I am just behind the 8 ball! I will be by,more often :-D
Weird-I was thinking the same thing! I am taking
a couple of online classes and thought about cleaning up my blog and listing them. I swear I was thinking this today~ I am behind even listing the awards. Neat that we share similar handwriting!!! You give me hope~

Lee-I love movie night; We do the same at our house! Thank you Netflix~ I enjoy going to the movies and watching them at home! I think it is a cozy, comfortable way to share a flick and you can control the intermission!!!

Will-If you are a 7 fan...it fits you would love autumn. Do you know there is a book dedicated to the #7! I haven't read it yet, but bought it for hubby! Once Calli reaches a certain age, YOU all will have a blast watching Disney or Pixar flicks together!
I so enjoyed that age, so much fun!!!

Jessica-You strike me as a fun, bouncy character... ;-D I can be, but it probably has a lot to do with how I was raised. My father use to BBQ in the winter on our porch, opening all the windows. He would do all kinds of crazy things! I am recruiting neighbors to do the Ghostwalk with me next month! It is an event held in the closest city, shrouded with the mystery of Nell Cropsey! The last
neighborhood party, I TP'd my neighbors vehicle, but they started it ;-D
Congratulations on the award Ellie, and thank you for passing it on to me with the other nine.
It is heart warming to recieve an award and I will show it with pride,

Ella said…
Leigh-No way...now, this is FREAKY~ I also have been playing, Who Want To Live Forever...us artist types want to leave our mark, somehow! Write, paint, poems,music, etc....

Yvonne-I knew you would!!! Congrats, I haven't forgot about the other award ;-D~
I want to find your beach poem...I will be by to look for it!
Yeah, fall in the Carolina and Tennessee mountains is beautiful. I'm ready for it, too.
Lisa said…
What fun and interesting facts about you! Thanks for the award my friend; I look forward to participating in the next several days.

Have a blessed rest of the week!
Natasha said…
Love your handwriting. And somehow, it is exactly how I pictured yours would be.
chrissy said…
so many folks love you ellie.
just like me.
tell me what i am suppose to do with my little handwriting exercise?
happy day.
Ella said…
Chrissy-oops, I did forget to add that detail...
I will go fix the post~Silly me!

Rayna-It is interesting to see others handwriting,after all the typing! ;-D

Lisa-You have a blessed week; I look forward to seeing you post again!

Alex-Yes, Fall will be extra special for you, this year! ;-D
Shellbelle said…
I like that you received the Happy 101 award (love what you did with it).

You're so sweet (as a cupcake) to pass it on to me. I'm on a break for the rest of the month as I get ready for my move to Jacksonville, so I hope you won't mind if I put off playing until I get settled in.

btw, I mix up printing and cursive also! I wonder what a handwriting analyst would say about that, lol.

Enjoy the cooler weather, I'm loving the lower temps in the morning for now and can't wait for some nice afternoons.
Ellie - Thanks. I've been wanting to play the handwriting game. Your handwriting is so nice. I'm excited. Congrats on your award and I love milk chocolate and like white too. =D
Wanda said…
Those are some fun awards and congrats to you Ellie! Thanks for thinking of me.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-You are welcome ;-D

RaShelle-Thanks! I love it all...

Shellbelle-You are cute! I don't mind; Hope the move goes smoothly~ mmh, I wonder too, we will have to find out! Yes, I am loving the coolness this morning 61; high later 79!
Kolleen said…
hello gor-juss!

i'm excited to do this handwriting exercise....thank yOU for thinking of me!!!

i loved learning more about you....i, too love movies with my family if i can get us all to sit and watch!!!! those are special, special moments!!!

big love and hugs to you
Ella said…
Kolleen-I look forward to seeing everyone's style!
Thanks, I do understand what you mean, but I tend to be the one that can't sit still...make the popcorn, get the drinks, etc. I am the concession stand, tee,hee! Loves to you, too~
Unknown said…
Oh, my! Meant to come by sooner but was caught in a mess with this lovely computer...again.

I too like fall better, this year we had an almost Florida summer here in West Michigan - 70 degree dew points with 90 degree and above temps for almost every day since June it seemed.

This "tag you're it!" looks fun, but you will not see my writing left and right since my stupid scanner is on the fritz at the moment. Thanks for including me! :-)