Blog Award*****

I'm behind in handing out blog awards, I'm going to try to play catch up once a week. Yes, I am looking for a hoarding support group, lol.   Yvonne of  Welcome To My World of Poetry passed this on to me, so I'm ready to share today.  Thanks Yvonne!   Since this star has 5 points; I passing it to 5 bloggers.  The real awards to me are comments from you, yes you, you and you~

My picks:

Stephen Tremp of Breakthrough Blog: Stephen has been working the blogging circuit at self promoting and doing a marvelous job!  I ordered my copy, I mean my son's Christmas gift, today.  He arrived home with his new Android phone, we looked at the kindle options(which I was considering as a gift and decided to get the book).  I think he will love it~    He was a huge "Sliders" fan!  Great job marketing yourself!

Lee of Tossing it Out Blog:  is changing it up, redesigning his blog, sharing insight of his WIP and as always
putting himself out there.  I really look forward to hearing more; Intriguing story line~

Alex of  Alex J. Cavanaugh Blog:   Is basking in the glow of recently being  published and is up for various awards. We can vote tomorrow, be sure to stop by and show your support.  CassaStar fans are showing up even on Youtube. My son's Christmas present is in the closet. It will be a Sci Fi Christmas for him~  ;-D

Hart of Confessions of a Watery Tart:  Is working hard on another novel of her own designs. I admire her
gumption and do it all talent!  She makes time for what is important and wears many hats!  I look forward to her Cozy Mystery novel~

Leigh of That's Write:  Has received a deal and is in the rewrite process now!  I know she can do this and can't wait to hear her voice.  Leigh and I have had a few synchronized moments; She has recommended some great YA reads, that will also be under my Christmas tree, this year for my daughter. I love technology, but there is nothing like a great book~ 


Unknown said…
Congrats to everyone! :-)
Arlee Bird said…
Thank you so much for thinking of me. Sorry, since I don't have time to really do much about passing it on, I'll be just acknowledging it on my Saturday post. But I really do appreciate it.

Tossing It Out
congrats to those whom I know and love - Arlee, Leigh and Alex!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Ella! And blue is my favorite color. Sometimes the visual is just as important as the award. Hey, I like bright lights and blinking colors. What can I say? And I found a bunch of Sliders episodes at I'm going to catch up on many of them as its been a few years since I've seen an episode. Very cool series.
LTM said…
Oh! You sweet, sweet thing!!! But correction--I haven't got a **deal** ... at least not yet. I just had an agent make recs for revision and ask me to resubmit. So... now I wait. And it's awful. But don't worry! I bet you'll be able to hear me screaming from where you are if it comes through~

THANKS, honey!!! (((big hug))) :o) <3
Hart Johnson said…
Awww! Thank you so much, Ellie! I love it! And congrats to you for getting it and to everyone else who you passed it to!
Thank you, Ella! And hope your son enjoys his Christmas present.
Ella said…
Wanda-Thank you ;-D You are sweet, like Cherry coke!

Alex-Yes,we I mean he will! ;-D

Hart-Who doesn't look a star! I remember how exciting it was to get a shiny one on a school paper! enJOY~

LTM-oops, this is the psychic in me speaking! I can feel energy around; I see your name on the dotted line(can you hear the Twilight Zone music playing). Keep me posted; Your furture looks promising ;-D

Stephen-enJOY Sliders, I need to go watch a few episodes myself! I am glad you love the color and dazzle~ Can't wait for Christmas ;-D

Dezz-You deserve an Entertainment Award one with an elephant on it~

Lee-Your choice, no pressure from an award hoarder, like me~

Ciss B-Thanks for visiting! I need to stop by; I'm so behind. I injured myself and recovery sucks!
Rose said…
Congratulations for everyone!
Thanks for the visit, and comment, If only you knew what happened when I arrived at San Francisco airport.....but that's another story.

Loved the blog.
Ella said…
Yvonne-I can imagine, but I want to hear it from you, someday, when you are ready~ I have a freaky story flying, from Maine to Alaska. I'll sum it up quick. I had a thermpstat housing for a Toyota Land Cruiser in my carry on. They thought it was a gun They wouldn't let me board the plane; I was flying from Seattle, WA to Anchorage, AK. They dug it out; I asked them to please hold my plane. They wouldn't; I ran as fast as I could. I had to climb up the ladder like stairs to get into the plane a stewardess following me, also boarding the plane. The boarding connector, tube had already been taken down. I found my seat, in 3 minutes we were in the air. I flew alone, Hubby was stationed in Adak, AK, waiting for me.

Rose-Thank you stopping by and your kind words!
Ella said…
oops thermostat housing...lots of glitches in that post...guess I was reliving the trauma~
Amanda Trought said…

Thanks for putting together a great list - congratulations to all, Im looking forward to visiting your blogs:)
ah, I know them all except Hart. Big congrats to the well-deserved winners!