Somerset Life Challenge

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and Mother's Day!  I think we should honor n' celebrate everyone who performs motherly acts. I know a few women without children that should be honored on that day. I think of Mother Teresa and all she did.

Today is my birthday; I  feel honored to share it with  Bono and Fred Astaire.  My kids are off picking  strawberries. I am dreaming of strawberry lemonade, strawberry shortcake and strawberry jam. Maybe a tall not short cake for my birthday?!

I'm scattered; I'm still sick. I am losing my voice, my lips are chapped and I cough all night long. What is up with that? lol  I received one of these clever devices for my birthday; It is wonderful. I didn't think I would be sooo thrilled with it, but I am. I still love the smell of old books and going to the library. Where is the e-book library?!  

Oh, yeah back to the subject; Somerset Life had this challenge and I thought I would share my creations. I goofed and read the challenge wrong; I created a couple items, before discovering and then scrambled to get them done.


These are brown paper lunch bags; I can't wait to see what gets published. I am sure there will be so many wonderful creations. I had fun doing the challenge; I would use these to tuck in a gift.  An
inexpensive way to wrap and present a gift or a little unexpected treat.

This was my goof; I recommend if you run out of wrapping paper use paper bags. Try and see what you can come up with. A few rubber stamps, dabs of glue, cut outs, lace, and charms can elevate the ordinary.  


Anonymous said…
Hi Ellen, I love your paper bag creations! From what I can see you've created an array of loveliness.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Happy Birthday, Ellie! Yes, definitely a tall cake!!!!! Yum. Have a good one. Your blog is always so interesting and the red bloom up above......have a great day, girl. Hope everyone is very very good to you - you deserve it!
shelly said…
Very creative and Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! Love them all-really really love the black one, I can SO see that one being what they're lookin' for this time. *fingers crossed*

Happy happy birthday and I hope your cough calms down soon=my husband has been battling a cough for weeks and it's driving us both crazy!! So eat up those berries high in vit C!!!
Love your ideas and "Happy Beelated Birthday" and hope you feel better soon...from an old swap"ette" partner ~ Marlene aka mizz bEe ;O)
Unknown said…
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! Happy Birthday Ellie♥ Feel better ok. :)
Anonymous said…
Ella, these are charming. Sorry you are sick on your birthday, honey... We also used to create our own bags and wrapping paper. Did you know you can take a blank piece of 8.5 x 11" paper and perfectly wrap a CD, then use pen and pencil to decorate the surface, plus stickers, etc.? I do it all the time! Love to you, Amy
Belated birthday wishes to you Ella, hope you had a good day.

Thanks for your best wishes.
Hi Ella .. Happy Birthday .. and crumbs get better soon .. sounds as though the straw-bugs will be much nicer than the actual bug you've picked up somewhere .. I hope the kids get back with some strawberries remaining for you ..

Hope you had a lovely day .. cheers Hilary
Jules said…
Happy belated Birthday my friend!!! Yes, I will do a happy dance for you, no cake required.

Try drinking more for those lips. Sounds like you could be dehydrated from whatever crud you have.

Love those bag creations! But where do you get paper bags these days? ;)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Mary said…
Belated happy birthday, Ella! Have a great year.
Vicki said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Beautiful creations. I love the first one. I think the muted tones and softness speaks to me today.
Angela said…
You have a gift. I envy your creativity with paper bags. Happy Birthday, and I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better soon.
Bossy Betty said…
Happy Birthday to a very creative soul!
Carol Kilgore said…
Happy Birthday!
I've used brown paper bags before as gift bags but mine never turn out as good as the pictures of some I've seen. Sigh.
Now get well :)
Ellie Garratt said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Loved your creations!

Ellie Garratt
septembermom said…
Belated happy birthday wishes to you Ella!! Your creativity is awesome :) I think those bags came out great! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too!
Happy birthday, Ella! Sorry I'm a little late.
Happy belated birthday! I love my e-reader too... but I still buy regular books!
Wanda said…
Happy Belated birthday Ellie. I hope you are feeling better. Very unique paper bag creations.
levian said…
happy belated birthday! i too, collect books! e-books are good for passing time, but i totally agree, it is the smell n the feel that had us so attached to it! :)
Happy B-day, Ella!
Hope you were swamped with many lovely presents and kisses from your loved ones.
I'd bake you a strawberry cake if I was any close :)
Drink lots of that lemonade to heal quicker from that illness you have.
Ella said…
Dezzy-Thank you so much; yes, I would love some of your cake and I would make you some strawberry lemonade and a BBQ. We need a virtual party...I know what you will bring ;-D

Levian-I so agree; I love both~ Thanks for coming by!

Wanda-Thank you; I didn't get any cherry coke, lol. I had a wonderful day; just want to feel better.

Jennifer-I am in the same clue as you! ;-D There is magic in both~

Alex-Thank you for the wishes! :D

Septembermom-I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, too and Thank you!

Ellie-Thank you; It was an unique challenge. I am glad I got it done.

Carol-I bet they did; I was thinking about gluing cards n' stickers on them and writing poems.

Bossy Betty-Thank you @>-----
Ella said…
Angela-You are sweet; I still hope I win the foot book ;-D

Vicki-I thought of you this week; I went to a thrift shop and they had a lot of roosters. I'll take pics, next time. If you want anything, let me know. Maybe we could do a trade?! Thank you~

Mary-Thank you for your prediction; I hope so...I have had a few rough ones.

Jules-They are hiding in the grocery store, on the low down, where they place the garbage bags. Maybe this is a hint; we are eating garbage?! I don't know, but that is where they were hiding. lol Thank you!

Hilary-Thank you, I did. They did return with the berries. I made biscuits and whipped cream; they did help me. They company arrived...glad we had plenty to share! :D

Yvonne-I love that we both share this day! I hope yours was wonderful~ @>-----
Ella said…
Amy-Thank you; we also use pastry type paper and wax, too. It is fun, isn't it! xXx I received a poetry book of Pablo Neruda(Thanks for recommending him to me). He is amazing~

Jenny-You are sweet; Thank you so much~

Marlene-It is so nice to see your name! I hope you are Bee having, lol! I think of you, often. I will stop by and see what you have been up to!
Thank you~

Scarlett-I hope your Hubby is better! I'm slowly recovering; my Hubby has it now. I don't think they will, but thanks. I didn't paint only the front black. I thought it would leak through and not look so great. I should have painted the whole thing. Oh, well...I think you have a better chance!

Shelly-Thank you so much; you are sweet :D

Sherry-Thank you; I loved your recent post. I think I will get it for my MOM. I love all the beauty on your blog~ @>----

Abby-Thank you Abby; It was an unique challenge wasn't it?! I love what you created! What did your daughter think?
Becky Shander said…
Happy birthday...I hope it was all berry special.
Lynne Moncrieff said…
Hi Ellen
Adore your paper bags.
I also notice you were published in Somerset Life. I have this copy but not read it yet. I have a little ritual when I receive this copy because I want it always to last as long as possible :)
Ella said…
Hi Lynne-Thank you and I totally understand. I glance through, then pick what to read and then browse and later read some more. lol I still pick up and older copy and see something that grabs my attention! I understand ;-D Thanks for visiting me~

Becky-Thank you and yes, it was berry special ;-D

Alex-Thank you Alex for stopping by!

Septembermom-Thank you so much; Makes one think of all the potential with other odds n' ends~ Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, too~

Ellie-Thank you for being sweet~

Carol-Try again and be brave glue on lace and other items that inspire. I know you can do it~
Thank you~

Bossy Betty-Thank you so much ;-D

Angela-Thank you for your kind words; I'm getting better~