Dark Tails

It is the night, when shadows linger, goblins and ghosts call, and tricks appear like magic!   Are you ready for Hallow's Eve?

I have struggled to write about my doctor's appointment. visit.  I was startled, when I went to the hospital last week. A lot of gory creations were displayed in every department. Skeletons at the x-ray department, fine.  Pumpkins, love'em, but creepy, slimy zombie type masks, just seem out of place in the hospital or were they?  As I approached Ortho department, I felt a wave of apprehension.  Is this really where I should be?   When my name was called, I didn't get a normal attendant. Mine was in a white lab coat, looking like Rip Taylor, the Master of Mayhem.  He didn't disappoint....  He took me back to the labyrinth of rooms, finally, we reached  the last door on the left.

He asked about my medical history, told me my options. I chose the deep tissue massage. He warned me, it will feel like you have wrestled a giant.  I assured him I had done that before. My husband is almost 6'4, one time I had low blood sugar and fought him.  My son said, he had never seen anyone so brave or stupid. Your treatment will be with spoons and rocks, somehow I didn't think he was kidding.
He offered other suggestions, but the side effects didn't seem worth the trouble.

He seemed intrigued when I had mentioned Adak, it was part of my medical history.  Then he starts to show me photos on his computer.  "Do you recognize this?"   I did....I mentioned where I use to work on Bering Hill and other key points. Then he lifts his left hand up high, waving it about.... "Yeah this is where it happened".   I look, fingers are missing. I only see his index finger and thumb. He tells me he shot his hand, gun on his ATV went off.  Then he makes a crude joke, then another comment about not sure what kind of career he was going to have.

I connect the dots, he use to be a surgeon Then more photos and then red flashes on the screen, a graphic photo of his shot hand, it is disgusting. My mind is frozen, except for one thought...Why am I seeing this?   I  slowly back out of the room and muttered, "You made the best of it" as I hurry along down the hall, it strikes me. This was his point, live with it...    Zombies are amongst us; beware!

Today,award winning author Elizabeth Mueller's book, "DarkSpell" makes its debut, how appropriate~

Great news!  Darkspell is here to stay!

Winter Sky believes she is everything ordinary . . . until she is kissed by Alex Stormhold.

As seer of Stormhold Coven, Alex is sworn to be Winter's protector against the darkness that hunts her. Violently thrust into the magickal realm she always thought impossible, she stumbles upon a disturbing secret of her own.

Will love prove thicker than magick?

Darkspell is now available on Smashwords
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Congrats Elizabeth!!!  This type of darkness intrigues me~ Be sure to stop by and visit and leave a comment(a trick or treat)~ 

Happy Halloween, be safe and watch out for Zombies!   Warning:  The scariest ones are dressed normal~    Have you had any Zombie encounters? 

* I will post soon the apple tarts; I didn't forget~


Ella, are you serious? Did that really happen? That's weird!

Nope, I haven't had any Zombie encounters, though I feel like one right now!

Thank you for your shout out! :D

Ella said…
Yes, it really happened and I'm still stunned! I know he was trying to make the point, live with it. But my situation is different! I bet he isn't in pain anymore, physically. I bet emotionally he struggles. I bet I'm not the first one he has done this to~ I'm am in pain, every day...it isn't the same thing.

Life is stranger than fiction!
You are welcome! I think this is the perfect Halloween treat~ :D
Anonymous said…
Zombies are scary. Like WAY scary. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
Crumbs Ella .. that's some way to go - zombies - glad I didn't make hospital this week. Well you came out the other side .. but perhaps a polite letter from Zombella .. guiding Zombie to the pain points ..

As you say Life is stranger than fiction... Hope the kind zombies are around for a while .. take care - with a few hugs - Hilary
Cindy Adkins said…
Happy Halloween, Ella!! No doubt, truth is stranger than fiction!!
Dorthe said…
Ella, what an awful story- I hope you can go see, someone more "normal"- He can`t use his own sad story to scare the patients.
Happy Halloween- without Zombies,please.
What an awful 'bedside manner!' Sounds like a horrible experience.
Oh help Ella I have a hospital appointment next Monday. shall watch out for the zombies.

Wonderful to read.
ah, looks like you got full Halloween treatment at the hospital :)
Shelly said…
Zombies are always hanging out in my dreams. Sorry to hear about your pain. Ever try flexology and flower therapy. It helps with my fatigue. It might help with your pain.
sunny said…
Hi Ella,its really scary,thanks for sharing:)
Vicki said…
Seriously...life is stranger than fiction.
J.C. Martin said…
Spooky doctor's visit! I have similar experiences at the dentist's! Thanks for popping by my blog -- am now following you. :)

Oh, and once more, congratulations Elizabeth!! :)
Anonymous said…
Life is so strange (Missing Persons song). And no zombie experiences for me, unless I count that checker at Target who seems to be in need of a brain.
Wanda said…
Wow, now that's a strange doctor's visit.
Ella said…
Wanda-Yes, it was "Twilight Zone"!

Stephen-Yes, that counts, lol!

J.C. Martin-ooh, that is worst! Dentist are so scary! Thank you~
Yes, Congrats Elizabeth ;D

Vicki-Yes, very strange~

Sunny-Yes, it was odd and unusual!

Shelly-I think it is scar tissue! No, but I am open... ;D

Dezzy-Yes, Halloween came early for me~ :D

Yvonne-You will be fine! I will stop by... Military is full of mysterious events~

Alex-Gosh, I can't imagine having him for a Dr. I see someone end of the month for my deep spoon and rock massage. I should be really scared...

Dorthe-Thank you; I wonder how many others have been treated this way. I could file a complaint...
Thanks for stopping by~

Cindy-Thinking of you and yours! xo

Hilary-Thank you; I think I attract zombies, lol I always see a few at Starbucks~ ;D

Ibdiamond-You are so right ;D
LTM said…
That was not a true story. You totally had me going, clever girl! LOL! Halloween was fun--hope yours was, too! :o) <3
Ella said…
Leigh-It was true, really happened!