Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #75 this week is  "Who am I?"  I am sure this will make some intriguing poetry and everyone's will be unique, like snowflakes. No two are alike...  Sorry, it feels like snow here and I can't get over the 30 degree drop in temperature.





I'm a magician with a Kaleidoscope view
I see worlds within others
I see nuances in the ordinary
I like calm, reflective moments
I dress to blend with nature
my intuitive canvas is filled with colorful rain
Organic, fresh alive like an exposed current
I'm filtered light in a fog of memories
My nicknames are Ellien, Turbo, Lucy and Ella
I'm a bull in a china closet
stubborn like concrete(sometimes)
I apply the golden rule
kindness and respect are my horizon
in a sea of true blue
I'm the red pigment in a green leaf
I'm never bored
clown like most of the time
I can get people to perform for me and
They are amazed they did that ;D
I am an ARTchaeologist unearthing treasure
I see brilliance in others, as I still mine my own.
I am a diamond in the rough~


Rinkly Rimes said…
Your diamond doesn't seem rough to me.
Daydreamertoo said…
You sound like a really nice person :)
Raining Iguanas said…
"I too love nuances of all persuasions" -jrg
rch said…
The red pigment in a green leaf - that says it all for me, nice to get to know you.
Janet Martin said…
...'a bull in a china closet:)' many great lines in this intro to yourself. I also love the ART-chaeologist. Poets are such passionate folk, are we not? Thank-you for this prompt. It has been so nice 'meeting' the people behind the names.
Adura Ojo said…
The play on words and imagery is great. Creative piece.
Brother Ollie said…
Your poem shows the promise of Ella and the promise is good.

Keep prompting!
Bubba said…
Nicely diverse, Ella!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, such a wonderful description of wonderful YOU! So many wonderful the ARTcheologist unearthing treasure - yes you are!!!! And seeing brilliance in others while mining your own........wonderful poem. I do love this prompt!
Carrie Van Horn said…
I love this Ella!!! You captured who you are so creatively...and you are a coat of many colors....truly awesome! :-)
Scarlet said…
A unique and wonderful share.. its nice to see the diamond in the rough ~
Tarang Sinha said…
"I'm filtered light in a fog of memories." I really liked this line. Beautiful expressions:)
Anonymous said…
I am an ARTchaeologist unearthing treasure -> cute
Other Mary said…
There is so much cool stuff here! I like you and your poem! Love all the use of colors, carrying through the kaleidoscope metaphor.
Salem Lorot said…
You shone through this. I admire the different personalities you revealed. Brilliant.
Anonymous said…
"the red pigment in a green leaf" caught my eyes and attention. you do sound like a unique person. i love how you describe yourself here by including a lot of aspects from nature. a very lovely piece, Ella, and thank you for visiting mine and leaving me a very sweet comment too. Have a wonderful week, happy Thanksgiving if you live in the U.S. if not, then let's have a blessed and tahnkful week anyway.
Ella said…
peaceroad-Thank you so much! I love nature, it is so much part of it. I guess that is why I went there. I hope you have a wonderful happy week!

Salem-It was a great prompt! I loved yours, the humanity and the threads of uniting us all through your "Who am I" just brilliant! I was in awe reading it~

Other Mary-I like you too ;D
Thanks, I thought it would be an interesting view. I love kaleidoscopes~ Thank you!

zongrik-Thank you, I think we all as we find our passion and make our lives!

Tarang Sinha-Thank you, I think we all can see reflections of ourselves in our memories~

Heaven-Thank you; I think we all are full of potential! It just takes time to unearth the gems :D

Carrie-Thank you so much; I love nature and once I went that route, color had to come into focus! :D

Sherry-You know we all are unearthing our diamonds as we find our path! It is painful sometimes, but so worth it! Thank you!!!

Thank you Eric; wasn't it an interesting prompt!

Ollie-Thank you; I will never tire of the Old Monk! ;D

Adura Ojo-Thank you so much; I wanted to use nature as my biggest focus! I love the outdoors, such a creative muse! :D

Janet-I loved this prompt! All of the poems held magic and were so intriguing! It was fun~ (I'm a Taurus, so I had to fit the bull in somewhere, lol).

rch-I wondered how that would be taken???!!! For me it means I'm quirky and different. I stand out, even when I want to blend into the crowd. It is getting easy to blend now that my hair isn't so blue black anymore. :D

Raining Iguanas-Thank you so much! It was such a great prompt and so fun to learn more about each other!

Daydreamertoo-:D So do you! I try~
I just have to beware of china closets!

Rinkly Rimes-Thank you; I have exposed a bit of the facets, but I still need to unearth more. Mining is work ;D
Anonymous said…
i love how you described yourself as "a magician with a Kaleidoscope view" ~ we all have so many facets just like Kaleidoscopes and they're never exactly the same way twice. beautiful, Ella! ♥ dani
Jinksy said…
Keep cutting the facets in that diamond! Every carat a winner. ♥
Mary said…
Somehow I just got around to reading this now after reading Kay's interview of you!! And enjoyed it a lot. You DO see 'nuances in the ordinary,' for sure. Very nice write!