A gift from a friend

 I received another beautiful gift from a friend. This friend I found last December, when I did the Reverb challenge.  She has such a giving spirit and so much talent. Some of you know her from the Summer of Color Challenge. She also participated in the A-Z blogging challenge.  She is a home school teacher and has her hands full. 

She sent me these amazing post cards. Her drawings are so beautiful I think she could illustrate books!
 Go visit Scarlett and admire her creativity. She has a lot of wonderful, eco-friendly ideas for Valentine's Day.  She also has an Etsy store. She is raising funds for Cockayne Syndrome research.  Currently there isn't any treatment to help her adorable son, Knox, or other children affected by CS. There isn't even a clinical trial testing medication.

What is CS?
CS is a tragic childhood disease that causes premature aging and a shortened lifespan.
The butterfly is the symbol for children who have lost their lives early to CS, so many of our items feature this symbol. 

Look at all the amazing detail!  So beautiful~
* Photo via Scarlett Clay
  Thank you Scarlett!  My daughter loves the earrings we bought from your shop~


Hi Ella .. I couldn't agree more - Scarlett is just so creative with the ideas she comes up with.

Also she loves her kids to learn, so is always picking ideas up - but her creativity is just brilliant to see - and her love for Knox is lovely. A wonderful family all round.

So pleased you're highlighting her and her blog, and etsy shop ..

Cheers to you both - enjoy the weekend .. Hilary
Most enjoyable to read first thing this Friday morning.

Daydreamertoo said…
Beautiful. When you see things like this it does make one think that for all the badness in the world today there is still so much more goodness that overcomes it.
What lovely artwork. What a lovely woman.
Becky Shander said…
Thanks for sharing Scarlett's story and Etsy link...I'll be sure to stop over at her shop.
Mary said…
Just beautiful work, Ella! I so admire such talent.
kaykuala said…
Great for highlighting this Ella! She's talented!

She does wonderful work!
Scarlett Clay said…
Thank you so much, Ella, and I could say the very same things about you my giving and creative friend! You know raising awareness about Cockayne Syndrome is near and dear to me, I appreciate you taking the time to post about my angel and this tragic disease. I am, and always will be, grateful for your kindness and friendship. Thank you!!

Janet Martin said…
These are wonderful! Thank-you for sharing and for the introduction to Scarlett. I will stroll through her gallery at a later time... a snow day today with a house full of lively kids. I wish I had a dime for every time I hear..Janet?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Very beautiful butterfly art. I also love the glorious red teapot.

So sad about that terrible disease her son has. Heartbreaking - she creates such beauty with her art. Love the butterfly symbol.
Unknown said…
have you been by to visit me? I miss you? I wanted to know if you had submitted any more photos to magazines.... I think of you every time I go in barnes and noble and look at sommerset magazines.
I've heard about CS before and it sound tragic :(
I love everything that is eco friendly!
Wanda said…
The cards are beautiful. I hadn't heard of CS before. Have a great day!
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-They are aren't they!
Hope your week is off to a great start~

Dezzy-It is! Eco-friendly rules!

Lisa-Thank you! I did, but haven't heard anything! You are sweet~

Sherry-I love butterflies, too~
She has a generous spirit! It is heartbreaking!

Janet-Oh, I can relate! I have a project due and everyone is gathered around me, more than usually. huh?! I hope you survived the snow day~ Scarlett is always adding new creations to her shop!

Scarlett-Thank you, for being you!
You are always generous and kind :D
I hope it helped~

Alex-She really does :D

Hank-She truly does!

Mary-Yes, she has a gift~

Becky-Yes, she is always adding lovely creations!

Daydreamertoo-She really is! Awareness is key, isn't it~

Yvonne-Yes, we need to share so we can change the world!

Hilary-Cheers to you~ Yes, she has a remarkable spirit with so much to share~
Daniele Valois said…
I adore Scarlett and her blog, and all her incredible work.
Ella said…
Hi Daniele-I know she is amazing isn't she!