Giveaway Garden


Today, I am being featured at the Imaginary Garden of Real Toads.  Kerry asked me to share some photos and a poem.  Kerry has a beautiful, unique voice~  You should read some of her poetry! It is magical~  In honor of being featured, I am having a giveaway!  All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment. Please tell me,  which photo you like best.  You can visit Toads and see some of my photos there and my Etsy shop.  On March 5th, I will put your names in a hat and my daughter, the birthday girl will draw a name.

I can't thank you all enough, for all the encouragement and kinds words!  I hope to do better commenting on blogs and following along.  For months I have had computer issues. Today my computer finally died.  Tech support drove to Virginia to get the necessary supplies.  It didn't work out. My son kept calling us with the status.  The fan was suspect, but no the CPU is dying.  I'm on hubby's laptop now.  Computers are great till they become ill. Anyway enter the contest and all are eligible.
It doesn't matter where you live... Just don't forget to tell me which photo speaks to you~ Good Luck!


Kerry O'Connor said…
Thanks Ella, for the generosity of allowing us to use your unique images for our writing challenge today.
My favourite photo was always the shell with the light illuminating it from within, but I have to say that the one with the dried leaf entitled 'Fragile' (on RT) is my new favourite, but all your images are stunning.

PS. Thanks to this Giveaway, I discovered that I was not a "follower" of Ella's Edge, an oversight I have now put right :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Kiddo, all of your photos are incredible. I picked the teapot, but it was a hard decision, all are so inspiring. Off to write the poem now......your poem on Toads is BEAUTIFUL. You are so multi-talented!!!!!

p.s. The Vow was an okay chick flick, but a little too much with the long-cutesy-I'm-so-beautiful looks into the camera.....would have preferred more drama. True story though.
Sandi McLean said…
Ella I adore all of your fav at the moment is Reflection.. been a follower for some time now.
Wonderful post as always Ella, have much catching up to do now I am back home.

shelly said…
Your photos and poetry are always beautiful. I'm sorry I don't always leave a comment. I'm always rushed with work and all.
I appreciate 'delicate charm' because for me it seems to describe the human soul.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful eyes, your part of the soul
Sorry your computer died. Congratulations on the feature!
Unknown said…
Hey Ella. I'm headed over now but I wanted to mention that you have some sweet comments waiting at my blog too. I forgot to tell you about it sorry.
Susie Clevenger said…
All your photos are so beautiful, but the teapot spoke to me...well you know how we poets think. :)
Linda H. said…
I've always loved photos of spider webs so I was sure I'd pick that... until I saw "Fragile". It is so crisp, with wonderful detail, great angle. Really beautiful.
Scarlet said…
Beautiful pictures Ella.

I like the fragile (leaf) as it speaks to me.

Have a lovely day ~
Unknown said…
Lovely photos, I especially liked the teapot. Teapots mean warm, quiet reflections, with your alone time.
Lolamouse said…
Your photos are gorgeous! I love the teapot (did my poem on that one) but then I saw the hatchling on etsy and I love that one too! I'll make up my mind if I win, okay?
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella, congratulations on being featured with your fantastic photoes and poem- your toad photo is wonderful, but my favorite is your: Soul`s Whisper- I love the way the light worked for you.
Thankyou for giving us a chance to winn one of your beautiful photoes.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I picked the cotton (no pun intended, honest!) photo. I love your work. I look forward to seeing more of it!
Laura said…
LOVE your work...absolutely beautiful!
Elena Vo said…
Enjoyed discovering your Etsy store!

My favorite is the "Sweet Moments" is very delicate and beautiful.

Elena V