Congrats to Heaven

 Congrats to Heaven, my birthday girl drew your name!  Thanks for emailing me, I will have it off to you tomorrow! 

Daughter's birthday is a week long event. She enjoyed her weekend gathering, but the big party will be Friday night!  Yes, a pile of teenage girls, some Zombie flicks, pizza and cake pops should do the trick! I so wanted to make a Zombie cake. I was told, "I'm too old for a themed party." 

She turned Sweet Sixteen yesterday! "I'm not too old for a themed party...she'll learn this later on!"

I did a challenge with Susie, the Goddess of Laundry over at Toads! Susie was a pleasure to work with~ It was a zany challenge. I so admire how she wrote her poem.  It would of been so easy to do the lyrical, happy type. Great job Susie! 

Computer is up and running, new keyboard will arrive tomorrow and I'm still waiting for some updates and installs.  It is sweet, but I still need to recover some files~  The worst pain for me, was trying to write. I used my IPAD and pen and paper. I found the experience totally frustrating and so missed typing my ideas out. It felt like a painful detox.  I would get up in the morning make coffee and turn the laptop on.  By the time I got back to it...someone else would have it in their hot hands. I think
 I had 10 minutes online on that day!  It was a painful experience I do think it defined me. I have questioned, whether I am a writer.  I no longer do!  Writing is an extension of my soul. I may need to work on my grammar, sentence structure and much more.  I do not want to feel this way again! I felt lost... I type every morning and every evening. It is a habit, which helps me cope, plot and plan.

 How do you feel about the writing process?   Did you feel you are too old for a themed party?  I get the sixteen thang! I offered to take the party out on the town, go out to eat and the mall.   No, she wants a sleep over!   Do you like cake pops, if so what is your favorite flavor?  Have you seen any Zombies, lately? 



You ARE a writer!
Friday night will be wild at your house.
Glad you have most of your computer now. I can type on my iPad, but I'd typed on my iTouch, so it was a step up.
Unknown said…
Hey there! I know it's been a while and I am sorry. I've been going through it of late. I wish I could write,but I am stuck in some deep depression/stressed out thing and nothing is coming to me.

I think I ride the bus with zombies. The same people in the same zone every day.
Ella said…
Melissa-I received some good advice recently, write crap! Write anything get it all out! Eventually it will end and you will get back to your voice! I know sounds odd, try it! I am sorry to hear this Melissa! Creative types do get into a funk...go on an ART DATE!
Yes, try another medium, sketch, take photos, go to a movie, an art gallery...something will attract your attention and follow it! (((hugs)))

Alex-Thank you ;D
Friday night will be wild. My hubby is going target shooting on Friday. They have Zombie targets. He is going to bring one home. We might have to silly string the Zombie blindfolded, lol

Nice! I hate typing on my IPAD, but it is better than my IPhone.
Hi Ella .. enjoy Friday - they will and that's the main thing .. teenage years are disappearing .. fret not! Actually just glad I'm this side of the pond?!

Writing - I know what you mean .. I can't write easily anymore without typing ... I use the fact that my writing is not very good now. But I do still write letters or cards out .. paying attention as I use that thing called a 'biro' for a pen!!

Typing .. is my forte - cheers and as Alex said you are a Writer ..

Enjoy the rest of the week .. cheers Hilary
Vicki said…
Never too old for a theme party! I love red velvet cake pops the best. I hope she enjoys her night. Happy Bday! Congrats to "Heaven."
Mary Ann Potter said…
Too old for a theme party? Never! It's never too late to have a happy childhood. I am about to turn 67,, my 50th high school class reunion is next year, and I'm celebrating the advantages of everything good in my life!

Good advice on getting fresh inspiration. I'm going to pursue some of that! Have a wonderfully blessed day!
Wanda said…
Oh happy sweet sixteen to her. A themed party is always a great idea.
Mary said…
I agree about themed parties. Never too old! I'm with you about iPads and iPhones. Have both. Never seriously write on the iPhone, and for the iPad, only short things. Happy 16th to your daughter.
My wife always 'dreads'my birthday
month. Yes, in Mexico, tradition is that one celebrates birthdays for a whole week involving the whole neighborhood. Block parties, drink fests, etc. Now that I really don't like acknowledging my age or aging, I use it as an excuse to get all our friends, family and neighborhood to celebrate 'something'. I will conjur up any reason for celebration. Enjoy!!!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I hope you make the Zombie cake anyway - they may pretend they are too old but secretly will love it. Tell her even Old Ladies like me get Zombie cakes (with more reason!)Hee hee. You are a good mom. And yes, you are a writer. And a good one.
Lynette Killam said…
I've been out of touch for a while but am always happy to get back to visiting your wonderful site. Theme parties rock...I'm busily thinking of ways to celebrate my 65th b-day this year...I think it needs a real blow out, don't you think?

I see you've appeared in more magazines..congratulations! I'll check them out...:)
Brianna said…
My daughter is 3 going on 4 and I'm already thinking about her sweet sixteen party :)

I'm so glad that you can say with confidence that you are a writer! You so are!

Speaking of Zombies - there's a 5k where you run from zombies - Run For Your Lives - sounds like a fun run.
Lynne Moncrieff said…
Hi Ella
Cake Pops - explain please as I don't believe they exist in Scotland and now I am very curious.
Sweet Sixteen, would I like to return to that age, hmmm, a difficult one, if so I would tell myself to stop being so shy and let loose a bit more.
As for you, of course you are a writer and never doubt it.
Ella said…
Lynne-Check out this link, you can even preview the book.
If you go to Bakerella's site:
you will see more ideas. Basically, you bake a cake and cut it into slices and break into fine crumbs. Add 3/4 of a can of premade frosting. Then roll, shape into balls, and chill. Then you can melt chocolate, dip them in and decorate. A lot of clever, creative ideas~ Thanks Lynne, there was a huge blizzard when I turned 16. My birthday is in May, not normal weather.

Brianna-I love the idea of a Zombie run, how funny! Yes, this would motivate ;D

I love that you are thinking that far ahead :D She decided against the Zombies...I wanted a different party for her. I do though want it to be her party. She loves most of my ideas. Her brother will arrive home later from work. Around 11pm...I'll plot with him. They should be watching a super, scary flick by then ;D lol I love the age 3-4! So fun, they say the cutest things!

Lynette-WOW, nice to see you visiting me! Yes, you need a big celebration or one that you truly want! An Art Festival of some type would be cool! I know you love to craft ;D What are you thinking of? I hope it will be special and fun~ How long do you have to plan?

Sherry-Thank you! I might make Zombie cake pops, instead ;D I will go with the flow. I think they will enjoy making the cake pops. I know there will be a few that think it is for babies. I have seen adults act like kids and kids act like grandparents...???
Me, I'm going to so not act my age ;D lol

Nene-How wonderful! I love this idea, a celebration as it should be~ This sounds amazing :D Thanks for sharing!!!

Mary-Thank you! I think I'm going to tell her I did a survey on my blog! lol Theme wins! ;D

Wanda-Thank you ;D hope life is treating you well~

Mary Ann-Thank you! I love your attitude, as it should be! I hope you had a blessed day too~

Vicki-I bought Red Velvet and French Vanilla! Thanks for telling me! Then I remember you shared Red Velvet pancakes or waffles?! ;D

Hilary-I would love to cross the pond and visit you! I'll visit your blog instead~ Yes, you are right...growing up too fast! I am glad I'm not that age. Now, 25 that would be good ;D Thanks for visiting me~