For Think Tank Thursday at Poets United site I picked the prompt, "rebirth". I am also was trying to finish a challenge by Kenia at Toads.  If you get a chance drop much inspiration gathered at these sites. One is an united front, the other a garden form.
                                 Rebirth by ~Cutteroz

I selected a poem, by Mary Ann to use as my springboard. Kenia's prompt was to use another poem and have a conversation with it.  I love Mary Ann's poem, after I selected it, I wondered what was I thinking.  I think I can say this one poem, fits both prompts...

Have you had any moments of rebirth? I would love to hear about it!  I had a second chance on June 18th, 1987. I woke up in a hospital. I was in a diabetic coma; my blood sugar was 1380.

I'd have to say, I am feeling the pain of sharing a computer. It is throwing me off course.  I feel my routine is off.   I also am seeing new things I want to make and do.  Time out I guess, gives us insight...  I miss blogging, I miss visiting blogs, I miss you!  I can see clearer, mistakes I have made, what I now need to do to move on.  My new computer is suppose to arrive today.  A box of pieces and part that will be used to rebuild what we have.  I can't wait!

Mary Ann used the concept of augury, the practice of foretelling events by the formations and the chattering of birds.  She doesn't believe in the practice, but likes the sound of the word and the images it gave her.  I love this concept and her poems so evokes this foretelling mood. After I selected it I wondered what I was thinking.... Her poem is beautiful and evokes the fine details of the foreshadowing season.  I love it~


    "Winter's Augury"

  On days of pippin'
wintersweet and moss
sudden crisp skies,
burnished birdsong
and smoky apples,

I hear little echoes just above
the bare-boned oaks-
tiny clicking bones
wing upon wing
a pattern darkly geometric,
outlined with a strong hand
whitened erasures of sky,

an epic of such miniature proportions
it subtleties lost on smaller minds
who says to themselves,
"It is only the wind"
quietly sip their midnight whiskey.


My take is about seeing signs of Spring, the rebirth of earth and one's mood:

 sweeps the earth with harsh strokes
her broom a tangle of webs, moss and fossilized memories
beneath forest floor undertones of green hide
mingled with permafrost and mud's decay
blended top notes of green ferns and crystal musk
base notes of cedar, amber and sweet violets
their alluring perfume
liquid sunshine warms and saturates the illusion
of false starts
maybe, maybe not
tonight's performance
a chorus of peepers

Bare boned oak sways
green buds pop like corn
her branches signaling
to wings half a day away
their aerial stunts will entertain her
wisps of low lying gray nest
will hum
Blonde caterpillar is no longer 
wearing her stripes
swollen redbuds
attract Purple Finches
Charlotte weaves a web before noon

through earth's mired muck
tiny green soldiers
stand proud
 the sun
planted firmly
their mission imprints mine
tiny shoots nestled in dreams
spiked with hope

another glass of liquid sunshine
tomorrow's promise
can't be swept away

 Latched Gate ~ Kenia Cris

The Sunday Challenge over at Toads, was inspired by Kenia Cris.   She loves to take photos. She has a poetic eye.  I chose this photo to inspire a poem. It kind of goes hand and hand with how I feel right now.  

Imprisoned thoughts
gather at recess
why must I wait?

Stifled memories
awake fear's giant
of shattered dreams
why must I wait?

Reflection sees faded paint
chipped away 
worn, faded focus
why must I wait?

I now see beyond
the frail gate
prisoner can escape
Don't wait

Beyond the
view of
verdant hope
instilled in mind's eye
fresh paint, bright green cheer
peer through key hole
through slats of wood
another spring will open gate
Don't wait

When  my birthday girl arrives home, she will help me pick the winner of my Giveaway!
I will announce the winner soon!
The winner is Heaven! Please email me your address and I will get it off to you : )


Ella, your poem is even better.
Hope the new computer comes soon. That would throw me off my rhythm as well.
Ella said…
Alex-Thanks for stopping by and your kind words~ They both are so different. Hers foreboding and mine more hopeful. I prefer hers, but thank you!

It does throw one off...writing today, felt odd. I have scribbled on paper the past two days. I felt like a creative Zombie ;D
Mary Ann Potter said…
These are just beautiful, Ellen! Love what you did with mine - it's a high compliment to me to be an inspiration. Kenia's photograph obviously inspired you to go in your direction as well. So glad you completed these poems. They are both wonderful reads! 8-)
Kerry O'Connor said…
Everything about your posts today shout Spring and new beginnings, positive outlook and hopefulness. Who could fail to be uplifted by your words. Thank you for sharing your positive energy with the rest of us.
Kay L. Davies said…
Although you claim to be disoriented, your poetry shows the real you beneath the chaos: the creative, confident Ella we love.
Loved the second poem Ella,

Scarlet said…
What a treat Ella. I always like the nature touches in your poems, and song of the bird, rebirth and yes, the liquid sunshine ~

And I can't wait for spring's gate to be open ~
Susie Clevenger said…
Spring is in the these. It is wonderful to be greeted with such encouragement.
Vicki said…
I think Kay knows you well. I love her comment above. Your poetry is beautiful. I hope that your computer arrives today on time!
shelly said…
Your poems are wonderful.
Scarlett Clay said…
I love the line 'glass of liquid sunshine', that is so awesome!!..hope your computer woes are soon at an end! Happy Tuesday :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
WOW! This is like going to a retreat, it just energizes my soul. Mary Ann's poem is breathtaking, and your reply equally stunning. They both literally took my breath away. Whew! also Wow. While i read your second poem I kept saying: DONT wait, you MUST NOT wait. It all goes so fast!

Hope your computer comes together easily and you then will not be hampered. I can do without a lot of things, but time on the computer is not one of them.

Fantastic writing, Ella (and Mary Ann) - and I love how your banner up top ties in. Love that quote - everything about this post is about spring and hopefulness and it raised my energy level just in the reading.

Just freaking lovely.
Wanda said…
Wow that image is so striking and your poem is as well.
Lolamouse said…
I love your spring filled poems, Ella. Darn! I didn't win. Congrats to Heaven, though.
Anonymous said…
a lot of pouring the spirits in these
Carol Kilgore said…
Beautiful poetry!
Hope you're back in business computer-wise real soon.
Ella said…
Hi Carol-I enjoyed visiting your Tiki hut; I will drop by more often!
Hope you are doing well! Thank you~

Zongrik-Yes, Mary Ann had a shot in hers, so I had to join in, lol

Lolamouse-I thought of you today, when I saw that cute Cat's Cradle photo...there is a sweet mouse in there ;D YOU are so kind~

Wanda-Thank you! So nice of you to drop by! I have missed you..hope to catch up soon :D

Sherry-You always lift my mood! Thank you so much~ Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Summer use to be, but too humid here in the south for me~ Yes, that last poem, was a message to myself ;D
YOU saw through the fence! lol

Scarlett-Thank you! I hope the sunshine is visiting you~ Happy Tuesday to you :D

Hi Shelly-Thank you, you make me smile :D

Vicki-It is here, there are a lot of updates and installs. My time is limited, but it will be so worth it! Thank you~

Susie-I think of spring being that way. The world awakes and we seem to transform a bit as the sun's warmth extends! Thank you :D

Heaven-Congrats to you ;D
Yes, the gate being open is such an enchanting way to view life! Nicely stated~ I loved your poem!

Yvonne-Thank you, yes, I was speaking to I tend to family first, but it is my turn ;D

Kay-YOU are so kind! It was wonderful to read your words! I do think chaos is my middle name, but I try to remain genuine, for the most part! (((hugs)))

Kerry-Thank you! I am not usually the one spreading sunshine. This means a lot~ I do think it helps to remain positive in the face of adversity. I'm not sure I can always practice it, but I am trying! Thanks for noticing :D

Mary Ann-It means a lot! I loved your words, the shadows of your illusion, and your guided imagery so set the tone! Thanks for inspiring me! :D