Sunday Challenge

Yes, I am behind...  Honestly, my days are a blur of cherry blossoms and hubby saying, "Are you ready to go?"

I wanted to try out the Sunday photo challenge. Kerry posted about one of our own Toads,  Kat Mortensen.  Kat is discovering her world through new angles.  She takes vibrant photos...check out her blogs:  Poetikat and My Little Town, Elora

I emailed Kat and she was kind enough to let me use this photo:  RAIL LINE

Coupled together
blue surrender pools and puddles
your horizon lost
your return to float stringline
ease'er down to the solitary sky

Along the falcon's way
Unit's wing in flight too soon
your journey rips my soul
ties that bind return your blue waltz
beguiling dance back on track

Along the ties and rails
You left your soul dream in my hands
inward flame may dwindle
Your wings return the spark of hope
passion's promise leaves tracks

  What does it make you think of?  I tried to include some train lingo, I also think of the military(Air Force).  Hubby is Navy, but I have lived on an Air Force base. Elmendorf, AFB in Anchorage, Alaska.

Hope you Monday is happy!  It feels like April Fool at my house. I saw it rain cherry blossoms, I snapped a photo of a baby dragon fly and I no longer know what day it is...   ;D


Kerry O'Connor said…
It makes me think of freedom following the falcon's way, the way of blue sky, blue water, and a speedy train.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Incredible writing, kiddo. WOW! I especially love the 'solitary sky" and "along the falcon's way". Wowzers.
I just love your poetry, I envy you.

Kat Mortensen said…
I'm so glad that you asked to use this photo; this poem is beautiful!

My favourite lines?

"your horizon lost"


"your journey rips my soul"

Powerful and heart-rending.

Thanks, Ella.
It makes me think of a bird's path. Very lovely, but also powerful and harsh.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z
Scarlet said…
It made me think of an airport, with someone leaving and ripping one's soul yet sparking home of returning one day ~

Lovey write my dear. And yes I will pen a poem inspired by Adele ~
Hannah said…
Oh, this is SO how I've been feeling. Every other day I'm asking, "what day is it, again?"

I always enjoy the falcon element, Ella. I felt the intensity of the leaving in your words, "your journey rips my soul."

Great capture of these emotions. :)
Scarlett Clay said…
It felt romantic to me, but I know I'm not the best judge of poetry. I really enjoyed it. I also like the background of your blog with the birds in flight, it looks cool. :)
Hi Ella .. what a great poem with some wonderful photos - across the blue pool .. the sturdy lines ... the dreams that together we can do, the lines that hold us, while we do what we have to do .. life's emotions bind ..

Love the thoughts expressed here - sad, yet heartful of hope ... with hugs - Hilary
Dave King said…
Consistently good all through, but the last stanza's the one for me. Fab'.
LTM said…
You pretty thing! You speak in poetry. Look at this line that I love: "I saw it rain cherry blossoms, I snapped a photo of a baby dragon fly and I no longer know what day it is."

LOL! That's exactly how I feel right now. :o) I did catch the USAF references in the poem. Actually, a little Navy Blue Angels, too. Great work! :o) <3
Laurie Kolp said…
So beautiful, Ella.
Daydreamertoo said…
Yes, makes me think of longing to be free yet, being missed by someone who loves them.
No cherry blossoms here today, we are in the midst of a nor'easter blizzard all day today. Winter reminds us we are still in it. Despite what the calendar says. Chloe doesn't mind, she gets a day of school too. LOL
Maude Lynn said…
I did immediately think of a military deployment. Great write!
M Pax said…
Made me think of relationships and strength. Beautiful, Ella. I need to get out and start taking photos again.
Ella said…
I have company coming, but will return this evening to comment~
Thank you everyone, for your kind words they are elixir to one's soul~
I will also visit you this evening to see what I have missed. Hubby on vacation, so my routine is off. This is good, over all...
Emily R. King said…
Nice meeting you, Ella!

I live near a Navy base, and yes, this did make me think of the military.

I'm a new follower!
Ella said…
Blogging is a difficult endeavor when everyone is home
I ll be back...
Ella said…
Emily-Nice to meet you :D
YOU would know, then!

Mary-Oh, Mary I would love to see your photos! :D
Thank you~

Mama Zen-Thank you! I originally thought of those old movies. A lot of military people left and returned on the train~

Bren-I hope you and Chloe made the best of this unexpected day! I love snow days :D Thank you~

Thank you Laurie ;D

Leigh-YOU are good! I love the Blue Angels...I lived one mile from the base in Pensacola. They use to fly upside down over our cars when we went on base. I'll never forget that image, never :D
Thank you <3 555

Thanks Dave, I almost left it out...

Hilary-Thank you; I will drop by and see what you are up to! I loved the flowery post, gorgeous~
Cheers to you :D

Scarlett-Thank you! It is about what you like, to me. If I remind you of a mood, a point in time, or you can feel an emotion, then I succeeded ;D

Hannah-Thank you! I look forward to more gorgeous poems and photos from you :D

Heaven-Thank you! I look forward to your take~ :D Thank you~

Hi Shannon-This lifestyle is so unsure, but whose isn't?! Thank you!

Kat-Thank you! I might desire to use one of your photos again~ I now want to go downtown and take more photos of those sweeping southern mansions! Gorgeous :D

Yvonne-Thank you; I envy you! YOUR poems are so clever and filled with so much heart :D

Sherry-Thank you! I think we all have those moments in life. Yes in different ways~! :D

Kerry-Thank you; yes blue paints an unique view~