Tanka used to be known as "waka," which merely means "Japanese poem. Grace at Toads asked us to write not one, but three Tankas.  The emotion of a  tanka  should share "something else" this in  Japanese is called yugen.  Yugen is a feeling both broad and deep. Grace goes into more detail here

Tanka, for our purposes today, are written in five lines, with a syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7, and a clear division or turning point between the upper phrase and lower phrase. Try to reach for yugen.

 * played a bit today with some art to go with my Tankas

Spring's fresh scent whispers
shoe box of fragile letters found
touched by mice and mold
sepia memories intact
lingering perfume remains

*Playing in my journal I purchased from Vicki Sheehan 

In my silent journal
plays a sentimental song
on public display
sweet muse shares her lost thoughts
voice echoes other heart strings

 Digging in the rich soil
tiny seed shares a secret
dark webs may choke it
extending fresh, spring green heart
glory paints morning with bright hope


Janet Martin said…
Each Tanka is so beautiful...esp. coupled with the artwork! PLUS, I pop by often just so I don't miss any of your lovely headers. GORGEOUS! Pansies are one of my favorite blooms.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
OMG, these are SUBLIME. You definitely reached yugen. I especially love the first one.

Your art is, as always, beautiful. Who is the girl with the ringlets in the old photo?
Ella said…
Sherry-I have no idea! I buy old photos to use in my art. YOU should see her dress. I'll share soon~
Thank you so much :D

Janet-I just changed pansies, but think I'll put them back. They are a favorite of mine~ I hope your day is going better~
Susie Clevenger said…
You did such a wonderful job and I love the photos. I am starting to do more with my photography..lots to learn. Oh and you were posted above me and yes I plan on taking part in next month's challenge. :)
Kay L. Davies said…
All so lovely, Ella, and the art with them is wonderful.
claireylove said…
I really identify with the last tanka ~ such fragile but glorious hope in each seed...

And thanks so much for visiting my blog ~ pleased to meet you!
Mary said…
Beautiful Tanka and photo accompaniments. (P.S. I am still having fun with Instagram!)
Wanda said…
I think the second tanka is my favorite. Perhaps it is because I am journal keeper.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Pure perfection, Ellen! These are beautiful. I plan to start mine later today;I like the discipline and strictness of this form! Your photos are lovely. Ahh, spring. I am going to enjoy our high temps again today...
Anonymous said…
Nice tanka set...I specially like the first one...nice contrast of fresh scent with mold and mice....

Happy day ~

Liza said…
I love the rhythms in these poems. They are almost musical. Well done.
Marian said…
love the photo of the seedlings, love your new header, whoosh, gorgeous! love your tanka, especially the first. despite mold and mice the fragrance remains... nice.
The first one is really touching.
Bubba said…
I'll never hear Fozzie Bear the same way again! "Waka-waka-waka!"
Anonymous said…
Your words so captivating that you take me elsewhere.
Beautiful art, oh my word, you can do it all.
Laurie Kolp said…
They are all so vivid, but I love the last one, Ella.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such a wonderful blend of word and image - this is the kind of post which fills me up.
Herotomost said…
Can't believe the level of talent that this challenge has brought out. I particularly like the first one using visual and olfactory cues to bring the thought to life....yum. Excellent.
Anonymous said…
beautiful, Ella - I especially like the promise that rides through the last one
Mystic_Mom said…
These are so nicely crafted, the last a favorite but really all three are sweet gems!
Ella said…
I'll be back to comment! It is 80 degrees here at almost 7pm, off to walk...be back soon~ Thank you all~
Ella said…
Hi Mystic Mom-Thank you so much :D

Turtlememoir-Promises do usually offer hope or maybe hope offers a promise?! lol ;D

Herotomost-:D I loved yours! I want to go read them all again ;D
I best go check and see if anyone else posted~

Kerry-I am so happy to see you are back online! Life has resumed back to normal ;D Thank you so much~ I look forward to your Sunday post~

Laurie-Thank you, you know which one is my favorite of yours ;D

Lynne-You are too kind! I thought of you today when I was playing with my new material! ;D Thank you~

Bubba- I love Fozzie Bear :D

Alex-Thank you Alex! Reminds me of the shoe boxes my grandmother tucked letters and photos in. She had a lifetime in that box~

Marian-I guess that was pretty vivid~ :D Thank you~

Liza-It is work, but fun! Counting syllables is a pain, but I found a site that helps. Thank you~

Thank you Heaven! Yes, those are unique odors~ Do you get mail from me yet?! :D

Thank you Mary Ann! I will be by to visit. I can't wait to read more of these gems! I love this form and everyone did an amazing job with the challenge~

Wanda-I love that you journal! My pages look like chicken scratch. I think typing quotes and gluing them in looks better~ I'm going to experiment more; it is fun~

Mary-Thank You! Me,too~ I did get some odd stares today, when I took some pics. I'm over it...if inspiration strikes I can snap a pic ;D I bet you took some great photos of your furry family~

Claire-Nice to meet you,too! I think hope no matter how fragile still inspires~ Thank you!

Kay-I loved yours! Stunning imagery...I think I will come by to read yours again :D
Thank you~

Susie-Thank you! Your turn to give me some laundry, lol ;D I look forward to the challenge, I think... Have fun...have you checked out Scratchcam
Hannah said…
Your tanka are splendid and I love your silent journal. So creative!
Ella said…
Thank you Hannah! I loved yours~

I have been struggling with thundershowers all evening! I will try to visit all of you tomorrow~
shawnacy said…
i love the idea of matching word-poetry with photo-poetry.
you reach both broad and deep in these.
evocatively done. :)
Ella said…
Thank you Shawnacy...Love your blog!
Margaret said…
Thoughtful words and images. You brought it to another level! I think many of us poetry bloggers can relate to "In my silent journal plays a sentimental song on public display.."
Ella said…
Thank u Margaret, I agree
Yes when we choose to share our song is when the music is truly heard and we know not everyone likes the same thing, so we play on : ) with words that is.
Laura said…
Ella these are exquisite, I'm feeling inspired to play with Tanka now!!!
Ella said…
Laura...do it you will love it!
Thank you!