Q is for Quotes

Do you have a favorite quote?  I love so many I don't think I could ever pick one favorite. One will capture my attention based on my mood at the moment. The words linger, in my thoughts.  I did a prompt for Poets United today, to write a poem inspired by a quote.  I think it will offer a varied view. Yes, like a big quilt without any particular pattern, but threaded and stitched with emotional impact. Poems need to have emotions swirling around them and leave an impact or give you something to connect to.  If there isn't any emotion can words lift you, make you see or feel something in a different way?  Maybe lift is wrong, but writing does give us wings. Wings to journey, where we may not dare or can afford in our real lives. And we can travel back in time or go into the abyss of what the future may look like.  Does your craft give you wings?


Umbrella Fountain by ~kissofcolour

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."~Marcus Aurelius

Life's layers
arranged like
stale bread crumbs
on time worn path
did the birds
eat them or
did you find

 I found
fragile faded paper
like sticks
dried acorns
and cascading vines
with apple pink
unfurling spring green
cascaded with pearls of
iridescent rain
sideways their
  half lights

 I found
dust modes that dance
subtle light
sepia photos
blend and blur

Fermented past
dipped in
 arsenic and Irish lace
smells of cobwebs n' dust 
bitter sweet
dried orange peels
with cloves
in riddles
was it
fool's gold
or real
woven in the tapestry
 of gray

Their dampness
needs love
and light
to open
their embrace
or they'll
in the
musty guttered rain

 soul's vision
billows out
like crystallized smoke
the indigo sky
twinkling thoughts
still shine like
heirloom gems

a tiny light
like the golden sweep
of the
midnight sun

it's magic
lies in
where birds
and long gray shutters
open to
bordered red geraniums
buzzing hummingbirds
lift the window
 let your soul
old fashion
sweet peas
their fragrance
gives a stop
takes one

*Give a stop and take one is about the allowing light in, through a camera's aperture.  I am comparing it to what we see and don't, as one's soul becomes dyed with life.


That had such a wonderful rhythm to it - one of your best!
Anonymous said…
WOW Ella,
I love how you took this quote and just ran (or should I say fly) with the words (or perhaps soul prompts) laced delicately within its rhythm and tone. It simply flowed! You have a kind heart and a good soul. I thank you so much for all you have done for me this week. I would like to also thank your husband and nephew for their service time to our country and will both be in my thoughts and in my prayers. Thanks for such a great read of lovely poetry.
Poetry at it;s best Ella. Excellent post.


A most imaginative journey right into your soul. You have found so much there....in words.

What a fresh idea for this week's poetry prompt!!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Fantastic, spilling its riches down the page in a glorious jumble......love the "fermented past dipped in arsenic and Irish lace" - yup! mine, too!!!!! and can almost smell the vanilla canvas.......sigh. Wonderful writing, kiddo.
Cynthia said…
What lovely imagery...thanks for sharing!
Grace said…
Very lovely Ella ~ Thanks for the wonderful words ~
Sue said…
Very nice. Much different than I expected. With quotes the theme I thought I would read famous quotes or quotes you cherished, not a brilliant poem.

Imaginative, moving, loads of imagery. I am finding that I do like poetry thanks to all the poets participating in A to Z. Thanks.
Karen said…
You have painted a beautiful rainbow with your words!
Laurie Kolp said…
So colorful and full of life. I felt like I was being lead through nature by a very sweet tour guide, or perhaps being led into meditation.
Mary said…
A beautiful and thoughtful write, Ella. I enjoyed your prompt over at Poets United. I might find a way to do it yet.
Wanda said…
Great job Ellie. I'm a collector of quotes and my favorite depends on the situation at hand.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful interpretation, Ella - I love the lilting rhythm, the colours parading through, and especially the part where you suggest layers of life are
"arranged like
"stale bread crumbs
on time worn path."

Wow! (& ps. I hope you're feeling better)
Anonymous said…
a wonderful quote, Ella, and your poem is amazing!

Daydreamertoo said…
This was yourself opening up as we read. You do have a beautiful light.
Lovely poetry.
Jules said…
Did you think I'd forgotten you? Haven't and I picked a great one to stop in on. Beautiful, wonderful, just dang good! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge...lovely blog...good luck with the rest of the challenge...

Donna L Martin
Johanna Garth said…
I agree, too many quotes that I love and not enough room to write them all down.

The poem was beautiful! Thanks so much for posting it!!
Maude Lynn said…
This flows beautifully! Great write!
Wow, that was really beautiful!
rch said…
Marcus rocks and so do you, great write!
Cheryl Klarich said…
LOVE this! A swirling feast of beautiful words! A parfait of sweet light...

I'm not as good at is as you- that's why it's so much fun to visit!
Ella said…
Cheryl-You are too kind ;D
I'll come visit you~

rch-I love Marcus! Thank you, you rock, too ;D

Jaycee-Thank you so much :D

Mama Zen-Aahh, thank you~

Johanna-I use to have a book I wrote in my favorite quotes. I lost it...I hope who ever found it was inspired :D Thank you~

Donna-Hi, nice to meet you~ I hope you are having fun~ Thank you

Jules-I am so Happy to see you here! I glad you are coming out to play! I have missed you! Thank you~
Ella said…
Bren-Thank you, so do you ;D

Haikulovesongs-Thank you :D
I love your name~

Carol-Thank you! I hope your time away was amazing :D

Turtlememoir-Thank you! Slowly, very turtle like ;D

Wanda-Well said, as always :D
I love the idea of collecting words~

Mary-Thank you; I enjoyed your movie theme! It was a challenge, but fun :D

Laurie-Thank you! I like the idea of me putting everyone into a meditative trance :D

Karen-Thank you and you have said this in such a poetic way ;D

Sue-Thank you, you are so sweet~

Grace-Thank you! I'll be by to see what you have been up to!

Thank you Cynthia for saying so~

Sherry-Thank you, no vanilla canvas, but I did dye some cheesecloth in vanilla, lol YOU are kind~

Eileen-Thank you! I thought of doing something with quotes. Then saw Kerry had, too. I took it as a sign :D Besides it is poetry month, we have to do something unique!

Yvonne-You always make me smile!
:D Thank you~
I'll loving all the wonderful music on your blog~

John-Thank you, you have touched my heart! I will tell them :D
Something told me to go back and look; I am glad I did~ Sharing helps us heal (((hugs)))

Alex-You are so kind! I'm not sure, but thank you :D
M. A. S. said…
Wow, I really love how it starts. That first questioning stanza as super.
Ella said…
Thank you M.A.S ;D
Carrie Van Horn said…
This poem is magical Ella......written as only a poet and photographer could!!
Ella said…
Carrie-YOU always make me smile :D
I'll be by to see what you have been busy with~
Anonymous said…
i like fermented past