Dwell in Possiblity

Today, I received a package, in the mail. It reminded me I owe a few people some mail.  I haven't felt good enough, lately.  I question everything I make, do...  Family isn't thrilled about me being on this art journey. My daughter is my biggest supporter. 

This package made my soul soar...it isn't often someone really gets you, but it is really rare when it is someone you don't know and they don't know you.  Maybe she peeked on my blog?! ;D    I entered a contest online and was asked "why do you need to create art?"  I answered and won...

Here is my answer:

"I need to create art to breath. If I tuck it away or don't do it, I feel like a piece of me is lost in translation. My family doesn't get it, but it is okay... I was born with colored finger prints, lol
When I create my heART sings and my soul dances, in the joy of letting myself be free!  It is our birth right, to find what makes us sing and jump for joy each day!  

Here is what I won...   This card, at the top left had these words...  dwell in possibility...

 We all need to do this move in and dwell in hope!  

Inside was this bag....pretty wrappings and a peek of what is to come...

Inside there was seam binding, vintage wall paper, a velvet millinery bloom and handmade paper, thick, with texture.  I love all of these gathered sentiments!


Delicious colors, I can't wait to play with :D

Golden paint is wonderful! It is rich with pigment. There is a lot of science that goes into their unique formula~

Soap...yes, how did she know my fingers are usually blue or green, lol.

These photos do not show how dreamy all of these treasures are~

  There is a lot of inspiration and heart over at the Beehive Art Salon, you should visit.  It is a gathering of creative souls, each so talented! These artists rotate their posting schedule and share a craft, some insight, a quote and more!  It is a fun place to visit and always an unique view is shared! :D

Thank you Candice, for giving me such an inspiring gift!  Your touches now linger in my soul and make me want to move forward and create.  I have been stuck in clearing, cleaning and dwelling in the home of what if...  Now I can move forward and find a home in possibility!  I want to thank you, you touched my heart, more than you know!  @>--------


Anonymous said…
Wow! I didn;t realize opening a gift basket could be so much fun. Have fun painting. That's something I should get back into.
And I bet you will create something wonderful with that paint!
Mary Ann Potter said…
What a wonderful gift! So glad you won this! I'm going to check out the website myself. I loved your answer, by the way. Art is heartfelt first.
Wow, Ella, just wow. A beautiful post. I love it how a small but simple thing like winning a gift package has inspired you to continue expressing your talent.
A wonderful post Ella, hope you are feeling better now.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, consider the possibility that this is the universe sending you a message reinforcing your need to create, to follow your heart and express all the art you have inside. Interesting that it comes at this particular moment.

Also this is a wonderful example to set for your daughter, to encourage her to follow HER heart, whatever makes her happy. Tell her how much her support means to you.

I am so thrilled you got this gift and, more importantly, this message, at just this perfect moment. Yay! and what a lovely gift, too!!!!!!!

I so love that phrase: Dwell in Possibility. Maybe you can use it for a prompt for us Toads????????
Jemi Fraser said…
Congrats on the lovely win! It's nice to get such a wonderful pick-me-up! :)
Unknown said…
Oh my gosh, all those treasures!!! You deserve it girl, have fun playing. :) I feel the exact same way, making is like breathing.
Happy Week my friend!
Lolamouse said…
Isn't it great when the universe gives you just what you need at just the right time? Those goodies look wonderful! Have fun playing and creating! You ARE an artist. It's part of your very being and doesn't require approval or validation. It just is.
Wanda said…
I really like that quote...dwell in possibility. So much of our time is consumed with what is or what can't be that fail to make possibilities a constant companion.
Renee said…
Ohhhh, that was so fun to open! Can't wait to see what you create, you are a wonderful artist and deserve to be treated as such. :-)
Congrats, have an arty day.
septembermom said…
Congratulations on such a fitting and lovely gift for you. Enjoy the art that is YOU!
Jo Murray said…
You soooooo deserve this lovely stash of goodies. Enjoy.
Ella said…
Hi Jo-Thank you! I will be by to see what magic you have created :D

Septembermom-I love your name! I have a September Mom ;D and a September brother and son...lol
Thank you, you are sweet~

Renee-Thank you and so are you! I can't wait to hear more about your creative adventures :D

Wanda-It is great isn't it! So true, you always say it like it is~
I love that about you :D

Thank you Lola, that was beautiful...it just is! Well said... we all need to listen to wisdom like yours~

Jenny-It is...I just haven't been breathing much lately, ;D lol
Thank you~

Jemi-Thank you! Yes, that is exactly what it was :D

Sherry-Thank you! Yes, I took your advice, but went with Poets United prompt ;D Yes, sometimes the universe is listening~ lol

Yvonne-Thank you! I think it just too many home improvement issues...augh! It wore me down and I caught a cold~ I'm fine..thank you! :D

KarenG-Thank you! It is all about the little things that brighten our world! :D They really do...

Mary Ann-Thank you! Yes, it is a fun site to visit :D

Alex-Thank you and you can bet I will make a big mess, lol

Stephen-Yes, you really should! I can see you,...Yes, go get some paint and have fun ;D
Daydreamertoo said…
Awwwwwww..... WTG YOU !!!!
rch said…
What a wonderful package, enjoy it and do post a pic of something you've created sometime, I so admire people that can paint. Good luck!
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