The horror...

My Muse has been abused. She is worn out from all the shopping. The bookstore was her favorite stop yesterday!   Yes, I took some girls shopping!

   Here are a few snaps I took using Instagram on my iPhone.

This photo pretty much sums up how I felt, being in the Halloween section! So many wonderful finds and this music was playing. It so set the mOOd!

      Remember to look up, when you shop!  You never know whoooo is watching! 

BUT, this scared me the MOST!   Someone took one of my favorite items and made them over....

Yes, if you thought of Velma in Scooby Doo
that was my intention!
I like fashion, but this made me laugh!
Let's get a nature girl's attention with THESE?!

Now, this scares me~  I use to wear glorious high heels, but...   My daughter says, "they are edgy Mom."    I can do edgy, but I couldn't stop laughing~  Yes, I tried them on and laughed some more.  I know someone out there can rock these!  Looking at these makes me want to go barefoot and prance in morning dew grass~    

What horrors have you seen shopping lately?!  ;D 


Not sure what fashion statement those make, but I bet they aren't really for hiking.
Mary said…
Glad you enjoyed your shopping, Ella. Better you than me!! My favorite kind of shopping is GROCERY shopping. LOL.
Ella said…
Mary-YOU are cute! I had a good time~ I made my rounds first coffee n' books! Then I could handle the shopping scavenger hunt, lol!

Alex-Yeah,these heels just scream ouch to me! Someone had fun combining those two opposites~ Nature girl might need heels, this will work, lol!

Brian Miller said…
oh i think those last heels would rock...ha...pretty cool on the owl shadow...the bookstore is my fav haunt for sure...but there is always that table too where they have the books that dont fit need to write about that table sometime....
Sherry Blue Sky said…
My older daughter would rock those boots. In fact, they may be hers!!!!! I love that you tried them on and got the giggles. If I tried to wear anything like them, there would be a broken hip involved very swiftly. I have enough trouble navigating on shoes the side and dimensions of large frigates. Sounds like you had fun. When my daughters go shopping with me now, they assume very serious, attentive and careful expressions - when they arent hiding three aisles over pretending they dont know me!
Karen Baldwin said…
LOve your Napoleon Hill quote.Quite a guy, he was. Love the shoes too. A bit out of my style range.
kaykuala said…
My shopping is translated to'my waitings'. The good wife making the rounds, seen one ,no, then come back again. My waiting and catching up on the news, that's proper! Nicely Ella!

Shelly said…
Food prices are a horror lately. I swear they're going up every week.

Hugs and chocolate,
Lolamouse said…
What a fun shopping trip! Personally, I think those shoes say, "I can kick your ass and still be a lady!"
Ella said…
Lolamouse-They do! I kind of had a weird attraction to them, lol.
I love to hike and am more a nature girl than a glamor girl~ The best of both worlds! (that is why I tried them on ;D) Too high for me~

Shelly-Yes, chocolate n' coffee are going up, too! But not hugs ;D

Hank-You sound like a patient man!
My husband doesn't shop much. When he does it usually quick. I can't Christmas shop with him. I love shopping online-the lines aren't long and no one is screaming or fighting! I am glad you can catch up on the news, while you are waiting! :D

Em-Musing-Yes, he was quite a guy!
I recently found one of his books :D I know, it would take an unique outfit to rock these shoes!

Sherry-Quite the visual I now have in my mind's eye! Daughter rocking the 'Hiking Heels' and you wear Frigate box type shoes, lol
When the girls were trying on clothes I was making displays, Ninja style! ;D It was so crowded I didn't get much done! I bet you are fun in a store. Maybe they fear you might draw a crowd~
I do, sometimes. When I can't get the item on the top shelf. I go grab an umbrella and wack it down! lol I really do this or I climb the shelves. I saw a teenager laughing at me the other day! I laughed and said "I always find a way!"

Brian-I have seen that table! Oh, you should so do just that...the lonely odd pairings! I loved the owl :D Yeah, Sherry said her daughter can rock those shoes~ My daughter wanted them!

Susan said…
Now here's a way to make shopping fun. I do most of mine on-line now--so need the poems!
oh, lord, those shoes are so ugly that I might have an ugly shoe trauma now :)
I wish I could feel the festive atmosphere in USA, it's the only good thing of living in a consumers society :)
Ella said…
Dezzy-Trauma, lol Yes, that would be me walking in them. I can't even manage Flip Flops, these days, lol
YOU are clever you can make your own!
Check out this site to be inspired:

Susan-YOU gotta window shop during the holiday. It will inspire more poems ;D