The Last Rose of Summer

Summer is coming to an end!  The last day of summer is my Mom's birthday.  My Dad called her the last rose of summer.   Each year he gave her a special rose.  When he died, I tried to carry on this tradition, but I have moved a lot.  I had to find creative ways, to add this sentiment to her gifts.  I have made roses out of fabric, bought silk ones and painted them,  sent her a bare root rose from Jackson & Perkins

Mom and I have this challenge each year. It all started when I lived on Adak.  I was limited to where I could shop on this remote island.  Mail order from Alaska was very expensive. It was like adding $10-$20 to your gift.   I bought some Alaskan made items, but I needed something else. So, the challenge began to find an item from the thrift shop.  I discussed it with her and she was fine with it. We both have shopped from thrift n' consignment shops.  Sorry, I can't show you her gift.  She sometimes  reads my blog!  Hi MOM :D   The challenge morphed, as the years passed.  Now we have to wrap the gift with green recycled items.  My Mom was green before the term was coined.  She has Green thumbs, her favorite color use to be green and is always recycling something!   I thought I would share with you how I greened up her gift, lol.

Yes, it is true! When my hubby was stationed in Winter Harbor, Maine. We stayed with my Mom for a bit. Mom had a picture of George Washington on her fridge. It was art work from my nephew.  Angela was 3 yrs old at the time.  I remember her saying to my Mom,  her grammie "you do have a boyfriend, George Washington."

My Mom worked in a bank and thought that was pretty funny, but wonder where she had come up with that idea.  She asked my daughter, "What makes you think George is my boyfriend?"

Angela sighed..."because you have a photo of him on your refrigeraTOR."   We explained it to her, but it was still a joke.  Angela brought home art, to put on Grammie's fridge.  Yes, it was  President's Day and Angela made, Abraham  Lincoln out of a tongue depressor and a penny. The penny was his face!   "Now Grammie has a new boyfriend."  She had this deep belly laugh when she was little.  She chuckled and put her art work on the fridge.

* Yes, I did get green on my fingers. I used a marker to make another tag.  I'll share another time~

I wanted to say the Final Rose, lol ;D

 Just tape your rose on or you could use some Stikki Dots, to hold it in place.

Tim Holtz's  tissue tape can be found HERE and there are many other options!

I got a little goofy-or maybe a little Lucy, lol.  My Mom sometimes calls me Lucy, when I tell her about my day~

I wonder if Mom would like a dozen of this kind of rose?   I know I would.... ;D


Mary said…
You certainly are clever, Ella. I sure would not mind a dozen of those roses. Such a happy entry to read today. Makes me smile.
Ella said…
Thank you Mary! I will be by to visit you :D
Amanda Trought said…
I'll put my order in for a couple of dozen. Its a lovely idea to reuse and recycle, I'll have to give it a try, blessings for the week, Amanda
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so love this....and you, for being so amazingly creative. I love the memory definition at the bottom of the fold love into every corner. Love the story about Grammy's boyfriend. Hmmmm...on my fridge I have mostly wolves......go figure!

If I tried to make this rose I'd grow even poorer as it would get hopelessly mangled.......

I love that you wallpapered your goldfish bowl - gives him something new to look at:)
Ella, you are so thoughtful. Think she'll be delighted with those. No way I would attempt one. I'd have to practice on Monopoly money first.
First, your dad sounds like he was a charming romantic. Second, you are a wonderful daughter and third, your mother is a lucky woman.
Unknown said…
Very sweet, Ella. Reminds me that I need to call my mother! :-) Her birthday is coming up, too.
Unknown said…
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Li said…
Last rose of summer - what a sweet and charming sentiment!
Wanda said…
Wow, how cute & creative. Who wouldn't want a whole dozen of those roses.
Dave King said…
You don't know how lucky you (and your mom0) are. Summer's well gone here. Sept 1 is Autumn. Decreed by our weather forecasters, who find it too difficult to work with the traditional dates! That's progress, I suppose!
Vicki Sheehan said…
that's so clever Ellen :)
Ella said…
Hi Vicki-Thank you! It is fun to challenge yourself! My fish loves his updated home ;D I put some on both ways he has a plaid house, but only on one side.

Dave-Thank you! Alaska was the worst place for weather predicts. I remember on Columbus Day I heard, just flurries. Flurries all day n' night. We woke up to 13" of snow...the base shut down and everyone where we lived helped shovel each other out. It was crazy!

Wanda-Thank you @>---- I know right~ A bouquet like this would be pretty special. ;D

Li-Yes, she loves it! My brother n' I have fun with it~ I made her a Rose pillow one year. I was going to make me one, but after I finished hers-I didn't have it in me. There were a lot of thorns involved in making it, layers n' Layers of fabric...augh :D

EJ-We might have another thing in common! Wouldn't it be wild if they shared the same b-day ;D Thank you~

Karen-Thank you so much! Yes, it was really sweet~ She was hard to surprise! This is when he became more creative with his gestures! :D

Alex-Now you are making me laugh out loud! I see a ninja with Monopoly money making roses and crafting a Firefly jar! Ninjas do rule ;D

Sherry-You made me laugh-mmh, what is on my fridge? lol
Thank you! Yes, it is all about the details, sometimes~ :D
I enjoy the challenge!
I am sure my daughter thought of
George Washington being on a dollar and her Grammie working at the bank, lol

Amanda-Blessing to you, too! I know a dozen of these would be fun to receive~ :D Thank you~

Cynthia said…
That's a very cool rose- thanks for the instructional images. George Washington with heartthrob status- that's quite an idea!
Brother Ollie said…
My grand mother is the master of green wrapping. We reuse her bags yer after year.
Ella said…
Hi Ollie-Yes, it would figure the Monk would have a Master in his dynasty, lol ;D This is so sweet~
Thank you for sharing~

Cynthia-I know right, pretty funny!
My Mom working at the bank, also upped the ante! lol