A bit of Magic...

Over in the garden Shay asked us to write about MAGIC. Do we believe in magic, do you?!

 On Saturday, I went to the Southeastern Virginia Music Games competition. It is a competition for Marching bands n' Color guard.  It rained, it was gray and a bit cool out. I thought I would share some of the magic, that I witnessed.

My daughter is part of her highschool, Color guard.  Their show was called "Bring Me To Life" . Their music was:  Paint it Black and Bring Me To Life.

Their show is about a struggling artist. She paints a rose in shades of black.  Later her mood changes and color is revealed.  Everything starts out in black, the flags and costumes. The band's uniforms are black.  As their performance progresses,  they remove Velcro flaps to reveal color.  They have rainbow rose colored flags, for their final song. Yes, it rained and was miserable. for all involved. Their commitment to perform and the beauty of their hard work was revealed. Yes, it was like seeing a beautiful rainbow after a storm.  Their first song, Paint it Black is performed with angst.

* This is my daughter~

Yes, if you look close you can see it was pouring out.  I was shocked they didn't move the event indoors.  Everyone was disappointed!  I sat in the bleacher, soaking wet watching, waiting and hoping.  The rain did let up, when they performed their final song.  Someone had used the umbrella I had tucked in the car.  They didn't put it back-so I sat in the rain. A kind strange loaned me a red umbrella.  It was a challenge to balance my camera with one hand and the other hand trying to hold the umbrella, but I managed!    Thank you kind stranger~ :D

Oh, here is a bit of magic..  Sssssh, don't tell...daughter hasn't seen this photo, lol.

If you want to have fun.  Head over to PICMONKEY!  Their new Halloween features are up! Zombies, Demons and Witches, oh my!  And Vampires~ How ghoulish~ I mean foolish!

I worry what will the backlash be, when she sees what I did....

Here are my two poems.   Kerry asked us to write in a certain form called the Tercet.
 14th Century Italian poet, Dante used this form.  He used this from to uplift the ordinary three lines of folk verse, for the recognized stanzaic  of his Divine Comedy.  The tercet is any three lines of verse grouped as a single idea or unit, which may be followed by another, with or without a line break.

*My daughter's Color Guard team won 2nd place in their division!

Darkness arrives on blank canvas
possibilities leap among
fractured truth's outlined mood

a border of tiny stars winks
a dance of  ideas twist, bend and twirl
as sun's slanted view reflects doe eyed dream

Rain nourishes imagination's garden
Dimension of wings now dance
Red passion, kisses blue sentiment good-bye~

 I am using a photo by Susie~

Serendipity aligned!  The mail arrived just as I was getting ready to leave.   I received a thank you from my friend, Vicki.   I do think magic was in the works!  This is what she sent me:


Isn't it pretty! I just love the colors~  It was a kind gesture!  Thank you Vicki for thinking of me~
Inside she shared a beautiful, encouraging quote.  It was a thoughtful n' beautiful!  Thank you~
I was amazed at the detail and her lovely presentation~

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”
J.K. Rowling

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl

“Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.”
Nora Roberts

“I do believe in an everyday sort of magic -- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone.”
Charles de Lint

An envelope with blurred ink arrives
disturbed by life's duty of the ordinary
a sign of surprise to embrace

A box of thanks, with twine
outlines the enchantment

the wonder of what if...

Opening sun's portal
golden cords illuminate the path
shines of friendship warm my heART~




JE said…
I would have loved to seen that performance in person. It sounds wonderful.

What a unique idea - going from black and white to color. Sorry you got rained on. Umbrella thief!
Johanna Garth said…
I love what you did to those pictures! I bet she'll love them too.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Love the color guard display - what troopers they were to perform so well in the rain - and what a good mom to sit in the rain taking photos. Glad they placed. Had to smile at how you doctored the photo after - do tell us what the reaction is!

Love your poems, Ellie.......and the surprise gift of friendship that arrived to cheer you and warm your heART!!!!!!
Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you! My daughter loved the photos, even the voo doo ones, lol. She did do a mummy make over one..I will share, soon :D
She decided to alter some photos of her and her boyfriend. They are funny! Thank you ;D

Johanna-She did! She laughed and thought they were great! She shared the photos on her FB page Now I have teenagers wanted to be my friend. ;D lol

Alex-I know, I was soaked. The car is loaded now. ;D It was unique and the girls loved it, so did the crowd. A lot of dedicated parents wearing plastic bags, lol

Justine-It really was...I might attempt to film it. If I do, you will ;D Thank you~

Wanda said…
No one supports us quite like our parents. Congrats to your daughter. It sounds like an interesting performance.
Amrit Sinha said…
Lovely pictures ... Congratulations to your daughter :-)
great pics.I loved more the second poem.the picture of the gift made it even more vivid.
Congrats to you and to your daughter! I loved the photos, and especially the first tercet--beautifully done!
Kerry O'Connor said…
As always, your post is filled with more than just poetry - it is such a treat to be able to have a share in your creative life.
Teresa said…
Such a shame it rained. It certainly inspired a beautiful poem!
Tamara said…
Wow. I just loved this whole post. Your poetry is beautiful. Your daughter's presentation sounded like it was amazing! SUCH a cool idea, to go from black and white to color. Good job taking pics in the rain. :)

I can't wait to check out that photo site! Thanks for the info.
Laura said…
two beautiful poems and WOW what an amazing color guard performance...perhaps the rain enhanced (enchanted?) the experience?
Mary said…
How wonderful that you were able to go to your daughter's color guard performance and enjoyed it despite the dismal weather. Your daughter is beautiful, and I loved the photos.

Enjoyed your poems. I like the words:

"Rain nourishes imagination's garden." That shows me you have a positive outlook rather than being down about the inconvenient rain.

I also liked this stanza of the second poem:

"Opening sun's portal
golden cords illuminate the path
shines of friendship warm my heART~"

Beautiful word choices, and I love how you put ART in 'heart.'

Very nice post here, Ella.

LTM said…
Those pix of your daughter's color guard are GORGEOUS! I love the black and white roses mixed with rainbow. Sorry it rained, but congrats to her team for winning 2nd! And I love that little ... necklace? It's so gorgeous!

Hope you're well my friend~ <3 555
Susie Clevenger said…
I would have loved to see the performance. Too bad it rained, but they were amazing troopers to go on with the show and win second place!

"Rain nourishes imagination's garden
Dimension of wings now dance
Red passion, kisses blue sentiment good-bye~" The beauty of the spirit that says regardless of the obstacles the show must go on!

What a beautiful gift to bring magic to an ordinary day...lovely poem!
Janine Bollée said…
Ella, you put such effort into your posts. This one is a delight, and so varied. I loved reading about the black-to-colour via velcro strips in your daughter's show. What an effect that must have had.
And then the magic section with the quotes and your smashing poems. Great day.
Scarlet said…
Your daughter is lovely...too bad it rained but congrats on second placing ~

I like the rain nourishing the imaginative garden ~
And I love the quotes of magic dear...I believe its all inside of us ~
Scriptor Senex said…
How could you be so cruel to your beautiful daughter? I wonder what the backlash was? That hallowe'en stuff is so tempting I may well have a go myself. Fortunately only one of my three ever reads my blog....

i'm sorry for the kids' disappointment over the rain but good for them that they kept going!

love both your poems, Ella!

happy October!

kaykuala said…
Placed 2nd is just short of being 1st. Well done! Would have been fun to watch. The spectators stayed on in the rain was indication they enjoyed it. Nice poems too Ella!

Laurie Kolp said…
First of all, your daughter is lovely. If she's anything like mine, she'd die if she saw your renditions.

Had to laugh at the umbrella situation... so typical for "someone" to remove things from us and then when we need them, well, we are surprised.

Congrats on their second place!

And I love this part:

sun's slanted view reflects doe eyed dream

Susan said…
Thanks for the invite and time in your world.
Ella said…
Hi Laurie-My daughter loved the photos! But she did do one of me, lol She gave me a Mummy Make-over~
I will share soon! ;D
I shared them with her before I posted. I wouldn't dare put them on the blog without her approval~
Thank you! If it was a few years ago...no she would not have approved!
Thank you so much~

Hank-They lost 1st place, by 2.5 pts. She found out yesterday~ Another competition this weekend!
Yes, those dedicated soaked parents :D were not going to miss it! Thank you :D

Dani-Happy October to you! It is a special month, isn't it :D
I cringed when they had to go down on the ground and roll. Their outfits have velvet in them-ick!
Thank you! I'll be by to visit you~

John-I got her approval! She loved it and then got online and created a few Halloween photos of her boyfriend n' her. And my Mummy Make over, lol! She is a great sport and loves make overs ;D
Thank you...have fun! There are some really cool effects~

Heaven-Thank you! My daughter I feel fortunate n' blessed, she is my daughter ;D She thanks me for being creative~ I know she won't ever forget, lol

Aprille-Thank you! Yes, it could of been two posts, but Susie's photo lured me to want to share more magic ;D

Susie-Thank you! Thank you for your photo, it so propelled me to move forward into the other poem~
Yes, it was magic to see! I might try to record some of it. But this next one is called Battle of the Bands-that means a lot of people.
:D Keep taking photos, they are magical!

Ella said…
Hi Susan-:D that was sweet~

Leigh-They twirl Gold picture frames, too ;D It is a treasure to witness magic! <3 555

Mary-Thank you! I will tell her ;D
Yes, in the dismal rain you could feel the mood change, when the bands perform! So much talent and hard work~

Laura-ooh, I like of those E words!
Yes, it was enchanted and exciting, too :D Thank you~

Tamara-Have fun over there, but be warned it is addictive ;D
Thank you!

Teresa-Yes, it reminds me of how when you take photos on a gray day, the flowers seem brighter ;D
Thank you!

Kerry-Thank you so much~ :D

Audrey-Thank you! It was fun to share with everyone ;D

Abin- :D Thank you! Vicki would love that, I will tell her~

Green-Thank you! I will tell her about everyone's kind comments :D

Wanda-You are right! :D Thank you~

Maude Lynn said…
Your daughter is gorgeous! I bet the performance was amazing, even in the rain.
Unknown said…
Your poetic response in appreciation of a gift is my favorite part of this post, Ella. Your earnestness and openness sing off the page.
Ella, your daughter will be mortified now but in years to come will understand why you posted all of it, out of pride. Take it from the mom of a 24-yr-old woman...

Loved the tercet form; don't use forms much and admire greatly those who do. You choose your words carefully, with love. So much to like about your writing. Peace, Amy
(back from Computer Hell, where my poor little desktop, Sadie, sat being Frankensteined for a week)
Sreeja said…
oh this post is full of life's magic.....colourful.....you are awesome.........enjoyed....
Ella said…
Sreeja-YOU are awesome, too :D

Amy-No, she really loved it! ;D
She n' her friends are now having fun with PicMonkey! I have a 24 yr old son, too~ :D

I hear you I rather be free with my verse... I struggle with forms!
Thank you so much! I will be by to visit!

Kim-Thank you! I will drop by and see what you have been up to!
This means a lot :D

Mama Zen-Thank you ;D It was, the twirl gold picture frames-so cool to see! Thank you so much...I will share this with her!
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